Apple Dumps Google Maps


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Apple Dumps Google Maps

Information is power and, as Apple Dumps Google Maps, Google is likely to lose not only ad revenue but important information about consumer habits. Apple releases its iOS 6 mobile device software later this year and the system will include Apple-designed mapping software, not Google’s. Many IPhone and IPad users who are used to Google will likely use the new Apple software instead of going through the trouble of downloading the Google mapping service. In a world where knowledge about consumer habits and whereabouts has become increasingly important, Apple may be doing more damage to Google than just taking away a revenue source. The prize in this part of the ongoing battle between Google and Apple is a few hundreds of millions of mobile device users. In our article, trade hewlett packard as it downsizes , we noted that an increasingly large number of computer users are finding what they want and need on mobile devices and forsaking personal computers.

Apple versus Google

Apple stock sells for $572.16 a share and has just started offering healthy quarterly dividends. It is the inventor of the personal computer thirty or so years ago and has the highest market capitalization of any US company at $496 Billion. Apple has traded between $588 and $568 a share in the last year. Google sells for $561.09 a share and does not offer a dividend. It has far and away the leading internet search engine and helped launch Android software a few years ago in an attempt to challenge the dominance of IPads and IPods. It has traded between $474 and $668 a share over the last year. When Apple dumps Google Maps as its new Apple software hits the market we will be interested to see how it affects sales and, especially, how it affects trader expectations of Apple and Google stock prices. Attention to both fundamental and technical analysis will be useful.

Apple Cozies up to Facebook as Well

As Apple dumps Google Maps its new software will also make it easier to use Facebook on its mobile devices to the detriment of the Google+. The issue with social networks is similar to that with mapping software. Google stands to lose ad revenue but, more importantly, it stands to lose important information about consumer interests and, especially, buying habits. Facebook, which will be a built in feature on the new Apple devices and software, has about 900 million users while Google + has around 170 million. Interestingly both Apple and Google stocks fell on the announcement, although no long term investors are talking seriously about selling Apple stock. Apparently traders felt that Google will suffer as Apple dumps Google Maps but we also disappointed that Apple failed to announce another miracle product. These folks were apparently unimpressed by the fact that Apple’s voice command application, Siri, will add Spanish, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese to its repertoi

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