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Kazan Smart City is a groundbreaking urban development project designed to spur the growth of investment into high technology, medicine, education, and tourism. The project is being developed using the latest advancements in urban planning and engineering.

For more information, visit www.KazanSmartCity.com or contact the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency.

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Kazan Smart City

  1. 1. Kazan Smart City – a new Business Hub in Russia FIABCI Prix d’Excellence, 2013 Best Master plan project in Russia
  3. 3. THE VISION “Kazan Smart City is a Global Smart Sustainable City where it will be the Centre of Excellence for International Business & Knowledge Development that will create a Sustainable Economic Region and High Quality of Life”
  6. 6. GREATER KAZAN Kazan Smart City is part of the overall development of the Greater Kazan area. Greater Kazan the most economically diverse region within the Republic of Tatarstan with a total land area of 7,075 km2. Greater Kazan area: • Expansion of Kazan International Airport, • Development IT city Innopolis, • Development of Sviyazhsk multimodal interregional logistic center. • Construction of a ring road around the perimeter of Greater Kazan • 30 billion USD federal railway development program that will link Kazan to Moscow by a high-speed train, cutting down the travel time by rail between the two cities from 14 hours to just 3.5 hours by 2018
  7. 7. LOCATION Kazan • Tatarstan is in the center of Russia’s industrial heartland, roughly 800 kilometers east of Moscow at the confluence of the Volga and Kama rivers. • Kazan Smart City – 3 km away from Airport and 15 km away from the city of Kazan. • High speed train connects Kazan Smart City to center of Kazan and Kazan International Airport. • Transport: Federal Highway R-239, and access road of Stolbische township.
  8. 8. VISION TRANSFORMATION “A Transformation - Kazan International Business Hub Gateway To Russia”
  10. 10. KSC DESIGN PRINCIPLES 1 ECO URBANISM • KSC urban development will coexist with natural environment. • Natural vegetation will be preserved • To ensure high environmental quality that will be embedded into the KSC 2 SMART GROWTH • KSC will adopt a Smart Growth principle. • To be designed with varying intensities • To encourage mixed use development that will be integrated with transportation. 3 SMART LOCATION • KSC is a catalytic development creating high impacts to the regional and local economy. • To create clusters of economic activities that will benefit the local business as well as provide opportunities for the emergence of new economies. 4 LOW CARBON • KSC township design shall emphasis on design solutions that will reduce the emission of carbon • To ensure the Environment, Transportation, Infrastructure and Buildings are all designed to reduce carbon emission. 5 INCLUSIVE & IDENTITY • KSC shall provide for inclusivity, where the township will provide for employment opportunities, choice in housing, access to education and community facilities • KSC shall place great emphasis on local identity
  12. 12. ECONOMIC DRIVERS & DEVELOPMENT PRECINCT Development Precinct Central Business Precinct Metropolitan Park Precinct Knowledge & Education Precinct Special Economic Zone Precinct CBP is envisage to be the next commercial hub after Kazan City Center. With the master plan in place, it will create a catalytic impact to businesses and provide an international business platform for the MNC’s within the region. By preserving the existing river corridor and vegetation, the metropolitan park is designed to provide a platform for social integration for Kazan region, cultural experience and environmental sustainability. A visionary precinct that will transform Tatarstan into one of Russia’s premier destinations for education, research and related industry over the next 10 years. These activities shall allow a platform to retain and nurture talents. A major catalytic precinct for attracting cleantechnology-oriented industry, investment and research to Kazan ensuring that the local business community is benefited along the way.
  13. 13. ECONOMIC DRIVERS & DEVELOPMENT PRECINCT Central Business Precinct A Vibrant City where Great Businesses Converge Business Park District Park Central Commercial Core Convention & Exhibition Centre Transit Oriented Neighborhood Regional Shopping Mall Aero Express Station Transit Hotel
  14. 14. KSC CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTRE Convention & Exhibition Centre 5 starHotel Transit Aero Express Station Hotel
  15. 15. ECONOMIC DRIVERS & DEVELOPMENT PRECINCT KNOWLEDGE & EDUCATION PRECINCT The Best of Kazan Talent Pool Natural Preservation Hospitality School Town Center Multi-Varsity Campus Science Park Transit Oriented Neighborhood Neighborhood Business Park Purpose Built Office
  16. 16. ECONOMIC DRIVERS & DEVELOPMENT PRECINCT Special Economic Zone Precinct High Technology Zone Next to Airport SEZ Administration Building Customs & Immigration Clean & Green Technology Outlet Combined Heat & Power Plant
  17. 17. METROPOLITAN PARK METROPOLITAN PARK PRECINCT Experience Nature in an Urban area Natural Trail Cultural Complex Plaza
  19. 19. DEVELOPMENT CLUSTERS OF THE PROJECT Medicine High technology Biomedicine, hospital, medical research center Special economic zone, clean industry. Complex system development. Education Tourism International schools and universities, research centers Business, medical, educational and urban tourism
  20. 20. SUPPORT AND INCENTIEVES Kazan Smart City is driven by investors’ needs .  You can choose project implementation model according to your company needs: Land purchase or Long-term lease  We implement a Single window policy  We introduce a new Investment Project Management Support system (IPMS)  Special working group for Kazan Smart City project is established  We are committed to facilitate project funding opportunities for investors.  We have a stable and fruitful partnership with international and regional service providers.
  21. 21. SUPPORT AND INCENTIEVES Kazan Smart City is driven by investors’ needs .  We provide tax benefits for Kazan Smart City investors
  23. 23. TATARSTAN GULF INVESTMENT COMPANY Total Amount of Investment 760 million USD OBJECT LOCATION AREA (sq.m.) TIMELINE Office Tower Central Business Precinct 30,468 2014-2016 International Exhibition and Convention Centre Central Business Precinct 40,420 2014-2018 Interregional Shopping Mall Central Business Precinct 200,000 2014-2018 Office Park and 5-Star Hotel Central Business Precinct 319, 000 2014-2022
  24. 24. RADIANCE HOSPITALITY GROUP Total Amount of Investment 180 million USD Area Object Location Transit Hotel and Service Apartments Central Business Precinct 40,000 2014-2015 Commercial Real Estate Central Business Precinct 38,645 2015-2016 University of Management and Hospitality Knowledge and Education Precinct 39,891 2014-2015 (sq.m.) Timeline
  25. 25. TGT OIL AND GAS SERVICES Total Amount of Investment 11 million USD OBJECT LOCATION Area (sq.m.) Timeline Engineering Сentre Knowledge and Education Precinct 34,000 2013-2015
  27. 27. KSC SMART INITIATIVE KSC SMART POSITIONING SMART ECONOMY (Competitiveness) SMART PEOPLE (Human Capital) Smart Living SMART ENVIRONMENT (Natural Resources) Smart Communities Security, Health Education, Emergency Management Smart Transport SMART CONNECTIVITY (Transport & ICT) Coordination + Integration Live Travel Information Monitoring Demand Information Points Smart Utilities SMART LIVING (Quality of Life) Integrated Resources Storm Water Management Real Time Monitoring Resource Monitoring Smart Building SMART GOVERNANCE (Participation) Remote Access Real Time Pricing Real Time Information Smart Management System
  29. 29. KSC SUSTAINABLE STANDARDS Carbon Reduction Comprehensive, low-impact development. Biodiversity restoration and conservation KSC has achieve a minimum LEED certified points of 61 points. This means that at the Concept Master Plan stage, KSC has secured the GOLD Certification. 1. Smart Location & Linkage Waste Reduction Reduce, reuse and recycle (30%-50% of waste reductions) Save 1.2 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Sustainable Transport Innovative transportation, pedestrian-friendly, walkable scale and 100% neighborhood permeability. 2. Neighborhoo d Pattern & Design 3. Green Infrastructure & Building CARBON REDUCTION TARGETS REDUCE Waste (Reducing waste and emissions and increasing efficiency.) Sustainable Buildings • Energy efficient building design • Sensitive site planning and construction. • Reduce Electricity Demand by 30-50% savings Sustainable Water Water consumption by reducing 15-30% of potable water consumption per house To maintain and enhance surface water quality Balance Earthworks & Green Density Maximizing cut and fill Balance to minimize the carbon footprint. 80% reduction of earthwork volume. Towards Reduced Carbon Footprint 30% - 50% WASTE REDUCTION (Household Waste) REDUCE Water Consumption (Safe Freshwater & Avoid Discharge) 15% - 30% REDUCTION on potable water consumption per house REDUCE Energy Consumption (Energy Efficiency & Renewable Source) 15% - 30% SAVINGS on electricity demand 15% - 20% CARBON REDUCTION 100% NEIGHBOURHOOD PERMEABILITY 50% PUBLIC TRANSPORT USERS BALANCE Earthworks & Green Density (No import & Export) 12 sq. meter Green Space / Person 80% REDUCTION Earthwork Volume Low Carbon City with a High Quality of Life SUSTAINABILITY PRINCIPLES
  30. 30. WAY FORWARD
  31. 31. IMPLEMENTING THE PLAN A Zonal Land Use Plan to guide development and allows for clear demarcation of land plots. LEGEND 0 – 0.99 1 – 1.99 2 – 2.99 3 – 3.99 4 – 4.99 5 – 5.99 Land Area : 650 ha Total GFA : 8,785,201.32 sq.m. FAR : 1.47 Residential : 41.5% Retail : 15.5% Office : 14.7% Hotel : 1.9% Enterprise : 16.2% Civic : 10.3&
  32. 32. IMPLEMENTING THE PLAN Summary of Phasing Implementation A Phased Development Acreage (Hectares) Acreage (%) Sub-Precinct GFA (sq.m) GFA (%)) Live-In Population Live-In Population (%) Phase 2a 242.23 15.9 863,085 10.2 1,603 3.0% Phase 2b 213.37 14.0 448,032 5.3 222 0.4% Phase 3a 295.41 19.4 2,197,489 25.9 8,302 15.5% Phase 3b 286.93 18.9 2,384,216 28.1 9,948 18.6 Phase 3c 244.13 16.1 1,390,101 16.4 15,942 29.8 Phase 3d Precinct Plan 237.28 15.6 1,201,824 14.2 17,490 32.7 SEZ Knowledge & Education Central Business Phasing Implementation Plan 32,7% 16,4% 14,0% 16,1% 0,4% 3,0% 15,5% 14,2% 10,2% 5,3% 15,6% 15,9% 18,6% 25,9% 18,9% 19,4% 28,1% Land Distribution 29,8% GFA Distribution Live-In Population Percentages (%) 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Residential Retail Office 2a 2b 3a Hotel 3b 3c Enterprise Institution 3d SEZ Development Schedule Acreage (Ha) Phase 1 Phase 2a Phase 2b Phase 3a GFA (sq.m) Retail (sq.m) Enterprise (sq.) Institution (sq.m) 85.66 889,728 1,533 831,232 13,796 Road Development Schedule Phase Phase 3c Phase 3d 2 3a 3b 3c Road Length (km) Phase 3b 1 6.42 10.17 2.82 18.00 10.16 Target Year Completion 2014 2018 2021 2023 2025
  33. 33. Thank you for your attention!