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Jose Ignacio's Estancia Vik and Playa Vik, two of the most exclusive luxury hotel properties in all of South America, are featured in the Summer 2011/12 issue of InvestBA Privada. To download the entire issue, visit http://InvestBA.com/privada/

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A Tale of 2 Viks - InvestBA Privada

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  2. 2. _vanguardia_One, a classic white Uruguay estancia with dozens of columns and a crimson roof perchedatop a hill overlooking South America’s most exclusive beach playground. The other, anuber-modern sculpture of brilliant titanium and green glass smack dab in the middle of saidplayground. One, a very casual, unassuming space blending gracefully with thesurrounding countryside. The other, a bold architectural statementdemanding attention from guests and passersby alike. One, arural cathedral to celebrate the boundless natural beauty ofUruguay and the creativity of some of her brightest young artists andsculptors. The other, a testament to man’s architectural genius and ability toerect shapes that compete with nature for our attention. One, a place to unwind, feed thesenses and luxuriate in silence. The other, a place to cut loose and make some noise. One,the perfect daughter who always behaves and strives to make you happy. The other, therebellious son who likes to push the limits and always stays out late. One, rooted in the soilwith the stoicism of centuries. The other, winged, wide-eyed and ready for liftoff. This is...
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  4. 4. _vanguardia_A cavernous sixty-foot living room complete with afour-ton white sculpture, enormous geodes on thewalls, a towering red stone fireplace and a purple-toned ceiling with a Google Map-inspired frieze ofUruguay. And that’s just the Living Room.The Estancia Vik is as graceful and unassuming onthe outside as it is bold and inspirational on theinside. Built six years ago as the sprawling cherryatop a 4,400-acre blanket of green, the Vik wastransformed from private residence to a 19-roomluxury hotel and opened for business in 2009.This New Year’s Eve, when native New Yorkers andEuropeans raise a champagne toast with the locals,it will mark the fourth anniversary of this iconicproject built by Scandinavian tech entrepreneur andXcelera CEO, Alexander Vik.Vik, a Harvard graduate who grew up in the U.S.,first discovered Uruguay at the age of 32, but insome respects, the country had been with him sincechildbirth. His mother was the daughter of aUruguay diplomat stationed in Norway.
  5. 5. _vanguardia_Vik’s passion for Uruguay is manifest in the artwork that adornsevery square meter of the guest rooms and the hotel commonareas including a Dining Room, a 5,000-bottle Wine Cellar, aGame Room, a Gym, Spa, Pool & Gardens. The Parillero, aUruguay BBQ room, is a brilliant space with paint-splatteredwalls, casual seating reminiscent of a gaucho’s dining table anda parrilla vent the size and shape of a Titan One rocket tip.While the Estancia’s layout encourages exploration and casualencounters, guests will find equal parts solitude and creativeenergy in their private suites. 19 of Uruguay’s most celebratedartists and sculptors were charged with making every room ofthe Estancia Vik visually stunning, explains Vik Retreats GeneralManager Agustín Leone. Some of the featured artists includeCarlos Barea, Jose Trujillo, Clever Lara and Pablo AtchugarryMr. Leone, the former GM of Robert Duvall’s House ofJasmines in Salta, is a gracious host and speaks about his twoproperties with the passion of a proud father and the artknowledge of a veteran curator. “We want our guests to feel theprivacy of a luxury estancia combined with the comfort of afriend’s guest home. At Estancia Vik, we like to say theattraction is Nature Outside, Art Inside.”
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  7. 7. _vanguardia_That same recipe of art, luxury and casual comfortexists just miles away on the beach at the Playa Vik,the avant garde oceanside complex with the bestsunset views in José Ignacio.The focal building or “Sculpture” features a fifty-five sliding wall of glass, five luxurious suites, asculpted bronze “Door to Paradise” and AnselmKiefer’s masterpiece “The Secret Life of Plants.” Sixbeautiful Casas surround the Sculpture in an L-shaped fashion with lush rooftop gardens. On-siteamenities including the sprawling Parrillero Terraceare the perfect setting for relaxing and watchinganother afternoon in José Ignacio slowly slip away.
  8. 8. Spring/Summer 2011/12 The Premier Source for Real Estate & Other Investment Opportunities in Buenos Aires, Argentina & Uruguay_executive_summary_ inside_the_numbersThe Spring/Summer 2011 issue is a whirlwind journey from artistgalleries and road races in Buenos Aires to private vineyards in 19% Growth in foreign investment in Argentina during the firstMendoza to luxury estancias and amazing sunsets in Jose Ignacio. half of 2011, second only to Chile (20.4%) in Latin America.Spring means creativity is blooming, so we’ll tour the new Buenos Almost 50% went toward new construction. (Full Story)Aires Tech District, travel to San Rafael for the Grand Opening of arevolutionary hamburger franchise, check out the new wave ofcondo-hotels being built in Argentina and Uruguay and find outwhat A-list celebrities are buying vineyards in the Uco Valley. #68 Buenos Aires’ ranking among the 73 cities included in theSpring also means polo in Buenos Aires, and we preview the three jewels of the Triple 2011 UBS Prices & Earnings survey making BA one of theCrown, look under the hood of the new Audi La Dolfina Q7 and count down the Top 10 most affordable cities in Latin America. (Full Story)polo players in the world including Argentines Pablo Mac Donough, Facundo Pieres andAdolfo Cambiaso. After a few chukkers, we’ll board a Pluna jet and fly back to Punta delEste. To top it off, we check-in for sunset at the Estancia Vik and find out how a luxuryhotel and modern art merge to create a 4,000 acre shrine to the best of Uruguay. $100,000,000 The average dollar value of real estate sold per month inOn a macro level, the economic malaise and uncertainty impacting other corners of the Punta del Este and the surrounding beaches and towns ofglobe continues fueling a flight to growth in Argentina and Uruguay. Locally, real estate Maldonado. $2.8 billion since January 2009 alone. (Full Story)remains the preferred asset for those seeking capital preservation and income-producingproperties. From Buenos Aires condos to Mendoza vineyards to Punta del Este chacras,InvestBA can help you find the perfect property. And we are very pleased to welcomeUruguay’s Gasalla Inmobiliaria to our exclusive InvestBA family of boutique brokers. $15,000,000,000 Value of Chinese investment in Argentina over the past 3 Patrick Archer years, an amount that will continue growing as the Chinese CEO, InvestBA begin to invest in infrastructure and financing. (Full Story)Vineyards, Estancias, Condo-Hotels & Other Properties For Sale Third Story HeadlineInvestBA.com features a wide variety of unique residential and commercial propertiesfor sale in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Uruguay. From private vineyards to luxury high-rise apartments to condo-hotels, our network of boutique brokers can help you find theperfect property. Contact us now and we’ll start searching. home@investba.com Twitter.com/InvestBA
  9. 9. Spring/Summer 2011/12 The Premier Source for Real Estate & Other Investment Opportunities in Buenos Aires, Argentina & Uruguay _agenda_ _inmobiliaria_3 35 _artista_ _vanguardia_9 42 _VISIONARIo_ _deportiva_15 49 _inteligencia_ _vendimia_23 68
  10. 10. InvestBA.com Twitter.com/InvestBA info@InvestBA.com Sunset at the Playa Vik in José Ignacio, Uruguay