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SFI maintaining ireland's competiveness through innovation

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Ruth Freeman

  1. 1. Science Foundation Ireland;Supporting Excellence with Impact Ruth Freeman PhD Director, Programmes, Enterprise & Research for Ireland’s Future International Affairs
  2. 2. What is the purpose of SFI Funding?• An instrument of Government polices• With particular focus on economic/enterprise development (funded from the Industrial development budget)• Achieve excellence in Science as a foundation for Enterprise, enabling – Innovation – Upgraded human resources – Higher education institute (HEI) capability – Enterprise/Academic collaboration
  3. 3. What is the profile of the annual SFI budget? Public R&D: €600m SFI Annual Budget Grants to HEIs €150m €9m Pay/ SFI: €150m Non-Pay Other: €450m SFI Spend Profile Centres/ Individual Clusters Teams & Other
  4. 4. SFI Budget 2000-2012 180 160Millions Euro 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  5. 5. Enabling InfrastructureHelium Ion Clean room facility Human Studies Germ-free facilitiesMicroscope platform ..almost €1bn invested through a single scheme (PRTLI)
  6. 6. Agenda 2020Excellence with Impact Research for Ireland’s Future
  7. 7. Agenda 2020 –Scientific and Engineering Research…Powers an innovative and enterprisingeconomyCreates high-value jobsAttracts, develops and nurturesbusinesses, scientists and talented peopleIs connected and respectedinternationally
  8. 8. Four Goals in Agenda 2020 To be the best science funding agency in the world at creating impact from excellent research and demonstrating clear value for money invested • Invest in research excellence in areas identified by NRPE • Invest in SFI’s translational research capability • Develop a set of centres that are recognised internationally • Increase the number of SFI-trained researchers hired by industry To be the exemplar in building partnerships that fund excellent science and drive it out to market • Build strategic partnerships • Diversify the funding sources for Ireland’s scientific base To have the strongest public support for its scientific mission To represent the ideal modern public service organisation, staffed in a lean and flexible manned, with efficient and effective management
  9. 9. What has SFI achieved? Built a credible base of world class research teams : SFI supports approximately 3,000 researchers in Ireland led by over 300 lead scientists Has helped drive Irish universities up the world rankings: Ireland has ascended the international ranking of scientific research capability – from 36th in 2003 to 20th in 2010 : Ireland has scored a world ranking of 8th in materials science, and 3rd in Immunology Has contributed to the internationalisation of Irish research – SFI researchers are engaged over 1,900 international partnerships in over 60 countries SFI researchers secure over €60 million from international sources annually Created a high level of Intellectual Property: SFI researcher’s pre-commercial outputs: an average per year: 6 spinouts, 83 patents filed, 14 patents awarded, 145 invention disclosures, 25 licenced technologies (650 awards) Has assisted IDA/EI in anchoring & transforming the industrial base - SFI researchers have links to the companies that generated approx. 60% of recent IDA-supported job announcements. SFI supports over 35 conferences annually, involving over 2,500 international delegates, which generate an economic return to Ireland of €3.5million
  10. 10. Publication Output: Quality There has been acommensurate increase in the level of pre-commercial GERMANY AND UK outputs including OECD WORLDpatents, licences and spin-out POLAND, GREECE companies 8th in Materials 1981 1991 2001 3rd in Immunology 11th in Computer Science Source: Thomson Reuters InCites March 2010
  11. 11. SFI researchers are involved in over900 collaborations with almost 600 companies. These collaborations are with both small and large, indigenous and external companies
  12. 12. Research Prioritisation - Industry-led committee toprioritise academic research 14 Priority Areas • A Future Networks & Communications • B Data Analytics Management, Security & Privacy • C Digital Platforms, Content & Applications • D Connected Health & Independent Living • E Medical Devices • F Diagnostics • G Therapeutics - synthesis formulation, processing and drug delivery • H Food for Health • I Sustainable Food Production and Processing • J Marine Renewable Energy • K Smart Grids & Smart Cities • L Manufacturing Competitiveness • M Processing Technologies and Novel Materials • N Innovation in Services and Business Processes
  13. 13. SFI Confidential6 Underpinning/Platform Science andTechnology Areas Basic Biomedical Science Nanotechnology Advanced Materials Microelectronics Photonics Software Engineering
  14. 14. Priority Area G: Therapeutics: Synthesis, Formulation, Processing andDrug DeliveryPriority Area L: Manufacturing CompetitivenessPriority Area M: Processing Technologies and Novel Materials Key Investments in these areas  SSPC (Solid State Pharmaceutical Research Cluster)  IDDN (Irish Drug Delivery Network)  AGRC (Alimentary Glycoscience Research Cluster)  REMEDI (Regenerative Medicine Cluster)  Martin Clynes (National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology, DCU, CHO cells)  Richard O Kennedy (DCU, Genetic methods of antibody production)  Oliver Dolly (DCU, Recombinant Botulinum Neurotoxins as Therapeutics)  Pat Guiry, Declan Gilheany, Stephen Connon (Synthetic Chemists) Infrastructure  Continuous Processing Platform Technology (SSPC in UCD)  National GMP facility (REMEDI)  Facilities in DCU (Martin Clynes, Oliver Dolly, Ian Marison)  Bioreactor for Biocatalysis Production (UCD School of Chemical Engineering)
  15. 15. SFI Partnership Programme SFI is open to partnership opportunities with industry Flexible approach depending on needs May be at a national level or in partnership with individual Higher Education Institution
  16. 16. Email: ruth.freeman@sfi.ieTel : +353 1 607 the foundation of the smart economy