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Leasing Cell Tower Sites


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Leasing Cell Tower Sites

A profitable business opportunity is leasing cell tower sites. Owners of property such as tall buildings or high altitude terrain may be approached by cell phone companies. Phone companies need to place their signal relay stations in high locations. Because of the large number of sites required for a cell phone network and the cost of land, leasing cell tower sites is typically how phone companies fill out their phone grids. Although the original land owner is the person that the phone company approaches for leasing cell tower sites, it is possible to buy cell tower leases from the original owner. The new owner can continue leasing cell tower sites and collect the income. He or she can also profit from flipping these investments. If this sort of investment opportunity interests you, read more about leasing cell tower sites and consider taking the short course offered by Cell Tower Gold.

Cell Phone Tower Sites

Cell phone networks use relay stations called mobile phone masts or base receiver stations. The company must put these cell sites close enough to each other so that there is a uniform signal and no gaps in reception throughout the cell phone grid. Although phone companies own a few percent of these relay stations the cost would be prohibitive to own all of them. So, leasing cell tower sites is the industry norm. Property and lease owners earn a lease payment which commonly increases year by year to keep up with inflation. Where are these sites in your area? Drive around and look up. They are on the tops of tall building, free standing towers, and hilltops. You can go online at to find sites as well. The first step in profitably leasing cell tower sites is to find them and their owners.

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Leasing Cell Tower Sites

  1. 1. Leasing Cell Tower SitesBy
  2. 2. A profitable businessopportunity is leasing celltower sites.
  3. 3. Owners of property such astall buildings or high altitudeterrain may be approached bycell phone companies.
  4. 4. Phone companies need toplace their signal relaystations in high locations.
  5. 5. Because of the large numberof sites required for a cellphone network and the cost
  6. 6. of land, leasing cell tower sitesis typically how phonecompanies fill out their phonegrids.
  7. 7. Although the original landowner is the person that thephone company approaches
  8. 8. for leasing cell tower sites, it ispossible to buy cell towerleases from the originalowner.
  9. 9. The new owner can continueleasing cell tower sites andcollect the income.
  10. 10. He or she can also profit fromflipping these investments.
  11. 11. If this sort of investmentopportunity interestsyou, read more about leasingcell
  12. 12. tower sites and considertaking the short courseoffered by Cell Tower Gold.
  13. 13. Cell Phone Tower Sites
  14. 14. Cell phone networks use relaystations called mobile phonemasts or base receiverstations.
  15. 15. The company must put thesecell sites close enough to eachother so that there is auniform signal and no gaps inreception throughout the cellphone grid.
  16. 16. Although phone companiesown a few percent of theserelay stations the cost wouldbe prohibitive to own all ofthem.
  17. 17. So, leasing cell tower sites isthe industry norm.
  18. 18. Property and lease ownersearn a lease payment whichcommonly increases year byyear to keep up with inflation.
  19. 19. Where are these sites in yourarea? Drive around and lookup.
  20. 20. They are on the tops of tallbuilding, free standingtowers, and hilltops.
  21. 21. You can go online tofind sites as well.
  22. 22. The first step in profitablyleasing cell tower sites is tofind them and their owners.
  23. 23. Finding Deals in Leasing CellTower Sites
  24. 24. Some cell tower site ownerswill be interested in sellingtheir lease and even all oftheir property.
  25. 25. Some will not be interested.When you have found outwho owns a cell tower sitetalk to them.
  26. 26. Find out what they want andneed.
  27. 27. Good deals when leasing celltower sites come from findingcreative solutions for theproblems of the currentowner of a cell tower site.
  28. 28. If the person’s business isfailing, if he or she needs cash,
  29. 29. if he or she is ready to retireand sell their business,
  30. 30. the person may be veryinterested in selling land andlease.
  31. 31. An ideal approach is to findpersons interested in adding afew cell tower leases to theirinvestment portfolio.
  32. 32. When you have a willing buyeryou can create a solution thatis a winner for the currentowner, the next owner, andyou.
  33. 33. Look for solutions that payyou a percentage of thedeal, money for yourtime, and your expenses.
  34. 34. How Do I Go About LeasingCell Tower Sites?
  35. 35. According to Cell TowerGold, there are about 370,000cell tower sites in the USA thatare appropriate investmentopportunities.
  36. 36. Take the Cell Tower Goldonline course and learn aboutthe potential for profit inleasing cell tower sites.
  37. 37.