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So You Know Excel Pivot Tables?


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A pivot table training exercise. If you know pivot tables - test your knowledge. If you are new to pivot tables, this will help you understand and use them.Completing this exercise will make you knowledgeable. Good Luck!

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So You Know Excel Pivot Tables?

  1. 1. So You Think You Know Excel Pivot Tables? August 2013
  2. 2. Why Pivot Tables?  If you use Excel for managing and analyzing information – Pivot Tables understanding is KEY!  Pivot Tables allows you to summarize and efficiently analyze large amounts of data  Data for pivot table analysis must be structured in a “database or list” format  Show me more… 8/29/2013 2Don Tomoff | Invenio Advisors LLC
  3. 3. Pivot Table Exercise  I prepared a dataset (bank closings detail from .gov website) and posed 10 questions where analysis is necessary  The Excel worksheet (download here) and a Solution set (available here) have been prepared.  Work through the problems – if you are well versed in PT’s, DON’T use the solution. Otherwise USE it (the idea is too learn, not kill time…) 8/29/2013 Don Tomoff | Invenio Advisors LLC 3
  4. 4. Comments I Have Received…  “Great tool! I learned quite a bit and the solution set was a helpful addition!”  “Thanks for putting this together. I have passed it around the office – everyone should do this exercise if they want to better understand pivot tables.”  “Awesome. I learned more in an hour than any class I have attended!”  “Seriously? Anybody that claims to be proficient with Excel should complete this exercise!” 8/29/2013 Don Tomoff | Invenio Advisors LLC 4
  5. 5. Data Analysis Project….xlsm 8/29/2013 Don Tomoff | Invenio Advisors LLC 5
  6. 6. Solution Set… 8/29/2013 Don Tomoff | Invenio Advisors LLC 6
  7. 7. Provide Input  I would love to get your thoughts on the process. What did you like? Dislike?  If you have suggestions for improvement, or just comments, let me know.  Click here to complete a quick survey (Promise!) and send me a note – thank you! 8/29/2013 Don Tomoff | Invenio Advisors LLC 7
  8. 8. Contact Information 8/29/2013 Don Tomoff | Invenio Advisors LLC 8 Donald R. Tomoff, CPA, MBA Director Invenio Advisors LLC (Overview) E Connect LinkedIn Twitter (@dtomoffcpa) Company LinkedIn Facebook Twitter (@invenioadvisors)