Kanamai development trust


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Short presentation on a great charity we are working with. To understand more about the charity please visit their website - http://kanamaitrust.org.uk/

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Kanamai development trust

  1. 1. Providing support to community projects within the Kanamai ward of Kenya
  2. 2. “We can do no great things - only small things with great love.”
  3. 3. It all started with a football……
  4. 4. Established in 2007, The Kanamai Development Trust aims to support community projects within the Kanamai Ward of Kenya. It focuses on three main activities: The Little Angels School The Clinic The Farm
  5. 5. Where is Kanamai? About 40 kilometres North of Mombasa.
  6. 6. The Little Angels School
  7. 7. The story – in the village of Mabambani….we found a school. Three classes divided by sheets in a tin shed and it was hot, sticky and very noisy But the children were happy, listening to their teacher and singing to us.
  8. 8. A tin shed as a classroom by European standards would not be fit for animals. So the charity looked to change that: We have now built new classrooms, a small kitchen and a staff room We now pay salaries of 7 teachers, a caretaker and a janitor We have supplied all the desks, books, and pencils needed
  9. 9. Improving the school is one thing but improving the environment for the children was another: We now have sponsored children The children enjoy two meals a day We have resurfaced the playground and provided swings We have purchased 120 pairs of sandals to stop children getting parasites in their feet
  10. 10. Now we are an Academy! 2013
  11. 11. The Clinic
  12. 12. Using Dr Walker the charity looks to help by providing a medical clinic: We now stock medicines, including the usual children medicines We aim to see as many patients as possible when visiting region We aim to carry out minor operations with the help of local surgeons
  13. 13. We aim to eradicate parasites, known as „jiggers‟ through basic medication We have brought across nurses and doctors from the UK to help
  14. 14. Dr Paul, Omar and Steve in the Clinic
  15. 15. The Farm
  16. 16. It all started with a football: We were asked if we would buy a football for a local village We discovered a broken well We paid for a pump and for the well to be fixed As a result the villagers had access to clean, fresh water and cleared a plot of land next to the well, and started to sow crops for themselves
  17. 17. Since then……. We have completed three other wells in other villages, and supplied tanks and pipe work for connection to the mains water supply in another We have worked with a local association to purchase a plot of land, which with a well means they can grow crops and make a living We have supplied bicycles to enable workers to travel easily to work We have started a chicken coop
  18. 18. How can you help?
  19. 19. There are many ways you can help the trust Sponsor a child Sponsoring specific projects One-off sponsorship This list is not exhaustive and we are always looking at ways we can raise money and support the work being done.
  20. 20. For more information contact: Pearl Walker, Trustee