Return on Cell Tower Lease Investment


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Return on Cell Tower Lease Investment

Your return on cell tower lease investment should account for both capital expended and time spent. To the extent that a profitable cell phone tower investment simply falls into your lap your concern should be gross minus costs equals net.

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Return on Cell Tower Lease Investment

  1. 1. Return on Cell Tower
  2. 2. Your return on cell tower leaseinvestment should account forboth capital expended and timespent. To the extent that aprofitable cell phone towerinvestment simply falls into yourlap your concern should be grossminus costs equals net.
  3. 3. To the extent that you need tospend time looking for celltowers, approachingowners, creating deals, and findingbuyers, you need to consider whatyou might be making on your dayjob as well. There are several waysto profit in buying, holding, andselling cell site leases.
  4. 4. You may simply choose to buy aproperty and collect leasepayments. If the property has otheruses you may choose to run abusiness there or rent the propertyand collect rent checks as well.Many choose to flip theseproperties.
  5. 5. It is certainly possible to make moneyon cell tower investing by findingdistressed properties, buyingthem, rehabbing, and selling aspackages or in parts. A smart celltower investor often has a buyer in thewings who wants a collection of theseproperties and is willing to pay apremium for someone else to do thework and set up the deals.
  6. 6. Your return on cell tower leaseinvestment will often depend uponwhere you fit in the scheme ofthings in cell tower lease investing.
  7. 7. What and Where Are CellTowers?
  8. 8. Cell towers are the connection pointsin the mobile phone network. Thereare hundreds of thousands of thesesites throughout North America.Because the technology requires lineof sight from relay point to relay pointthese relay points are on the tops oftall towers, buildings, and hill tops.
  9. 9. What Do Leases Have to DoWith This?
  10. 10. Because of the very large numberof relay sites necessary for phonegrids phone companies typicallyown just a few percent and leasethe rest from private owners.
  11. 11. Because these sites are needed forthe indefinite future leases arecommonly for a quarter of acentury, namely twenty-five years.Because of the effect of inflation onthe value of these leases theycommonly contain a provision foryearly increases.
  12. 12. According to Cell Tower Gold thereare about 370,000 such sites in theUSA that could provide investmentopportunity under the rightconditions. For one to gain a goodreturn on cell tower lease investmentit is necessary to learn about how thesystem works, how leases arewritten, where there are celltowers, and who owns them.
  13. 13. Where Do I Go and What Do IDo?
  14. 14. Go online orsimply look up to the tops oftowers or tall buildings where youlive. If you have cell phonereception there are cell towers nearyou.
  15. 15. If you are interested in makingmoney through smart cell towerinvesting take the course offeredby Cell Tower Gold. Learn aboutthe cell phone tower leasingbusiness.
  16. 16. Learn how to approach cell siteowners, find creative solutions totheir problems, rehabproperties, find buyers forproperties that you haveacquired, and find financing alongthe way. Your return on cell towerlease investment can be a lot betterwhen you start out with the rightadvice from Cell Tower Gold.
  17. 17. If you would like moreinformation about this amazingand unique opportunity, pleasejoin our mailing list. We will besending more information overthe next few weeks to ournewsletter.