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Business bavaria 10-2013_en

  1. 1. Business Bavaria Newsletter Issue 10 | 2013 What’s inside Five minutes with … Beate Rank, CEO of Rakuten Deutschland GmbH Page 2 Focus Topic: Welcoming culture as an opportunity Page 3 Bavaria in your briefcase: Kulmbacher Mönchshof Page 4 Our top topic: Welcoming culture What Bavaria is doing to increase its appeal to ­international specialists. Initial assistance for international specialists ress We are moving! New add November 2013: from 1st Prinzregentenstr. 22 80538 Munich | Germany Bavaria is popular among specialist staff from around the world and Munich now the driving licence, enrolling children to school, etc. They speak English, French, offers them a new point of contact, the Service-Center for International Profes- Italian, Russian and Spanish and there is also an in-house interpreting office for sionals. The state capital wants to set a new example with this centre, which those languages. One of the backdrops for this new facility was the establishment opened only a few days ago on October 1st, 2013, to smooth the path for foreign of the Directive on Highly Qualified Workers in August 2012, which got numerous managerial and specialist staff into their new employment relationship in Bavaria. relieves in terms of starting work off the ground. With the foundation of the Service Center, Munich wants to promote the influx of international specialist staff in The staff in the new Service Center in Munich is responsible for all immigration and the sense of an active welcoming culture even beyond the statutory requirements. residency issues – from the residency permit to naming contacts for all important questions related to the first entry such as finding accommodation, reregistrating For more on that, see the Focus Topic on Page 3 Upper Franconia en route to the future Pioneering strategies for increased competitiveness between processing companies The Fraunhofer Process Innovation project group at the University of Bayreuth is re- in Upper Franconia are the goal of the Technology Roadmap for Upper Franconia sponsible for the Technology Roadmap for Upper Franconia. The Manufacturing and project. Based on a scientific theoretical approach, the strengths and weaknesses Remanufacturing Technology chair and the Fraunhofer project group work together of interested companies are determined, their opportunities and risks examined and closely with the companies. The response to the offer is very positive and each com- possible ways for development demonstrated. pany is analysed for one or two days. The project started in July 2011 and is designed The Technology Roadmap for Upper Franconia project focuses on the manufacturing in- to run 3.5 years; the analysis phase will conclude by the end of 2013. The Bavarian dustry with the sectors metal, plastics, glass/ceramics, furniture/wood processing and State Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology contributes textiles in the administrative district of Upper Franconia. In order for these sectors to re- around EUR 1.1 million of funding to the Technology Roadmap for Upper Franconia. main the economic flagships of the region, the second step of the project is to point out the sector-specific strategic options to the companies so they can equip themselves for new challenges early on, prepare for sector trends in a timely manner and initiate the de- Your contact at Invest in Bavaria: Lisa Zeitler, Northern Bavaria office, velopment of new products. After all, these sectors are subject to swift changes. Products that are successful and common today, might not be needed any more tomorrow. w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m For more information visit Page 1
  2. 2. Five minutes with … Beate Rank, CEO of Rakuten Deutschland GmbH On the development of e-commerce and Rakuten‘s factor, however, was our proximity in terms of content prospects in Germany and Europe since the acquisi- to the business model Rakuten has been very success- tion of Tradoria GmbH. Currently, over 6,200 online ful with on the Japanese market since 1997, and which retailers offering more than nine billion products is becoming more and more popular in Germany, too. are under contract with Rakuten Deutschland. Over 800 retailers are setting up their shop and will go Thinking about the digital infrastructure: Do you online shortly. Beate Rank was the former manag- think Bavaria is well-equipped for the future? ing director and co-founder of Tradoria before it was Compared internationally, Bavaria achieves top marks taken over by the Japanese company Rakuten, Inc. regularly – be it with regard to the digital infrastruc- Rakuten is one of the world‘s ten largest internet ture or other important areas such as education and companies and is represented in 26 countries with purchasing power. If nothing else, this is the reason 10,000 employees. why we are convinced that Bavaria is really wellequipped for the future. How important is the e-commerce market in Ger- We are of course extremely delighted about the oppor- many for a global player like Rakuten in terms of its tunity to actively contribute to this growth and suc- Do you cooperate with regional partners or maintain expansion strategy? cess with the international expertise of the Rakuten research activities with Bavarian universities? Counting more than 41 million (50 per cent of the Group and with our dynamic team here at We collaborate with local postal delivery services, German population) digital shoppers in 2012 (and an Perhaps we are even able to accelerate it. among other things, and plan to extend our activi- estimated 46 million in 2016), Germany is among the ties with Bavarian universities and other educational nations with the biggest potential in e-commerce in Which advantages of Bavaria as a business location institutions. For years, Bavarian pupils have been Europe. (e.g. economic power, infrastructure, purchasing among the best of all European countries and numer- In 2012, German B2C online and mail-order trad- power, quality of life) are particularly important for ous international schools as well as a growing number ing generated total sales in excess of EUR 39.3 bil- Rakuten? of multilingual learning opportunities give evidence of lion. E-commerce achieved EUR 27.6 billion and thus Bavaria not only is home to global companies such as the international demand for education. In combina- accounted for 70 per cent of the sector‘s total sales. Adidas, Audi, BMW or Siemens, it is also a strong base tion with the German e-commerce market‘s growth The German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade for small and medium-sized companies in industry, rates, we want to invest in the specialist staff of Association even predicts that the e-commerce vol- retail and the service sector. The reasons are obvious: tomorrow as partners in a professional way and fur- ume will increase by another 21 per cent in 2013, which What is being offered in the fields of transportation, ther expand our activities in this area. can mainly be attributed to the rising popularity of telecommunications and energy is quite extraordi- smartphones and tablet devices in Germany. These nary and the high standards in education achieve top figures alone highlight Germany‘s significance in the values in the international arena. All these criteria of context of international strategies. course encouraged Rakuten, Inc.‘s decision. The critical Number of the month 1.3 million … … “new inhabitants” from abroad have come to Bavaria since the beginning of the 679,000 people have moved to Bavaria from other German regions between 1991 and 1990s. Even within Germany, Bavaria can be considered as a land of immigration. 2010 (Federal Institute for Population Research 2012). w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m Page 2
  3. 3. Focus Topic Welcoming culture as an opportunity The IT specialists, business economists, engineers and other specialist staff companies are specifically looking for come from all around the world – China, India, Vietnam, New Zealand or Eastern Europe – and Bavaria is at the top of their list. However, this is no reason to rest on one’s laurels. Bavaria places great value on a welcoming culture with services that make the transition into a new employment relationship for international top talents even easier. Since 1st October 2013: Service Center in Munich The recently opened Service-Center for International Professionals employs a total of 15 workers who are responsible for all immigration and residency issues. Precise requirements (necessary documents, evidence to be presented) are settled beforehand with network partners such as Invest in Bavaria, the Employment Agency and embassies of the countries of origin, etc. Ideally, one appointment is sufficient to get the ball rolling. If the necessary requirements are fulfilled, the electronic residence title (e-AT) can already be applied for at the first visit and usually be handed over within four to six weeks. For more information or to make an appointment with the Service Center Munich, send an e-mail to or call the call centre at 089/233-96010. “The state capital Munich is setting an important example with the establishment of the Service-Center for International Professionals and sends the clear message that foreign managerial and specialist staff and their families are welcome in Munich. The close collaboration with our network partners, in particular with Invest in Bavaria, allows us to guarantee that all questions with regard to immigration and residency Showcase project “Allianz pro Fachkräfte” (Alliance pro skilled professionals) The Welcome Service Center is also integrated in an ambitious project launched last year not far from Roth. The idea to secure specialist staff for the economy in a network consisting of strong partners, including, among others, the Federal Employment Agency, the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, the Bavarian Ministry of Labour and the are settled beforehand and for example new company settlements can Ministry of Economic Affairs, has achieved a lot of recognition in Germany and around be realised quickly.” the world. The “Allianz pro Fachkräfte” was honoured as the most innovative network Dr. Klaus Kirchmann, deputy head of the Munich foreigners’ registration in Germany by the Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Mrs. von der Leyen, in office (KVR) 2012 and has ranked second in the category “unconventional projects” of the International Chamber of Commerce’s world chamber competition in Doha, Qatar, in early 2013. A warm welcome – clearly leading the way Giving the green light with the blue card Specially established service and welcome centres do not only assist in getting voca- Since August 2012, the newly introduced EU Blue Card residence title has been mak- tional qualifications approved or in visiting authorities for the naturalisation, they also ing it easier for highly qualified workers from non-EU-countries to begin their work see to finding accommodation, arrange language courses or provide information on in Germany. The requirements to apply for the EU Blue Card are public transport, sports facilities and much more. The Roth district, too, sets a good – German or comparable foreign university degree and a example: “In a way, we point people in the right direction and help foreign special- – n employment contract with a gross annual salary of at least EUR 46,400 a ist staff with questions about resident permits, finding translators for qualifications (EUR 3,867 per month). gained abroad and also with finding apprenticeship or internship positions for their children,” emphasises Christof Liebel, head of the Welcome Service Center Roth. His Special advantage for Blue Card holders: They can apply for a permanent residence institution is closely linked to and works with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, permit after 33 months of employment with compulsory pension insurance, and even the Chamber of Crafts and the Employment Agency as well as with the foreigners’ already after 21 months if they can provide proof of a good command of German. registration office. As a regional hub, the Service Center is part of the Unternehmerfabrik Landkreis Roth GmbH, the regional economic promotion society of the Roth w district. w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m Page 3
  4. 4. Bavaria in your Briefcase Kulmbacher Mönchshof Germany, the Plassenburg. The Kulmbacher Mönchshof is located at the foot of the castle; here, the Franconian art of brewing has been cultivated for more than 600 years. Alongside the brewery and the beer garden, it hosts a brewery and bakery museum. This is why the Kulmbacher Mönchshof is a popular destination for work outings as well as for conferences, meetings and business lunches. The history of the complex dates far back and the name Mönchshof (monk’s court) can be taken literally. Though it has not been clearly documented who first started brewing beer, the hard-working monks of the Cistercian Monastery or the wandering Augustinian monks, the brewery in the monastery was mentioned already in 1349, which marked the beginning of a long-standing tradition that is still alive today. One can enjoy the Franconian way of life both in the historic rooms of the Mönchshof brewery and in the cosy beer garden during the summer season. From medieval times to today’s state-of-the-art brewing techniques, experience the Where visitors go to indulge and quench their thirst for knowledge history of brewing first hand at the Bavarian brewery museum. Next door, the bakery museum offers everything you always wanted to know about baking, from Those who want to know how industrialisation changed even the traditional art sowing to the everyday bread. of brewing in Bavaria can learn about this in Kulmbach – a city known all over the world for its beers and home to one of the most impressive castle complexes of Trade Fairs and Events … in Munich … in Nuremberg PTS Umwelt Symposium 6th – 7th November 2013 The paper industry’s forum for water, energy, waste and environmental legislation SPS / IPC / Drives 26th – 28th November 2013 Electric Automation – Systems and Components, International Exhibition and Conference Electrical Energy Storage 12th – 15th November 2013 International Trade Fair for Batteries, Energy Storage and Innovative Production ... by and with Invest in Bavaria Invest in Bavaria at the European Space Solutions 5th – 7th November 2013 in Munich | Bavaria European space travel conference at the Alte Kongresshalle in Munich Your contact: Bernd Buchenberger | Tel.:+49 89 2162-2582 Invest in Bavaria at the 3rd German-Turkish Business Days 22nd November 2013 in Nuremberg | Bavaria Your contact: Caglar Bektas | Tel.:+49 89 24210-7525 Publisher Business Bavaria Image sources Invest in Bavaria – The Business Promotion Agency of the Bavarian Ministry of Coordination: Alexandra Schmidhuber P. 1: © Thinkstock Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology and Bayern International Art Direction: Alex Podolay P. 2: © Rakuten Deutschland GmbH Widenmayerstr. 34 Editorial Department: P. 3: © Thinkstock 80538 Munich | Germany Translation: P. 4: © Kulmbacher Brauerei Phone +49 89 24210-7500 Layout: HTML Version: w w w. i n v e s t - i n - b a v a r i a . c o m Page 4