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Best Investments on a Budget


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Living paycheck to paycheck makes investing difficult but not impossible. What are the best investments on a budget? Start with home ownership and then stocks.

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Best Investments on a Budget

  1. 1. B Y W W W . P R O F I T A B L E I N V E S T I N G T I P S . C O M Best Investments on a Budget
  2. 2. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget The stock market keeps going up and widening the wealth gap in America. So many people are living paycheck to paycheck that finding money to invest can be difficult.
  3. 3. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget But, it is not impossible in this day and age to put something aside on a regular basis. With this thought in mind, what are the best investments on a budget?
  4. 4. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget The Problem with Investments in America
  5. 5. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget Both home ownership and ownership of stocks have declined since the Great Recession and have not recovered as expected.
  6. 6. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget Financial Samurai looks at the percentages of Americans who own stocks or real estate.
  7. 7. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget Now that the economy is on fire, all Americans should be rejoicing in their wealth, right? Wrong! Only 52% of Americans own any stocks according to a 2019 Gallup poll and only about 63% of Americans own real estate according to the Census Bureau, down from a high of about 69% in 2004. Given these figures, the bull market has left a lot of people behind.
  8. 8. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget Back in 2007, 65 percent of adults owned stocks and today that number is 52 percent. Part of the reason is that many who got burned in the 2008 market crash have never re-entered the market.
  9. 9. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget But, a greater factor is that small investors have been unable to take part in the steady appreciation of stocks over the last dozen years because they are just making ends meet.
  10. 10. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget Our concern in this article is not the folks who have money and choose not to buy stocks (or real estate) but rather those who are living on a budget and are not investing.
  11. 11. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget While the stock market is an excellent place to grow wealth, the first place that Americans should and do invest is in their home. Unfortunately, home ownership took a hit with the Financial Collapse as well.
  12. 12. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget More than 69 percent of Americans owned their home in 2007 and that number is below 64 percent today.
  13. 13. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget Investing in Your Home
  14. 14. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget Whenever we have written about starting to invest in the stock market, we have always mentioned home ownership as a greater priority. The Federal tax deduction for mortgage interest still makes home ownership a great investment.
  15. 15. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget And, unlike trying to find money to invest in stocks, Americans are already paying for places to live. Getting out of the rental market and into home ownership is still one of the best investments on a budget.
  16. 16. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget Investing in Stocks
  17. 17. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget The point of investing in stocks is that over the years and decades the US stock market outperforms other investments.
  18. 18. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget The key for most people to take advantage of this fact is to choose investments for the long term and not to try to time the market.
  19. 19. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget Dividend stocks that have been paying dividends for decades or even more than a century are good choices.
  20. 20. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget And using dividend reinvestment plans allows you to reinvest dividends without paying commissions and let your money grow even when you cannot purchase more shares.
  21. 21. investing-tips/best-investments-on-a-budget The key to making the best investments on a budget is to use dollar cost averaging to put a set amount into investments every year, quarter, month, or paycheck.
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