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Business bavaria 12-2013_en


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Business bavaria 12-2013_en

  1. 1. Business Bavaria Newsletter Issue 12 | 2013 What’s inside Focus: Health/Medical Valley EMN Five minutes with ... Bernd Thoß, Plant Manager at Concentric Page 2 Focus topic: EMN – Medical Valley top cluster Page 3 Bavaria in your briefcase: Bavarian “Hornschlitten” championship Page 4 „Plastics Campus Bavaria“ on course From late 2014, a modern technology and study centre in Weißenburg, Bavaria, Competent cooperation between production companies on the ground also guar- will improve the competitiveness and innovative strength of plastics processing antees an intensive exchange of ideas within the sector. One of the roles of the companies in the Altmühl area of Franconia. This ambitious project is bringing to- regional company network „k-messwerk“, for example, is to design technology gether Bavaria’s unique expertise in the field of plastics and hopes to establish itself development models for the joint utilisation of measurement and laboratory pro- as an internationally recognised centre for education, research and development. cesses that are not accessible to individual companies for economic or financial reasons or due to a lack of expertise. Plastics is the most important industrial segment in the Altmühl area. Applied research and teaching related to this material will then have a home, in and on The „Plastics Campus Bavaria“ will make a vital contribution to counteracting the the new „Plastics Campus Bavaria“. The campus is being built by the rural district increasing lack of specialist staff for the companies in the region. Extra-occupa- of Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen and the town of Weißenburg, Bavaria. tional degree programmes create prospects for the companies to develop their staff locally – they can retain staff in the region and secure their supply of quali- It has two universities as cooperation partners: while Deggendorf University of fied specialist staff for the long term. Applied Sciences will be responsible for the technology centre section and the overall management, Ansbach University of Applied Sciences will take on the study centre. Significant companies from the region and other cooperation partners from science and professional associations will also be involved. The Imaging Source Europe GmbH: focus on Munich Demand for industrial cameras and optical systems is growing everywhere, optical inspection), visual inspection and production automation. In future, the in sectors as diverse as automation and quality control. The strong growth in office in Bavaria will manage all sales activities in the DACH region. The branch the southern German and European markets means that providers want to be is led by Patrick Gailer, Business Development Manager at The Imaging Source closer to their customers. That is why a Bremen-based manufacturer of image Europe GmbH. processing products for industrial, scientific and medical applications – The Imaging Source GmbH – is opening a branch in Maisach, near Munich. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial cameras, frame grabbers and pressemitteilungen-im-detail/article/the-imaging-source-europe-gmbh-bremer- video converters. These solutions are used in many different sectors and fields, hersteller-von-bildverarbeitungsprodukten-fuer-industrielle.html from logistics to security systems, medical technology and science. The company particularly focuses on the application fields of machine vision, AOI (automated w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m Page 1
  2. 2. Five minutes with … Bernd Thoß, Plant Manager at Concentric Concentric produces both hydraulic products and diesel motor pumps. The corporation will be expanding its production capacity in Hof significantly by summer 2014. Concentric’s parent company has now also moved to Bavaria. Which factors were instrumental in Concentric’s What support did Invest in Bavaria provide and what What role do Bavaria’s strengths play for Concentric decision to remain true to its site in Hof? steps were taken? in further market expansion? We looked intensively at multiple sites, both in other The team from Invest in Bavaria provided us with indi- Although specific technical reasons mean that we work German states and in Eastern Europe. Ultimately, the vidual advice and played a key role in ensuring that we together with university research institutions outside sum of all the benefits led us to make a clear decision were able to fully exploit all the funding options avail- Bavaria, the innovation climate here is outstanding in favour of Hof. The strongest factor was the people able to us in Bavaria. We were immediately put into and home to some very active clusters. The excellent here. We have been located in Hof since 1944 and our contact with all the contacts important to us. Just 6 infrastructure is another advantage – we benefit from staff here consists of highly qualified and experienced kilometres north of here, we would have faced very close proximity to all our markets and have qualified people, some of whom have been with the company different conditions. However, the support from Invest staff locally. Everything we need to grow even more. for over 40 years. Their expertise gives us a clear com- in Bavaria means that we are now able to make Hof the petitive advantage, and one which would be almost centre of European hydraulic production. irreplaceable at another site. Does the market for hydraulic pumps have a very The Swedish parent company is now also moving international character? its headquarters to Upper Franconia. What are the Definitely. Today, we are one of the leading manufac- reasons behind this? turers of hydraulic geared pumps and generator sets Concentric’s goal is to consolidate its position in with added value. Our customers include the world’s Europe in order to concentrate its strengths ready for largest manufacturers of construction and agricultural international expansion. The Swedish assembly plant machinery, forklifts, cherry pickers and gear boxes. is therefore now being integrated into our production Another quantum leap is soon to be made, allowing us plant in Hof. German engineering has an excellent to expand our advantage significantly. reputation, especially in our sector. In the hydraulic products segment of the market, we now have a production site on each of three continents – Asia, Europe and North America. Hof will be our headquarters. “For us, the staff’s expertise is the top factor drawing us to this location.” Bernd Thoß, Concentric ­ 11 Number of the month The number of Bavarian urban and rural districts among the top 20 in Germany in the Source: PROGNOS „Zukunftsatlas“ study. These include the city and rural district of Munich, the cities of Erlangen, Ingolstadt, Regensburg, Landshut and Coburg, and the rural districts of Starnberg, Ebersberg, Erlangen-Höchstadt and Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm. w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m Page 2
  3. 3. Focus Topic Medical Valley (EMN) top cluster: The heart of medical technology beats in Erlangen. Ageing populations in industrialised nations, an increase in chronic illness, a rapid rise in the world’s population, all demanding medical care: the global health care sector is facing huge challenges. The increasing pressure on costs in state-run health care systems is further aggravating the situation. Modern medical technology is increasingly seen as an engine of innovation. Intel- Although its size is already impressive, the Medical Valley EMN continues to grow. ligent processes in diagnostics and treatment can fundamentally improve the effec- When companies that are only partly involved in medical technology, for example tiveness and efficiency of health care provision. Domestic companies hold a top posi- those who are merely suppliers, are included, the Medical Valley is home to over 500 tion internationally in this field. Today, the German market for medical technology is companies, employing over 45,000 people. the largest in Europe and the third-largest in the world . And many of the key players are located in Middle Franconia. The Medical Valley in the European metropolitan Medical Valley Center – incubator for pioneers region of Nuremberg (EMN) was named the top national cluster for medical tech- Located in the centre of Erlangen, the Medical Valley Center (MVC) is one of Ger- nology by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in January 2010. many’s most successful start-up and innovation centres and plays a key role when it comes to innovation. The MVC has supported around 60 entrepreneurs in develop- Erlangen – Germany’s medicine capital ing, implementing, financing and establishing their concepts and projects since it As a business location, Erlangen in Middle Franconia can look back on a long tradi- was founded in 2003. Many of these start-ups have turned into established compa- tion in medical technology. Siemens Healthcare, one of the world’s largest industrial nies, such as corscience GmbH & Co. KG, a full-service provider in the field of cardio- companies in this field, is present here. The Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlan- vascular diagnosis and treatment. gen-Nuremberg and various non-university research institutions such as Fraunhofer and Max-Planck have always worked closely together with the companies. It is this Another centre is now being built to provide a home for progress and innovation. The close connection between science and business that the city of Erlangen and the second Medical Valley Center will open in Forchheim in 2015 and will be orientated Free State of Bavaria have been promoting in a targeted way – and that ultimately towards smaller and medium-sized companies in health care IT and health care ser- received funding from the federal government, too. vices from Germany and abroad. In future, the topics of health care IT and medication in particular will be pushed forward as part of the „Franconia Model Region for the Digital Health Care Economy“. Medical Value of the Future: Medical Valley Summit 2014 The „Gesundheitswirtschaft Bayern“ initiative has been leading the way here since On 18th February 2014, players from the medical technology and health late 2012: founded by Prof. Dr.Dr.h.c. Peter Oberender, the initiative is closely inte- care sector will meet at Universitätsklinikum Erlangen to discuss the grated into the Medical Valley EMN infrastructure. latest technologies and developments and to initiate new projects. Medical Valley EMN: Science and business closely connected As a top medical technology cluster, the Medical Valley brings together the expertise of established international and up-and-coming companies with research institu- Polymedication – optimising the medication process tions of worldwide renown. Above all, it integrates the medical service provision Experts estimate that around 30,000 people die every year as a result of incorrect side, in order to find solutions to the current and future challenges for health care medication. The more medication a patient is taking at the same time, the greater provision together. The players include: the risks. That is why topics such as the central patient card, which gives all players access to all important information, from the latest laboratory findings to previ- – 180 dedicated medical technology companies with around 16,000 staff, ous illnesses, are becoming an ever greater focus both in the Medical Valley and – over 40 hospitals treating over 500,000 in-patients every year, elsewhere. The aim is to allow everyone involved to view the patient’s individual – over 60 chairs and professorships at the University and universities of applied medication regime transparently. sciences with focus topics in medical technology in teaching and research, – over 20 non-university research institutions with close links to medical technology, and „International cooperation and the ever closer connection between – established networks with services throughout the medical technology science and business require our full attention.“ innovation chain. Matthias Hiegl, CEO of the Medical Valley Center, Erlangen w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m Page 3
  4. 4. Bavaria in your briefcase Bavarian “Hornschlitten” championship part of the fun. After all, the title of Bavarian champion is at stake. The sledges are two to three metres long and were once used by the mountain farmers as tools and a means of transport in winter, for bringing hay or chopped wood from the remote meadows down into the valley. The name „Hornschlitten“ comes from the special shape of the runners, which are extended upwards at the front and reminiscent of a goat’s horns. It takes a lot of strength and skill to steer a sledge like this. Pushing and pulling on the horns warps the shape of the frame slightly, influencing the direction the runners slide in. Many of the sledges taking part in the race in Garmisch-Partenkirchen are originals – often over 60 years old. In 2012, the route was around 1 kilometre long, with a height difference of 160 metres. The race starts at the Partnachalm every year on Epiphany. Epiphany 2014: Bavarian “Hornschlitten” championship Epiphany (6th January), Garmisch-Partenkirchen will be turned upside down, shighlights_Hornschlittenrennen as fearless men and women meet for the Bavarian „Hornschlitten“ championship. The pilots race down the hill at speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour, with teams of four sharing a wooden sledge. Daring manoeuvres and falling off are all Trade Fairs and Events … in Munich … in Nuremberg ... by and with Invest in Bavaria opti 10th – 12th January 2014 International trade fair for optics and design. EUROGUSS 14th – 16th January 2014 International trade fair for die casting: technology, processes, products. Invest in Bavaria at the “Successful in Lower Bavaria. Exploiting potential – making ideas reality” event 16th January 2014 in Deggendorf | Bavaria Your contact: Lisa Titze | Tel.: +49-89-2162-2605 ISPO 26th – 29th January 2014 International sports business trade fair with over 2,300 exhibitors. Spielwarenmesse 29th January – 3rd February 2014 International trade fair for the toy sector. r l ou h al ppy wis a We ers a H 14! 0 d rea Year 2 New Publisher Business Bavaria Image sources Invest in Bavaria – The Business Promotion Agency of the Bavarian Ministry of Coordination: Alexandra Schmidhuber P. 1: © Thinkstock Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology and Bayern International Art Direction: Alex Podolay P. 2: © Concentric Prinzregentenstr. 22 Editorial Department: P. 4: © Marc A. Hohenleitner, 80538 Munich | Germany Translation: Phone +49 89 24210-7500 Layout: HTML Version: w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m Page 4