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Unpacking the sales funnel


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Understanding the sales funnel is perhaps the most important part of B2B success. Learn how the different parts of the sales funnel interact with your team.

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Unpacking the sales funnel

  1. 1. The Sales FunnelGoing under the hood and looking atthe engine that drives your businessPresented by Act-On Software & Invigra
  2. 2. Today’s PresentersMr. Jeffrey LintonProduct & Field MarketingAct-On Software@jeffreylintonJeff.Linton@Act-On.comMr. Stacy
  3. 3. Picture of Alec Baldwin fromGlenn Gary Glennross (ABC)This methodology makes great movies but not so great in sales reality
  4. 4. No More Silver BulletsSales is about sweat equity and you better buckle in for the long-haul.
  5. 5. CHANG • Frugalnomics• Buyers Have Changed– Skilled at hiding, gaming– Skilled at searching out what they need– Getting you involved at last step• New Technologies• Same Old Sales People• The Funnel Has Changed
  6. 6. Too Many Disconnects• Sales people asking the wrong or no questions• Buyers asking the wrong or no questions• Sales managers asking the wrong or no questionsAction Step: Search Out“Truthful” Conversations
  7. 7. PRIOR TO HAVINGA RELEVANT CONVERSATIONThese things must be in place• Good Product / Service / People• Sales Infrastructure– CRM– Marketing Automation / Lead Scoring Tools– Content Marketing• Defined Market• Defined Sales /Marketing Process• Defined Key Performance Indicators / Metrics
  8. 8. “REVENUE” DEPT.Combine the Sales & Marketing depts. Into 1 department
  9. 9. 30%60%7%3%Want nothing to do with youIndifferentWilling to listenActively Buying
  10. 10. TheFUNNEL
  11. 11. Selling vs. BuyingTypical Sell Cycle• Prospect• Needs Analysis• Propose / Quote• Close• CloseTypical Buy Cycle• -------Top Of Funnel------• Listen• Interest• Value• ------Middle Of Funnel------• Explore• Decide• Ability• ------Bottom Of Funnel------• Cost Justification• Best Vendor (competitive select)• Buy
  12. 12. TheFUNNEL
  13. 13. Funnel Autopsy• Interest• Value• Product Fit• Decision• Ability• Cost Justification• Competition
  14. 14. DASHBOARDS
  15. 15. Talking SalesQ&A