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Solve the password management headaches - finally. Three tools are covered - Meldium, iCloud Keychain and KeePass/KyPass.

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Invenio Conquer-Password-Mgmt

  1. 1. 1 Conquering The Password Headache… Invenio Advisors, LLC Don Tomoff, CPA, MBA December 2013
  2. 2. 2Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Disclaimer Password management is a broad concept and there are a variety of ways to handle passwords and maintain security. Outlined in this presentation is only one approach that I use - and recommend - to meet the password management objectives outlined.
  3. 3. 3Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Password Problem? Check out video – does this sound familiar? TAP Image to Play
  4. 4. 4Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Password Problem? Interesting statistics… Source:
  5. 5. 5Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Problem Hypothesis Individuals have a difficult time creating and managing complex, secure passwords
  6. 6. 6Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Fast Company Article “Feeling Insecure? Because Your Passwords Are” November 12, 2013 • “Adobe announced hackers had nabbed the account information of 2.9 million customers…then adjusted it to 38 million…” • “…turns out that people are often loonily lackadasical with their passwords.” • “Additionally, some Adobe users had the gumption to use sensitive information as their password or hint.” (e.g., social security number)
  7. 7. 7Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Fast Company Article “The 10 Biggest Password Mistakes People Make” November 27, 2013 • “Using any of the following terms is like locking your bank vault with masking tape and good intentions ...” • #7 –“LetMeIn… Even sticking a "please" on the end would make it at least somewhat hard, just from the act of adding more letters.” • #5 - “Swear Words…Unfortunately, by doing this, you're choosing the first words that are going to pop into someone's head as soon as they get pissed off that they can't figure out your password.” • #1 – “Password” – “It's one step above just leaving your computer sitting unattended on a busy city sidewalk.”
  8. 8. 8Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Secure NOT Secure Convenient NOT Convenient This is the password conundrum...
  9. 9. 9Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Secure NOT Secure Convenient NOT Convenient Current state may look like this...
  10. 10. 10Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Secure NOT Secure Convenient NOT Convenient Challenge is to do this ..
  11. 11. 11Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Password Management Increasing Security and Reducing Your Headaches iCloud Keychain KeePass/KyPass
  12. 12. 12Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Password Management Objectives Manage and access from any platform or device ("anytime, anywhere") Increase password complexity (character mix, length, and no repeating passwords) Eliminate the need to remember or manually key your password
  13. 13. 13Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff One Example - Dropbox Password (ok, not really!) L&@"2&!b,8s)0Zm,D^Vvl,uKI What’s the point?
  14. 14. 14Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Password Tools iCloud Keychain Meldium Password "Safe“ (many options, here’s two) KeePass/KyPass LastPass
  15. 15. 15Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Three Tools - Coverage Tool Mobile / PC Comments iCloud Keychain Mobile Just memorizes and works – not all passwords (no user interaction) Meldium PC Use at your desk (browser). “One-click” access to only cloud services. Password Safe (KeePass/KyPass) • Also, LastPass & 1Password Mobile/PC Everything – requires user interaction (however, enables no memory or re- keying efforts)
  16. 16. 16Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Three Tools - Coverage Amount of Effort? Tool Mobile / PC Keep a List Tool iCloud Keychain Mobile Access, lookup, manually enter None Meldium PC Access, lookup, manually enter One-click Password Safe (KeePass / KyPass) Mobile/PC Access, lookup, manually enter Access, lookup, copy- paste
  17. 17. 19Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Passwords Across Devices Meldium KeePass iCloud KeyChain KyPass iCloud KeyChain KyPass
  18. 18. 20Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff iCloud Keychain iCloud Keychain stores your usernames, passwords, Wi-Fi networks, and credit card information so that you can easily fill in forms or logins whenever you need. This will sync across Safari and with third party apps that support iCloud Keychain. Your information is securely protected using 256-bit AES encryption. iCloud Keychain also includes a powerful password generator.
  19. 19. 21Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Intro to iCloud Keychain
  20. 20. 22Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff iCloud Keychain Resources iCloud – FAQ (Apple Support site) Apple’s iCloud Keychain: It Works, but with Frustrating Limitations How to access and view your iCloud KeyChain passwords with iOS7 iCloud Keychain: Everything You need to know and How to set it up How to use iCloud KeyChain How to add credit card information to iCloud KeyChain
  21. 21. 23Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Meldium More than just another password manager. It automatically logs you in to your favorite apps and web sites without typing usernames and passwords. You get instant access with extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Enables your team to share access to apps without sharing passwords. Protect your company from phishing attacks and use strong passwords on all your services. When you sign in with Google, Meldium automatically extends its secure two-factor authentication (2FA) to all your apps.
  22. 22. 24Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Meldium Dashboard
  23. 23. 25Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Meldium Pricing
  24. 24. 26Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Meldium Resources Home page – Meldium blog page Ditch the Spreadsheet. Meldium Controls Your Team’s Shared App Passwords For You Meldium – Instant Access to Apps
  25. 25. 27Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff KeePass & KyPass Password "safe" - Windows PC software and compatible app for mobile devices "A secure, lengthy, completely random password goes a long way towards improving your security– and having a separate password for each and every website and service you use is the single most important thing you can do to keep secure." KeePass/KyPass
  26. 26. 28Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff KeePass – Master Signon
  27. 27. 29Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff KeePass – Desktop View
  28. 28. 30Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff KyPass - iPad
  29. 29. 31Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff KyPass - iPad
  30. 30. 32Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff KyPass - iPhone
  31. 31. 33Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff LastPass – Browser based password safe TAP Image to Access
  32. 32. 34Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Password Safe Resources KeePass Password Safe – info home page Keepass: free and open-source password manager Review: KeePass makes strong passwords and keeps them safe Review: LastPass takes your passwords to the cloud 1Password vs Lastpass vs KeePass (vs…..a bunch others) 1. Lists pros and cons of various password manager alternatives – accumulated from posts 2. Definitely worth a review if you are unsure about what password safe you want to use.
  33. 33. 35Invenio Advisors, LLC – Don Tomoff Contact Invenio Advisors Don Tomoff, CPA, MBA LinkedIn Profile Find Don on the Web Download Business Card