Mining Opportunities in Finland


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Finland: major producer of chromium and gold in Europe. Mining deposits and projects. Opportunities in sustainable minerals industry in Finland. The Green Mining Program.

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  • Finland’s mining industry world class service providers and equipment manufacturers. excellent service infrastructure, allowing for the outsourcing of mine development functions.mineral processing plants and metal production are highly competitive re: energy efficiency and their carbon footprint.
  • Finland aims to make mining a profitable venture for those who pursue itno royalties payable to the state Competitive taxation regimes a relevant and fair mining code. The state supports mining investments, firmly believing that mining operations should be in the hands of the private sector.
  • The long-term goals include developing methods that increase the share of mining activities done underground. enabling environmentally friendly operations especially in urban areas and nature preserves environmental and social aspects are taken into account throughout the mining projects from exploration to landscaping after the mine is closed
  • Near the top of almost all international comparisons of economic, social, environmental, educational, business and technological performance Heart of a northern European market of around 80 million consumers, long-established connections with Russia and the Nordic and Baltic countriesAn open, transparent, stable and business-friendly economy with strong links between business sectors and universities A highly skilled and efficient workforce – with lower labour costs than in the other Nordic countriesHigh-quality transport and communications networksProfessional Finns speak excellent Finnish and usually at least one other foreign language as well.Finland ranked 2nd in global innovation hotspots- One of the highest R&D spending per capita- Finland ranked #1 in IPR protection (IPRI 2012)
  • Mining Opportunities in Finland

    1. 1. Looking for mining possibilities? Think Finland!
    2. 2. 17/07/20132 Motivation: Finland aims for sustainable mining Potential: Chromium, gold, copper, cobalt, feldspar, lime stone, nickel, phosphate, pgms, quartz, silver, talc and zinc Competition: Finnish and international mining companies Demand: Green mining expertise for intelligent and minimum impact mining When: Ongoing, large deposits remain intact
    3. 3. Finland’s mining facts  52 operating mines  Over 55 projects at conceptual/prefeasibility stage  € 81 million in exploration (2011)  € 1.3 billion mine development investments (2008–2011)  € 3 billion mine development investments (2012–2017)  € 80 million turnover in mines (2010)  € 2.5 billion turnover in mines (in 2015)  30,000 employees in the mineral cluster  Large deposits still intact 17/07/20133
    4. 4. Ongoing and potential mining Finland is a major producer of chromium and gold in Europe.  Operating mines produce: copper, cobalt, feldspar, limestone, nickel, phosphate, platinum group metals, quartz, silver, talc and zinc. 17/07/20134 FINNISH MINE PRODUCTION
    5. 5. Mining deposits and projects  30–40 exploration companies active  Iso-Kuotko – Gold  Suhanko–Konttijärvi – PGE  Taivaljärvi – Silver  Sakatti – Nickel, Copper and PGE  Mustavaara – Vanadium 17/07/20135
    6. 6. The state of Finland invests in mining  € 60 million – Green Mining program (2011–2016)  € 70 million – Mining infrastructure investments  € 30 million – allocation for “start-ups” in 2012  € 610 million – Current state ownership in the mining cluster 17/07/20136
    7. 7. Rapid increase in sustainable minerals industry expected 17/07/20137 By 2020 Finland aims to be the global leader in the sustainable minerals industry Source: GTK
    8. 8. The Green Mining Programme (Tekes) The program  Creates new business that requires new, specialised expertise alongside the growing field of traditional mining.  Aims to increase the number of SMEs targeting the export market in the mineral cluster.  Aims to achieve global leader status for the research in selected sectors. Two themes  Identify new mineral resources and intelligent, minimum-impact mining.  Develop techniques that can help to reduce the environmental impact of mining. 17/07/20138
    9. 9. For more information about mining in Finland: Geological Survey of Finland Tukes – Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency Green Mining Programme The Ministry of Employment and the Economy / The mining industry FinnMin (The Finnish Association of Extractive Resources Industry) Invest in Finland / Mining 17/07/20139
    10. 10. Why Finland? Entry to the East Creative solutions Stable Society Competent professionals
    11. 11. Invest in Finland services for international companies  Data collection & analysis  Opportunity analysis  Guidance on entry alternatives  Networking  Location management  Setting up a business