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Introducing Goldfire Connect (TM)


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Did you know knowledge workers can spend upwards of 30 percent or more of their time researching and trying to locate the content and knowledge they need in order to make critical day-to-day decisions? Designed to speed research and inform business-critical decision-making, Goldfire Connect, Invention Machine's new software offering, gives decision-makers access to the content and people they need to connect with in order to make decisions across an array of application areas.

Join Invention Machine’s Vice President of Product Marketing, Ken Klapproth, for an overview of this exciting new software, and learn how your organization can accelerate research and optimize decision making with Goldfire Connect.

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Introducing Goldfire Connect (TM)

  1. 1. Page 1
  2. 2. Ken KlapprothVice President, Product Marketing
  3. 3. Connect. Collaborate. Innovate.Connecting engineers on-demand to theinformation, insights, people, &expertise needed to accelerate productdevelopment.
  4. 4. Nothing [Plows] Like a Deere
  5. 5. Nothing Runs Like a Deere
  6. 6. Nothing Runs Like a Deere
  7. 7. Nothing Runs Like a Deere
  8. 8. Opportunity to Innovate in Developing Products Market • Technology / market landscaping Analysis • Understand trends and evolutions New Product • Design a new product or system Development • Design a hybrid system Product • Diagnose and fix product defects Improvement • Improve product to achieve a specific goal Risk • Identify potential failure points Management • Develop risk mitigation strategies Leverage • Patent strategies IP • Find new markets for existing IP
  9. 9. Market Assessment Conceptual Design Goldfire Innovator ‘Master Innovators’ Engineering & Detailed Design Change Control, Mfg Planning Sourcing & Supplier Control A Community That Innovates Production Planning Market Rollout/ Goldfire Connect Launch ‘Strategic Collaborators’Product Development Process Support & Service Product Portfolio Management.
  10. 10. The Goldfire PlatformPage 10
  11. 11. The Foundation for a Community of Innovation Innovation Intelligence Platform Patented Semantic Question Answering Engine Connects People To All Resources For Innovation • Content: Internal, external, across language & format • Market trends: Competitors, technology, industry • Communities: X-discipline, internal/external experts • Automated tools: Solve problems, fix/prevent defects, generate optimal ideas Researcher ITA Methodologies Goldfire Internal External Intelligence Semantic Engine Page 11
  12. 12. Goldfire’s Semantic DifferenceAt the heart of the entire Goldfire platform – the “secret sauce” if youwill – is the semantic research engine. Let’s take a quick look at thisunique Goldfire capability.
  13. 13. Interested in learning more? Access the Take a Tour of complete Goldfire Slide Deck & Webinar Replay Connect