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Invenio Advisors, LLC is a consulting firm that provides senior level finance capabilities and high-levelbusiness perspect...
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Invenio advisors overview


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Moving business forward...that is our singular focus. The rapidly occurring shift to a mobile environment has made it imperative to "think differently" around how we work and interact with our customers. Connect with us to learn more!

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Invenio advisors overview

  1. 1. Invenio Advisors, LLC is a consulting firm that provides senior level finance capabilities and high-levelbusiness perspective, to enable solutions which move executives and organizations forward. Thismanifests itself in different ways, but is primarily driven by the identification of process improvementopportunities – whether at the Company or individual executive level – and the development ofsolutions, training and implementation activities to drive positive change.One area of extensive focus recently is the integration of mobile technologies (devices, “cloud” andsocial media) – to not only improve a professional’s workflow processes, but to improve client andcustomer service capabilities in an increasingly mobile world. Our “customers” – whether internal orexternal to an organization – are operating in a different way with different expectations!Our core service offering consists of the following: • CFO-level services (temporary, outsource, special projects) • Management/Board level reporting, business intelligence & dashboard development, including operational KPI reporting – including creating “mobile-ready” reporting, • Business process assessment and improvement reviews, • Financial modeling (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access expertise), • Digital process transition and process development consulting, • Mobile environment transition consulting – including training, process development and device integration (mobile devices, “cloud” integration, social media), • Technology training (mobile technologies integration, digital process development and management, and MS Office Suite) • Public company investor relations information management (leveraging technology and mobile capabilities).To arrange for an introduction to our firm and the capabilities that we bring to organizations, you cancontact us through the information below.Donald R TomoffDirectorInvenio Advisors, LLC LinkedIn Profile @invenioadvisorsp 440-879-8632 m 440-821-8327e don@invenioadvisorsllc.comDownload my business card Sign Up for our NewsletterFollow us on: