Are There Really Forex Conspiracies?


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Are There Really Forex Conspiracies

Are there really Forex conspiracies or is the idea of Forex market manipulation just a fantasy? We at the Forex Conspiracy Report are here to tell you that Forex conspiracies are real and that they can cost you big money! Any person, any institution or any government entity may well manipulate the Forex markets if they have motive, means and opportunity. Are there really Forex conspiracies of hidden groups working behind closed doors? Are there groups of Forex traders sharing pricing information via online chat rooms? Do large banks engaged in massive Forex trading manipulate their rates and their trades in such a way as to increase their profits at the expense of their clients? And, are there Forex scams in which individuals say that they can trade your cash on the Forex market and give you huge profits, in return for big commission? And are there pyramid schemes in which these traders guaranteeing huge profits simply take money from the last person in to pay the person who is leaving? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES! And, what do you, the lonely Forex trader, do about this situation other than limit yourself to Forex options to contain risk or simply quit trading in the Forex markets?

Individual Dirty Tricks and National Policy

We have written about Forex investigations into institutional traders who share info and make more profitable trades because they know in advance where the market will go. This is a dangerous factor in the Forex markets but when it is discovered it is dealt with and the culprits typically spend a long time far away from their Forex trade stations and are barred from trading when they leave prison. And, we have written at length about how Japan, Taiwan, mainland China and many other nations buy US dollars in order to raise the price of the USD and drop the price of their own currency. This has been an effective way for Japan and the rest to sell lots and lots of goods to the North American and European markets. Their good really do cost less and consumers would be silly not to take advantage. Are there really Forex conspiracies when nations do this? Think of this a national monetary policy and factor it into your thinking for fundamental analysis of Forex currency rates.

Conspiracies in the Shadows

The Bilderberg Group has been suspected of all sort of shadowy activity. The Bilderberg Group is actually an annual get together of about 120 leaders, two thirds from Europe and a third from North America. A third of these people are political leaders

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Are There Really Forex Conspiracies?

  1. 1. Are There Really Forex Conspiracies?