Solving the password management problem...with the iPad.


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A common problem that most of us has is a password "tracking" problem. We either use the same consistent password over and over (bad idea...) or keep passwords written down nearby (another bad idea...).

This problem can be solved rather easily with a free open-source program and other cloud services. This presentation is a summary of how to configure a password safe using KeePass and KyPass to have secure access to all of your passwords from any device, 24x7

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Solving the password management problem...with the iPad.

  1. 1. Don Tomoff, MBA, CPA LinkedIn Profile | Company Facebook Page @invenioadvisors Download | Bus. Card | Company Overview Problem Solved...Password Management Implementing a Mobile Solution to a Universal Problem
  2. 2. Problem?  Most of us are overwhelmed with passwords.  Passwords seem to be increasing faster than our ability to keep track of them. – How many times have you had to “reset password” simply because you forgot a sign-on? – Are they tracked in a spreadsheet? Or worse yet, on paper? 12/11/2012 Don Tomoff | MBA, CPA 2
  3. 3. Problem?  Due to difficulty of tracking, we tend to use weak, repetitive passwords (which is not a good idea) – because they are easy to remember.  There are plenty of solutions being marketed, but not easy to maintain (or at least perceived that way). 12/11/2012 Don Tomoff | MBA, CPA 3
  4. 4. So...What’s the Goal? 1. A simple password tool, that is easy to implement. 2. Managed through the “cloud” so it is easy to access across any device (PC and mobile devices). 3. Read/write capability (access and update) across all platforms – including mobile devices. 12/11/2012 Don Tomoff | MBA, CPA 4
  5. 5. Here’s One Approach! KeePass  Download site -  Software versions are numerous – I used KeePass 2.18 for Windows PC and the KyPass app for the iPhone and iPad  Useful reference article (READ THIS) - ss-password-safe/30453 12/11/2012 Don Tomoff | MBA, CPA 5
  6. 6. The next slide shows a diagram of what the completed flow is for a KeePasspassword safe – using Dropbox to host the data file (which is encrypted and password protected with a master password)12/11/2012 Don Tomoff | MBA, CPA 6
  7. 7. Password Management Process Desktop – (KeePass) KeePass (Dropbox) iPad - iPhone - (KyPass) (KyPass) 12/11/2012 Don Tomoff | MBA, CPA 7
  8. 8. Implementation Steps 1. Build your password file – into a .CSV file format (this is the import format for KeePass) – Click here for required layout for import – Excel can save a list in this format 2. Import the .CSV file into your KeePass software (a non-mobile device) – clean up as necessary 3. Save the KeePass file into your Dropbox (needs to be accessible on your computer) cont... 12/11/2012 Don Tomoff | MBA, CPA 8
  9. 9. Implementation Steps 4. Install the KyPass app on your mobile devices – set the mobile apps to “use Dropbox” 5. Connect to the KeePass file (.kdb or .kdbx) in your Dropbox account (see step 3.) – This can be tricky, so read the instructions. 6. Periodically, BACK UP the Dropbox file (just in case!) 12/11/2012 Don Tomoff | MBA, CPA 9
  10. 10. Conclusion  Once implemented, passwords entered into KeePass (or KyPass on mobile devices) are available anywhere, anytime you need them.  This solves one BIG headache that exists today – take the time to set this process up! 12/11/2012 Don Tomoff | MBA, CPA 10