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Professor Brian Caulfield, Lead Investigator, ARCH; Director, INSIGHT, Dean of Physiotherapy, UCD


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Connected Health

Published in: Healthcare
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Professor Brian Caulfield, Lead Investigator, ARCH; Director, INSIGHT, Dean of Physiotherapy, UCD

  1. 1. National Healthcare Conference Connected Health Forum Prof Brian Caulfield University College Dublin
  2. 2. tele-care m-health digital health wireless health integrated care tele-health sustainable healthcare remote monitoringhealth 2.0 e-health
  3. 3. ….comprises any series of devices, services or interventions that are designed around an individual’s needs in such a way that they are engaged in self management and can receive care in the most proactive and efficient manner possible, preferably outside the acute care environment. The term implies that all stakeholders in the process are ‘connected’ by means of timely sharing and presentation of accurate and pertinent information regarding status and the need for care.
  4. 4. Connected Health @ UCD
  6. 6. MGT Core Research Team: f/t, multi-discipline Industry Academics Clinicians Patients ARCH INSIGHT PM€ Project Management & Business Development Systems Integration & Deployment Software Engineering Ethnographic Design Data management infrastructure Data Analytics Platform Reusable technology tools Business & Revenue Modelling Healthcare Economics Clinical Research Centres
  7. 7. Irish Connected Health Ecosystem Health Innovation Hub NEWS ABOUT US NI CAPABILITY CONTACT US RESOURCES FAQ A CALL FOR NEW MEMBERS The funding for CHIC is in place and the recruitment of research staff has begun. Companies who would like to take part in the Connected Health Innovation Centre are invited to apply to become members which will entitle them to initiate research projects by the CHIC researchers. - An overview of CHIC is available at the following Link. This includes some relevant questions and answers. - Current operational procedures document are available at the following link. - Applications will require the completion of 2 documents. 1. Company Overview and 2. Memorandum of Understanding. If you would like to hear more about the work and how it could benefit your business, please contact the Centre Manager at the following E-Mail MINISTER FOSTER LAUNCHES CHIC On the 3rd of September the Connected Health Innovation Centre was launched by Minister Foster. Announcing the funding package for the Connected Health Innovation Centre, Enterprise Minister Arlene Foster said "collaboration between academia, businesses and health providers would create new products and services that will improve healthcare provision and deliver real benefits for Northern Ireland companies". RECRUITMENT OF TOP RESEARCHERS NI Connected Health Innovation Centre launches its recruitment drive for top researchers interested in working between health, academia and industry. ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY REPORT A report by the English Department of Health describes projects supporting development and evaluation of assistive technology to increase independence or wellbeing. Report Link. UPCOMING EVENTS 18 September, 2013 – Q3 NI Health Eco System 24th, 30th and 2nd Oct - English SBRI briefings (Link) 30 September, 2013 - CHIC Members call for research submission. 14 October, 2013 - Health and Innovation Event at Stormont. Week of 21 October, 2013 - Boston Trade Mission and EU/US Conference. 5 December, 2013 - Q4 NI Health Eco System
  8. 8. Industry Sectors Investment Policy Framework Scientific Convergence User Engagement Regional Dimension Regulation Clinical Dimension new models of health and social care care change data sustainability
  9. 9. DataLayerinCH source & capture aggregation & integration communication storag e processing knowledge extraction sharing & exchange privacy ownership access security
  10. 10. CareLayerinCH identifying needs care model innovation pilots clinical trials standardisation educati on
  11. 11. ChangeLayerinCH personal behaviour health literacy professi onal behavio ur policy level incentives & rewards
  12. 12. SustainabilityLayeri payment models health economi cs insuranc e collaboration business models
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  14. 14. ...from here to there... €€€€€
  15. 15. @caulfieldbrian