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Make Money Flipping Cell Site Leases

Make Money Flipping Cell Site Leases

A trader can buy and sell cell tower leases for profit just as he can trade stocks or speculate in commodities. If you want to make money flipping cell site leases you will need to think like a realtor as well. Many times the best way to make money flipping cell site leases is to see something in a property that the current owner does not, buy at a reasonable price, rehab the property, and sell for a handsome profit. Many times those who make money flipping cell site leases already have the end buyer lined up before going out to find cell sites. But, before deciding to flip these things, just what are cell sites?

Cell Sites and Cell Site Leases

Cell phones require a communications grid. The signal from your cell phone is picked up by a mobile phone mast on a base receiver station. This apparatus is on a tower, on the top of a building, or on a hilltop in the country. The cell site receives and forwards your signal so that you can get unbroken reception. There need to be a lot of these in a phone grid. Because of the cost of buying land, especially in cities, phone companies lease land or space for more than ninety percent of their cell phone receiver stations, the cell sites. The profit for a trader in this business is to make money flipping cell site leases. There is someone who owns the cell tower site and leases the land, rooftop, or tower to the phone company. Not all of these folks will want to sell. But, Cell Tower Gold estimates that around 370,000 of these sites in the USA may be available for sale if you find out what the current owner wants and needs and create a deal that they cannot refuse. And, there are long term investors who like having this sort investment to round out their investment portfolio. The point, when you want to make money flipping cell site leases it to connect willing sellers to willing buyers. A good place to start is to take the Cell Tower Gold course. Learn the steps to trading leases on cell phone towers and how to make sure that you are first in line for profits.

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Make Money Flipping Cell Site Leases

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