Gaming Industry in Finland


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The flourishing gaming industry in Finland: Alan Wake, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans. Digital gaming entrepreneurs and companies, Finnish start-ups, VC interest. The growth of the turnover.

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  • The total value of Finnish game industry (incl. M&A, investments and Merchandise & Licensing) was estimated€270 million in 2011 €350 million in 2012 2013, the total value of Finnish game industry is estimated to be €600 – €800 millionSource:NeoGames
  • Exceptional organisational and commercial models include:Supercell, an organisation composed of small, independent teams (cells)Rovio, a game company also expanding horizontally into a full entertainment brandConsumer market expanding world wide:Growth in the consumer market – Gartner estimates that spending on gaming software will account for over half the US$92 billion spent on all consumer software in 2012, and that it will continue to grow rapidly over the next five years.Many consumers will embrace gaming as a key part of their entertainment budget. B2B potential70% of Global 2000 organizations willgamifyat least one application by 2014 (Gartner)In Finland:In Finland between 2002 and 2011, the number of game companies increased from 400 to 1,300In 2011, Finland’s game industry was worth €270 million
  • Turnover of the Finnish game industry has grown by 50% since 2011Turnover 250M€ in 2012A fifth of the 1800 people employed by the Finnish game industry come from outside the country.
  • Digital marketing & distributionmoving from value chain of: Developer -> Publisher -> Distributor -> Consumer toDeveloper -> Distribution Channel -> ConsumerVirtual economies & currenciesFree games where you can either buy currency or make money in-game to buy more things in the game. Case: Supercell’sHayDayNew organizational modelsSupercell uses a modular organization, where the company is divided into independent cells
  • Near the top of almost all international comparisons of economic, social, environmental, educational, business and technological performance Heart of a northern European market of around 80 million consumers, long-established connections with Russia and the Nordic and Baltic countriesAn open, transparent, stable and business-friendly economy with strong links between business sectors and universities A highly skilled and efficient workforce – with lower labour costs than in the other Nordic countriesHigh-quality transport and communications networksProfessional Finns speak excellent Finnish and usually at least one other foreign language as well.Finland ranked 2nd in global innovation hotspotsOne of the highest R&D spending per capitaFinland ranked #1 in IPR protection (IPRI 2012)
  • Gaming Industry in Finland

    1. 1. Game on! The flourishing gaming industry in Finland
    2. 2. The Finnish gaming industry welcomes new members! Motivation: Nordic gaming hotspot Potential: Gaming leads the global entertainment business. Bigger than music or movies. Milestones so far Digital gaming entrepreneurs and companies are innovation leaders. They are changing the way the business is developed and run. When: As soon as you can get here!
    3. 3. Leading-edge cluster: The Finnish game industry  50% ecosystem growth year-on-year  Number of game developers tripled between 2002 and 2011  Investments into game companies exceeded 130 M€ (Q1/2013)  39% of Finnish game studios develop for smartphones and tablets  55–60% of revenue comes from North America  Pioneering companies have exceptional organizational and commercial models Consumer spending on gaming software grows at double-digit rates 2013-2018 (Gartner) 3
    4. 4. Total value of the Finnish Game industry 270 M€ in 2011 12.4.20114 Game industry core, 165 M€ Investments, 50 M€ M&A, 30 M€ Merchandise & licencing, 25 M€ Source: NeoGames
    5. 5. Growth of turnover in the Finnish Game Industry Core, M€ 87 105 165 250 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 2009 2010 2011 2012 12.4.20115 Source: NeoGames
    6. 6. Finnish start-ups are catching VC interest  Finnish start-up companies received EUR 134 million in investments during January through March 2013  Finnish companies generated more investments than German ones during Q1 and were only surpassed by British and French businesses 12.4.20116
    7. 7. New models for developing and running the gaming industry Virtual economies & currencies 12.4.20117 Digital marketing & distribution New organizational models
    8. 8. Something old, something new from Finland 12.4.20118 Alan Wake – Time magazine’s Game of the Year 2010 Angry Birds -Top paid app by 2014 Clash of Clans - Top earning iPad game in 77 countries
    9. 9. The Finnish gaming industry "For a country with a population about the size of Minnesota, Finland has produced some giant global hits in the mobile business, like Nokia and Rovio, the company responsible for Angry Birds and Bad Piggies." Nick Wingfield. New York Times, Bits Blogs / Oct. 2012
    10. 10. For more information: Neo Games – Hub of Finnish Gaming Industry Invest in Finland / mobile cluster Manse Games International Game Developers Association / Finnish Chapter
    11. 11. Entry to the East Creative solutions Stable Society Competent professionals
    12. 12. Invest in Finland services for international companies • Data collection & analysis • Opportunity analysis • Guidance on entry alternatives • Networking • Location management • Setting up a business