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  1. A skill-development platform for eSports 1 Pwn Academy
  2. Founders Aakarshan Harlaka is an avid gamer himself, and has experimented with various entrepreneurial ideas in eSports and Gaming. With experience of working with Zomato under his belt, he is thrilled about the booming Indian gaming market and is eager to make his mark in the Esports space 2 Gaurav Sawant offers wonderful blend of knowledge, ideas and expertise when it comes to handling and managing eSports events and leading teams. He has more than 5 years of hands-on experience in gaming and cosplay events and has been an active evangelist in the gaming space since 9 years.
  3. 3 eSports The biggest sport that you probably have never heard of. Esports describes the world of competitive, organized video gaming. Competitors from different leagues or teams face off in the same games that are popular PUBG Mobile India Tour COBX Masters
  4. 4 People have found ways to compete in games across many different genres.
  5. Why Now? 5
  6. The Emergence of Esports as a Career 6 Competitive gaming will be a medal event, part of 2022 Asian Games.*** The BBC website reports that Paris 2024 Olympics organisers are “deep in talks” about including Esports as a demonstration sport at the games.*** * ** Tirth Mehta from Gujarat, who created history winning the first ever Esports medal for India during a video game tournament at the 2018 Asian Games** Naman Mathur aka ‘Mortal’, a 23-year-old Indian PUBG superstar whose gaming-based Youtube channel has more than 4.3 million subscribers as of date, recently triumphed the PMISC 2019, securing a total cash prize of INR 30 lakh.*
  7. Darvesh “d33kayplays” Khera ACHIEVEMENTS: ● Represented India In Asian FIFA Gaming Championship 2020 ● ESL Asia Monthly November Top 4 ● Indian Lan Gaming Online 1v1 Winner ● Won The Sportsol FIFA 20 Online Tournament ● FIFA 21 Best Wl Finish - 27-3 ( Fut Verified) ● India Blues FIFA 20 Online Tournament Winner ● ESL India Premiership Cup Runners Up ● Virtual BundESLiga Delhi Runners Up ● Gamingmonk Championship Series Top 32(National Event) FIFA 18 ● Paradox Gaming FIFA Tournament Delhi Co-op Runners Up ● LIIT Delhi FIFA Tournament Winner FIFA 18 ● FIFA Ultimate Championship Chandigarh Co-op Runners Up ● Gaming Hunt Delhi Qualifier Winner ● Lenovo Rise Of Legion FIFA Tournament Delhi Runners Up ● The Sports Company FIFA Tournament Top 4 ● ILG 1v1 Delhi Runners Up ● ILG 1v1 Jalandhar Winner ● Gamingmonk New Year Gaming Tournament Runners Up ● Underdogg Gamers FIFA Championship Qualifier Winner
  8. Growth of Esports in India 8 Number of Gaming Companies and Gamers in India. * Number of Gamers are calculated in Millions Number of gamers in India (millions)
  9. 9 Number of Gaming Companies and Gamers in India. * Number of Gamers are calculated in Millions Growth of Esports in India
  10. E-Learning: a Great Starting Spot to become a Large Indian Esports Platform 10 It was found that nearly 55 percent of the respondents had an incorrect understanding of Esports, associating it exclusively with sports based games. A further 22 percent of respondents were completely unaware of what Esports constitutes.* *The evolving landscape of sports gaming in India; KPMG
  11. 11 No prominent player in the industry, which gives us an early mover advantage. Potential to grow and capitalize is endless. Offerings like ours are nowhere to be seen in the market. No Dedicated Platform For E-Learning in Esports
  12. A skill-development platform for Pro Gamers to share their knowledge with budding gamers 12 Market Entry Approach
  13. Why this? High Relevance High Differentiation 13
  14. Target Audience Pro Gamers Casual Gamers Game Publishers 14 Corporate Sponsors
  15. Pro Gamers 15 Recognition Identity RevenuePride
  16. 16 Casual Gamers Skills Convenience DiscoveryLearning Recognition Organizers Knowledge
  17. 17 Reach New Users OrganizedFeedback Trends Retention Traction Tutorial Game Creator
  18. Operating Model 18
  19. 19 Platform Pro Gamers Casual Gamers Pwn Academy
  20. Competition Landscape 20
  21. Route 1 : Enabler Model (Cost Saving) 21
  22. Direct Competitor Indirect Competitors Route 2 : Direct to Consumer (Retailer) 22
  23. Business Model & Projections 23 - Year 1 Target: 1000 Pro-Gamers - Revenue Target: INR 1.5 Crores Detailed Financial Projections: Link here
  24. Pre-Product Traction 24 Darvesh, who was introduced earlier, along with 20 more pro gamers are looking forward to our partnership.
  25. Milestones Achieved Idea Validation (DREK Analysis) Validated Financial Model Pre-Launch Traction Product Ready 25
  26. First Tranche (INR 50L) ● Core Team Recruitment ● Production Team Set-up ● Onboarding Fundraise Total: INR 3 Crore 26 Second Tranche (INR 2.5 Crore) ● Team Development (IT, Marketing, Finance, HR) ● Acquisition Costs (Pro-Gamers, Users) ● Other Marketing Costs ● Variable and Overheads Costs
  27. Next Milestones Full Product Launch Launching with 30 pro-gamers 27