Mick Phelan, Business Unit Director, MSD


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Clinical Leaders Session

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Mick Phelan, Business Unit Director, MSD

  1. 1. MSD Ireland Mick Phelan Business Unit Director
  2. 2.  Known as MSD worldwide except in the US and Canada where we are Merck  A global healthcare leader working to help the world be well  The world’s No. 2 healthcare company that operates in 140 countries  We develop and deliver prescription medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies, and consumer care and animal health products  We are committed to increasing access to healthcare through far- reaching policies, programmes and partnerships to help people around the world lead healthier lives MSD across the Globe
  3. 3.  We employ over 2,000 people at sites in Dublin, Carlow, Cork, Tipperary and Wicklow.  We have invested over €2.2bn in Ireland over the last five decades  In 2011 we spent in excess of €400 million on goods and services in Ireland, thus supporting many other businesses and jobs in the Irish economy  In 2012 we contributed €2.3m in support of medical education for healthcare professionals, for local Irish charities, community and patient groups, and in our work towards environmental sustainability MSD in Ireland
  4. 4. Irish Sites
  5. 5.  We manufacture or package many of our leading products for the world market in Ireland – 12 of our global top 20 products are manufactured in Ireland  Our Irish sites are renowned for their capability to rapidly introduce new products (and additional volumes of existing products) at minimal additional capital cost, ensuring supply for new product launches / expanding market opportunities  Our Carlow site is a state-of-the-art vaccines and biologics facility, with ambitious growth plans for its future. It is MSD’s first vaccines facility to be built outside of the US  Our Ballydine site currently supports worldwide revenues of approx. €8bn and focuses on new product R&D commercialisation Our Manufacturing Presence
  6. 6. Our Areas of Focus
  7. 7. MSD Partnership in Hospitals  Longstanding contributions to Education, Patient Programs, Disease Management, Clinical Staff Support, Health Care Technology  Therapeutic focus include Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Diabetes, Microbiology, Critical Care and Surgery  We are focused on understanding the changing environment: e.g., emergence of Hospital Groups, MFTP and other planned Health Care Reforms.  MSD is evolving to reflect these changes and to ensure that we remain an effective partner for you through the change.
  8. 8. MSD is Evolving  10% reduction through voluntary redundancies Dec 2013  Refocusing efforts to growth areas and new product launches (e.g., Infectious Disease, Oncology)  Resources increased in Market Access, Account Management and Medical Affairs  Account Management aligned with Hospital Group structure
  9. 9. Hospital Account Managers Ger Bowens Niamh McEvoy Anne Martina Mulligan • Interact with Hospital Group Management • Understand the Group, its priorities and ID mutually beneficial partnership opportunities • Commercial Negotiations • Interact with Hospital Group Management • Understand the Group, its priorities and ID mutually beneficial partnership opportunities • Commercial Negotiations
  10. 10. MSD Hospital Group Partnership Approach   Partnership opportunities close to our current and pipeline therapeutic areas Opportunities may be MSD alone or in collaboration with other pharmacy/industry partners Focus, at least initially on smaller, short term, patient outcome focused and measurable initiatives Large partnership groups with broad, long term, difficult to measure objectives are less attractive. We are committed to MSD’s ethical and compliance standards and requirements. When working with industry partners, recognise that compliance requirements will differ by company Partnership engagements may identify potential business development opportunities
  11. 11. Thank You www.msd.ie