Japanese Candlestick Forex Signals


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Japanese Candlestick Forex Signals

World and national events drive currency prices up and down. Using fundamental analysis of Forex pairs, traders seek to hedge currency risk and gain profits. However, monetary policy, balance of trade, and employment numbers can be all over the board. How can a currency trader make any money without a crystal ball? Technical Forex trading is the answer for many currency traders. Using technical tools as old and new as Japanese candlesticks, traders read market sentiment. The mantra of technical Forex trading is that the market quickly assimilates changes in fundamentals and speculates on what will come next. By tapping into market sentiment traders can profit when a situation is unclear.

Technical Forex Trading of Major Currencies

Technical analysis of major Forex currencies can lead to consistent profits. Although major currencies are typically not as volatile as minor currencies, they trade in high volume and high liquidity. These attributes are positives for technical Forex trading. A trader can spot market turnarounds when the overall market seems confused. Using basic technical analysis tools a trader of major Forex currencies can make money day in and day out by simply following the sense of the market and trading accordingly.

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Japanese Candlestick Forex Signals

  1. 1. Japanese Candlestick Forex Signals By www.forexconspiracyreport.com
  2. 2. There are a dozen majorJapanese candlestick Forexsignals and forty signals in all. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  3. 3. Japanese candlestick signalsevolved from rice trading in ancient Japan. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  4. 4. These technical tradingsignals are strong indicators or subsequent market action. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  5. 5. Their strong advantage is their clarity. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  6. 6. Japanese candlestick trading signals do not show up every day in currency trading. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  7. 7. When they do they areuseful in achieving profits inpredicting changes in foreign currency rates. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  8. 8. What follows is and quick overview of Japanese candlesticks and then a brieflisting and over view of the dozenmajor Japanese candlestick Forex signals. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  9. 9. Japanese Candlestickswww.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  10. 10. Japanese candlestick Forex signals are pictorial representations of priceaction in the Forex market. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  11. 11. The day’s trading is representedby a vertical rectangle. This is the candle. It is white when the dayends higher than when it started and black otherwise. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  12. 12. Its ends represent theopening and closing prices for the day. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  13. 13. Lines extending from the top and bottom of the candle are called shadows and representthe full range of trading for the day. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  14. 14. A trading signal can be one or more unique candlesticks. Here are the dozen major signals forhelping predict changes in foreign currency exchange rates. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  15. 15. Dark Cloud Coverwww.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  16. 16. This dark sounding name is for a two candle set that predicts a reversal of arecent up trending market. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  17. 17. The first day trades up. The second day gaps higher onopen and falls significantly to close slightly above theprevious day’s opening price. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  18. 18. The Dojis• Doji - virtually flat candle with upper and lower shadows• Gravestone Doji - virtually flat candle at the very bottom of the trading range• Long Legged Doji - virtually flat candle with one or two very long shadows www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  19. 19. The principle information thatone gains from the various Doji patterns is that the market isindecisive. In a flat market this is useless information. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  20. 20. In a market that has been trending up or down it isoften a strong indicator of a reversal. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  21. 21. Engulfing Patternswww.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  22. 22. Bullish Engulfing Pattern -short black candle on day oneand much larger white candle on day two, “engulfing” the first candle www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  23. 23. Bearish Engulfing Pattern -short white candle on day one and much larger black candle on day two, “engulfing” the first candle www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  24. 24. Each Japanese candlestickForex signal indicates a marketreversal in the direction of the second day candle. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  25. 25. Piercing PatternThis pattern is a bottom reversal signal.It consists of two candles. The first islong and black. The second is white andstarts lower that the first after a gapdown to open on the second day. Thewhite candle is as long as the black. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  26. 26. HammerThis signal consists of a relativelyshort white candle with no uppershadow and a long lower shadow.At the bottom of a down trend itpredicts an upward reversal. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  27. 27. The Starswww.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  28. 28. Morning Star - three candles, first black and long, second small and white below the first, third white, long and higher than the second www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  29. 29. Evening Star - three candles, first white and long, secondblack and small above the first,third black and long below the second www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  30. 30. Both of these are reversal signals that predict that the market will move in thedirection set by the last candle. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  31. 31. Shooting Star- a short candle with a very long upper shadow and no lower shadow www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  32. 32. This signal predicts a marketreversal after an established trend. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  33. 33. Trading Forex with candlesticks gives a trader a clear view of market sentiment in a set of very precise market conditions. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals
  34. 34. Smart traders learn toconfirm these signals before jumping in. www.forexconspiracyreport.com/japanese-candlestick-forex-signals