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We would like to invite you to join us at Invest in Brazil Club and share the wealth of knowledge in the Brazilian Markets.

Whether you are part of FIABCI, Twitter, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, AFIRE, Yahoo Google or MSN Groups or Skype Community or any other networks we are sure that you will enjoy this Club!

Business guide to Brazil - Please send feedback, join us for advice, tips, discussions and post articles/comments.
Welcome to the Invest in Brazil Club with over 1100+ loyal members like you. Please join us at:

This is a free, consultative business guide to Brazil, live and frequently updated. New developments, current news and investment opportunities are our strong point and the principle topics.

Its focus is the real estate market as well as alternative energy and foreign trade (import/export) in the Northeast Brazil, State of Ceara, City of Fortaleza but we cover other parts of Brazil and other sectors of the market as well.

Examples of properties / investments:

We are here to build a bridge between culture, language, mentality and legal barriers so you could have a hassle free and painless experience. Our “on the ground experience”, strong local connections / relationships, market secrets knowledge & off-market properties / investments are your / our key to success.

Here are the types of properties and the services we offer;


a.) Investment Excursions, Field Trips with professional photography and filming of your experience.

1. Front beach villas, vacation, retirement, rental and residential.
2. Front beach land for residential or development as investments.
3. Front beach resort and hotels.
4. Front beach Water Park and pousadas.
5. Pre-approved projects ready to execute with land.
6. Land for alternative energy (wind hydro and solar) and biodiesel plantations.
7. Homes, hotels, pousadas (inns) and apartments condos in the large coastal cities.
8. Luxury properties.
9. Farm land.
10. Land for sustainable forestation.
11. Commercial space, land for commercial buildings, commercial buildings, shopping malls.
12. Wind power projects with land or land for wind power stations.
13. Biodiesel farm plantation and/or land for such to implement.
14. Mineral ore mines.
15. Sugar Refinery Mills.
16. Ethanol Refinery.
17. Private Islands

We also provide full A-Z accessory services for investors, and buyers such as:

A.) Personal Investment & Sightseeing Excursions with professional photography and filming.

1.) Land acquisition, architectural development and approvals.
2.) Complete construction cost calculations and analysis, construction, engineering, and building permit.
3.) Sales & Marketing Strategy.
4.) Resale
5.) CPF cards and Permanent Residence Program.
6.) Tax consulting, accounting, and lawyers & attorneys.
7.) Governmental Contacts & Elite Society local contacts.
8.) Pre- Launch to investors & strategy.
9.) Exit Strategy.
10.) Relocation Services.
11.) Due Diligence, complete analysis of legal documents such as titles and deeds.
12.) Title Insurance, Escrow Accounts and Mortgage Financing for Foreigners purchasing Brazilian property.
13.) Opportunities for joint ventures with other investors.
14.) Financial transactions and strategy.
15.) Off Market Opportunities.
16.) Market Research, Due Diligence, Feasibility Studies
17.) Product Sourcing for Export
18.) Wealth Management
19.) Asset Protection
20.) Full Tax-Haven Services
21.) New – Auditing of companies, corporations or any otherwise business entities anywhere in The North East region of Brazil.
Enough talking...see for yourself:


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