The City of Buenos Aires Creative Districts


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The Buenos Aires neighborhood of Parque Patricios is quickly becoming a hip haven for tech companies, young professionals and small service-oriented businesses hoping to cater to the new incoming wave of tech talent. At the core of the barrio, the City of Buenos Aires Technology District is the magnet which is attracting the talent and simultaneously revitalizing the neighborhood.

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The City of Buenos Aires Creative Districts

  1. 1. _inteligencia_BA EMBRACES A NEW BRAND OF “POLO”
  2. 2. _inteligencia_BA EMBRACES A NEW BRAND OF “POLO”When most foreign travelers and investors think of The Districts are spaces where companies andPolo in Buenos Aires, it conjures up images of academia come together for innovation andCambiaso and Palermo, high-goal matches and La production while blending with the culturalMartina clothing. But the new wave of “polo” being identity of the surrounding barrios. We attendedembraced by the City of Buenos Aires is slowly the Grand Opening of the Design District lastchanging the landscape of Capital Federal and year. Today, that state-of-the-art facility serves astransforming the city into a net exporter of creative an incubator for young companies with promisingservices. products and design ideas.Under the direction of the Ministry of EconomicDevelopment, the four main “polos” or centers ofattraction in Buenos Aires are the emerging DesignDistrict in Barracas based in the MetropolitanDesign Center, the Tech District in Parque Patricios,the Audiovisual District in Palermo Hollywood andthe Pharmaceutical District in the south.
  3. 3. _inteligencia_Map Design: Silvina Garcia
  4. 4. _inteligencia_BA EMBRACES A NEW BRAND OF “POLO”The Technology District was the second polo to take shape, and TataConsultancy Services was one of the first global IT companies to make themove to Parque Patricios. Today, less than two years later, over 100companies call the Tech District “home,” and the City just extended the HLine of the Subte to Parque Patricios making it easier for worker access.InvestBA was recently invited to attend a guided tour of the Tech Districtled by Ms. Valeria Zivelonghi of the City’s Investor Assistance Center (CAI).She explained the attractive package of tax exemptions, lines of credit andother incentives available to companies relocating to the District.Like the other BA Polos, the goals of the Tech District include promotingIT service exports and BA’s economic diversity, attracting domestic andinternational IT investment, and transforming the surrounding barrio ofParque Patricios into a live/work/play destination that attracts more full-time workers and small businesses that serve the new District residents.
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  6. 6. _inteligencia_BA EMBRACES A NEW BRAND OF “POLO”The Audiovisual District was the third BA Polo to receive governmentapproval, and it will have the largest geographical footprint (1,700 acres)and potential impact on job creation (63,000 new jobs) in Buenos Aires.From commercials to TV shows to feature films, the City of Buenos Aires isnow the 4th most popular destination in the world for film crewsaccording to a new ranking from Variety. Only Prague, Paris and New Yorkrank higher than Buenos Aires which has blossomed in recent years as adestination of choice for film and television production.“We want the world to look at Buenos Aires as a movie set the size of acity,” GCBA Economic Development Minister Francisco Cabrera adding,“The sector is one of the most dynamic of the local economy.” BA’saffordability, abundance of creative talent, and diversity of backdropsmakes it universally appealing with the barrios of Monserrat, Palermo,Puerto Madero, Recoleta and San Telmo among the most popular for films.
  7. 7. _inteligencia_BA EMBRACES A NEW BRAND OF “POLO”
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