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Business bavaria 05-2013_en


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Business bavaria 05-2013_en

  1. 1. Business Bavaria NewsletterWhat’s insideIssue 05 | 20135 minutes with ...Alois Ludwig, Chairman of the ZF ServicesManagement BoardPage 2In focus: LogisticsGrowth engine logisticsPage 3Bavaria in your briefcaseClose-up art, far-reaching viewsPage 4With the new foreign representative office in Santiago de Chile, which was in-augurated in April by Bavaria‘s Vice-Minister of Economic Affairs, Katja Hessel,there is now a total of three Bavarian agencies in Latin America together with thealready existing offices in Brazil and Mexico, supporting enterprises that intendto learn more about the economic location Bavaria.The new representative office is managed by Pamela Valdivia. Among otherpositions, the networking expert used to be employed at the Institute for In-terdisciplinary Innovation of the Universidad del Desarrollo and was head of theindustrial division of the Chilean State Department’s export promotion agency.Bavaria opens new Latin American representative officeEvery two years, the transport logistics fair opens for business in Munich. From4 to 7 June 2013, the Bavarian capital will once again host the world-wide come-together of the logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management sectors.People in Bavaria and South America do not only have their talent for footballin common, both regions can also be pleased about their particularly dynamicentrepreneurs and an accordingly strong economic growth.World of logistics meets in MunichIn 2011, approximately 1,900 exhibitors and 51,000 trade visitors from 134 coun-tries attended the fair, making it the largest of its kind where 44% of exhibitorswere international. Why does the fair work so well in Bavaria? The reasons aremanifold.Bavaria is the leading industrial location in Europe. Year on year, the Bavarian in-dustry exports more than half of its products: obviously a great challenge for thelogistics sector. Investments in the processing industry are therefore the highestnation-wide. Furthermore, the Bavarian automobile industry, mechanical engi-neering, medical, energy and environmental technology sectors are world leadersand thus offer much potential to logistics providers.Key issues for transport logistics 2013 will include European-wide telematics so-lutions, intralogistics (with the new CeMAT partner fair), logistic property and afocus on “recruitment & career”. New on the agenda is “Intelligent Urbanisation”where innovative companies will present their logistics approaches to cities ofthe future.Invest in Bavaria will of course showcase and focus on the business opportunitiesin the state. Joining Invest in Bavaria at the exhibition stand will be representati-ves of the Lower Main region of Bavaria, the district of Landshut, Main Franco-nia, Nuremberg, the Upper Palatinate and Regensburg. All six regions are alreadyimportant players in the logistics business and want to consolidate their positionin the coming years. In our focus article “Logistics competence in Bavaria” onpage 3, we will highlight some of their strengths in greater the markets of Argentina, Colombia and Peruare serviced from the head office in Santiago deChile. The representative offices support investorsstarting from their first considerations to expand,all the way to the settlement in Bavaria. In coope-ration with the Bavarian representative offices In-vest in Bavaria has successfully accompanied andcompleted more than 80 investment projects ofinterested enterprises in 2012.By the way, the first of today’s altogether 24 Bavarian foreign representative officeswas opened exactly 25 years ago in Tokyo. Since 1988, about 250 Japanese enter-prises have set up branches in Bavaria. The Japanese Community in Bavaria in themeantime has become the second largest centre of Japanese culture in Germany.Pa ge 1w w w.inve st-in-ba va
  2. 2. Bavaria is Germany’s innovation champion! There is no other Federal State wherepeople come up with so many good ideas. Of the 61,000 patents filed with the Ger-man Patent and Trademark Office in 2012, 14,340 came from Bavaria – 4.5% morethan in the previous year. Nearly every fourth invention originates from the State.Among the ten most active applicants in Germany are four Bavarian companies –Siemens, Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances (BSH), Audi and BMW.The company is the after-sales specialist of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, responsible for the world-wide spare parts business among the established product brandsof Sachs, Lemförder, Boge and ZF Parts and offers technical support including repair and refurbishment of ZF products.Mr. Ludwig, is your business all about cars? ZF is quite diversified in drive and chassis technology.Therefore, the ZF Services business unit not only of-fers service solutions for automotive customers, butalso supplies the off-highway, rail, industrial, marineand wind energy sectors.ZF Services is present in 39 countries with 34own service companies, 77 sites and 650 ser-vice partners, world-wide. How important is theSchweinfurt site?Schweinfurt is home to our headquarters, our world-wide training centre and one of our key logistics cen-tres. Training and logistics are core to the success ofZF Services as they are of vital importance for thesatisfaction of our customers.WhywastheSchweinfurtsitedevelopedandextended?Due to increasing diversification in the markets andthe ever increasing number of models and variants,ZF was facing enormous challenges in the after-salesmarket. The extended logistics centre enables ZF Ser-vices to react to customer requirements faster andmore flexibly and opens up major new markets.Is Bavaria a good region for an after-sales specialist?Definitely! We not only appreciate the convenient lo-cation here, but also value the highly committed, welltrained employees in the region. International custom-ers who visit us here also enjoy the beauty of the land-scape and the cultural offerings.You are Chair of the Management Board in Schwein-furt. What are your responsibilities?   As Chairman, I am in particular responsible for cor-porate development and strategy, organisation andstructure, personnel issues and the spare part busi-ness of our Sachs, Lemförder, Boge and ZF Partsbrands.  Besides your job, do you have other passions thatyou pursue outside the office?My job is one of my greatest passions, but I alsoenjoy playing golf and music. On my Fender Strato-caster guitar, I play everything from pop to rock &roll and swing.Numberof themonth 14,340Alois Ludwig,Chairman of the ZF Services Management BoardPa ge 2w w w.inve st-in-ba va ria.com5 minutes with ...
  3. 3. With over 400,000 employees and headquarters for global companies such asDachser and DPD, the Bavarian logistics sector is a major driver of growth. It re-presents a turnover of € 36 billion, which corresponds to approximately 18% ofthe overall German total. In addition, the Bavarian ecommerce market is large andgrowing by over 10% year on year. Many ecommerce companies have discoveredthis for themselves – 7 of the 10 largest online retailers in Germany already havetheir logistics hubs in Bavaria.Bavarian networks pool the competence of businesses, research institutions and uni-versities for the logistics industry. For example, the Bavarian IT Logistics Cluster inRegensburg focuses on providing IT solutions for logistics and to companies usingsuch solutions in their business. In recent years, a number of cooperation projects forIT logistics of the future have been developed here. With the logistics cooperation ofthe metropolitan region of Nuremberg, a project of the city of Nuremberg, there is aone-stop shop solution for all those who want to benefit from the strengths and po-tential of this international logistics hub. All four transport modes – water, rail, roadand air – are united in Nuremberg, so logistics companies can choose their preferredtransportation. The proximity of the individual transition points facilitates the entiresupply chain. It is no surprise that a great number of large logistic providers, suchas Schenker, Panalpina, Raben Logistics and UPS thus run their business from themetropolitan region of Nuremberg.Those interested in start-up options in high-quality commercial areas and industrialparks with easy access to the international airports of Frankfurt and Nuremberg willbenefit from the Region Mainfranken and Logistik-Netz des Bayrischen Untermainsinitiatives. Since 2001, the logistics network of the Bavarian Lower Main region haspromoted cooperation between logistics providers, specialised software houses,shippers, local authorities and transport authorities. The objectives include lobbyingfor logistics, the exchange of expertise with universities and networking in the region.Almost all the major logistics companies are represented in Bavaria for good reason– consumer purchasing power is highest in the south of Germany. DPD successfullyutilises the strategic location of its head office in the Aschaffenburg (Bavarian Unter-main) area – the parcel service provider benefits especially from the links to the riverMain and Frankfurt airport.Thanks to cooperation with the local universities, uniquelogistics expertise is also being developed. Company production and logistics proces-ses are simulated in the DPD Logistics laboratory in Aschaffenburg, which is operatedby the University and supported by DPD. Industrial engineering students have beendeveloping solutions to logistics challenges at DPD since 2008.Many foreign companies such as Amazon, Office Depot, Procter & Gamble and Rexelchose Bavaria as the location for their distribution centres. The Procter & Gamble dis-tribution centre in the Franconian Main region supplies customers world-wide withBraun products. Approximately 30,000 customers are supplied with about 300,000orders every year from the town of Marktheidenfeld.Logistics companies benefit from the numerous projects and initiatives undertakenin the Bavarian regions. In terms of volumes of shipped goods, the Danube port ofRegensburg has positioned itself as the largest Bavarian inland port. With the “rollingmotorway” which starts in Regensburg and links to Trento in Italy, Regensburg is nowalso exploring new paths on rail and road networks, thus avoiding the arduous tripover the Brenner as well as making the most of weight advantages.Individual communities from the Upper Palatinate region joined forces to found thedas plus der oberpfalz business network. This logistics centre at the interchange ofthe A93 and A6 motorways connects the north of Bavaria with Austria and Italy, aswell as Nuremberg with Prague. In this way and also thanks to its geographical situ-ation, the Upper Palatinate business network provides a gateway to Eastern Europe.One of the most important advantages of the region is the availability of qualifiedlogistics staff. Many successful and reputable companies, such as Conrad Electronicsand Gerresheimer Wilden have valued the advantages of the region for many years.Conrad Electronics recently invested €50 million into the development of its logisticscentre in Wernberg-Köblitz.The district of Landshut has created the Bruckberg-Gündlkofen industrial area, an at-tractive and sought-after logistics location that currently offers logisticians 300,000sqm with the best connections to the booming metropolitan area of Munich and itsinternational airport. The district of Landshut is not just a magnet for innovative lo-gistics providers but also a location with logistics expertise.The PuLL Competence Centre at Landshut University offers SMEs a range of businessservices including material flow-oriented layout planning, lean & clean production,organisation of logistics structures and production control. As an example, the Com-petence Centre helped the Heidolph Elektro company implement a lean productionconcept which reduced process times.Pa ge 3w w w.inve st-in-ba va ria.comIn focus: Logistics competence in BavariaGrowth engine logisticsAutomatic pusher
  4. 4. From 18 May to 6 October 2013, the Franconian Main Museum will be celebra-ting its centenary at the 1000+ year old Marienberg Fortress.Pa ge 4w w w.inve st-in-ba va ria.comFairs & EventsImage sourcesP. 1: © http://www.thinkstockphotos.deP. 2: © ZF ServicesP. 3: © DPDP. 4: © (Daniel71953)PublisherInvest in Bavaria – The Business Promotion Agency of the Bavarian Ministry ofEconomic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology and Bayern International.Widenmayerstr. 3480538 Munich | GermanyPhone +49 89 24210-7500welcome@invest-in-bavaria.comBusiness BavariaCoordination: Alexandra SchmidhuberEditorial Department: www.textbau.comTranslation: www.translate-me.infoArt Direction | Web: Alex PodolayClose-up art, far-reaching viewsBavaria in your briefcaseAt the age of 23, Tilman Riemenschneider joined the Saint Lucas guild in Würz-burg as a painter’s assistant, thus laying the foundation in the Franconian me-tropolis for his later international fame. The citizen of Würzburg who died in 1531,is today considered the most important wood carver and sculptor in the transitionperiod from Late Gothic to Renaissance.The Franconian Main Museum in Würzburg naturally hosts the world’s largest Rie-menschneider collection, with 81 of his works. Every year, approximately 80,000visitors admire the important art collection. Since 1947, the museum has beenbased at the Marienberg Fortress which is picturesquely perched above the cityand the Main valley. Across vineyards, museum guests can gaze down on the olduniversity town with its romantic domes, towers and bridges.The Franconian Main Museum was inaugurated as Franconian Luitpold Museum on17 May 1913 by Prince Regent Luitpold. “100 Jahre – 100 Tage” is the slogan underwhich the museum has organised a comprehensive programme that underlines thecultural significance of Würzburg and Lower Franconia in a diverse and multimedia-rich format. From 18 May to 6 October, the special exhibition titled “Ans Werk” usesnew forms of presentation – art stories on 20 treasure islands – to provide an insightinto the individual objects as closely and intensively as possible.Incidentally, although Riemenschneider was surely aware of the impressive viewsoffered by the Marienberg Fortress, he did not enjoy them. After the suppressionof the peasant uprising in 1525, the politically active sculptor, along with manyleaders of the rebellion, was incarcerated in the fortress dungeons by the Arch-bishop for some months.… in MunichIntersolar 201319 – 21 June 2013International trade fair and congress forsolar technology and new products andservices in photovoltaics, PV productionengineering and thermal… in AugsburgKSS Messe 201305 – 06 June 2013Products and services around the ap-plication spectrum of cooling lubricantsand… in NurembergPCIM Europe 201314 – 16 May 2013International trade fair and conferencefor power electronics, intelligent motiontechnology and power… by and with Invest in BavariaInvest in Bavaria at the event“ Erfolgreich in Niederbayern,Potenziale nutzen – Ideen verwirklichen“on 06 June 13 in Deggendorf | BavariaInvest in Bavaria at the event“Erfolgreich in Oberfranken,Potenziale nutzen – Ideen verwirklichen“on 27 June 13 in Schlüsselfeld | Bavaria   Your contact for both meetings:Verena SattlerTel.: +49 89 24210-7514vlr@invest-in-bavaria.comSelf-portrait Tilman Riemenschneider