Inturjoven spanish courses 2013


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Inturjoven spanish courses 2013

  1. 1. Inturjoven Spanish Courses
  2. 2. Inturjoven Spanish Courses Why study Spanish?• Official language in 21 countries.• More than 450 millions people speak Spanish.• Is the second language in the world by number of native speakers.• Is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, the student will have the chance to know a rich and varied culture.• Students increase their opportunities in the business world.• Spanish is the second language used in Internet and very useful to communicate in this net.
  3. 3. Inturjoven Spanish Courses Where are we?
  4. 4. Inturjoven Spanish Courses Andalusia, an excellent destination mostly chosen every year by foreign students
  5. 5. Inturjoven Spanish Courses Culture , Traditions, Landscapes & Feasts
  6. 6. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesInturjoven Spanish Courses- Inturjoven is a public company that belongsto Junta de Andalucía, the RegionalGovernment of Andalusia.- Our company has developed leisure andyouth tourism programmes during the last 20years.- We have more than 400 professionals allover Andalusia.- Inturjoven runs programmes for theRegional Government sending studentsabroad to learn languages, for the last 10years we have sent more than 33,000students to 14 countries.
  7. 7. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesDestinationsWe opened up our first InturjovenSpanish Courses centre in Cordobathree years ago and, one year later, weopened the Inturjoven Spanish Coursescentre in Seville. For the next years wehave planned to go on with the openingof new centres in other cities inAndalusia.Centres now available:• CORDOBA• SEVILLA
  8. 8. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesCORDOBADeclared World Heritage byUNESCO in 1984, its historical andartistic heritage will take you back inmany cases to its islamictimes, when Cordoba lived thehighest splendour and became thelargest town in Europe, being alsothe place where the three importantcultures coexisted (Muslim, Jewishand Christian) for several centuries.The Mosque-Cathedral is the mostemblematic monument of the city.
  9. 9. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesCordoba
  10. 10. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesSEVILLECapital city of Andalusia, Seville isthe largest city in the region. It isworth wandering through its oldhistorical centre, one of thelargest and best preserved inEurope. Most of its monumentswill take you back to the islamicperiod, but also to its highersplendour period, the time of theindies route when all shipscoming from Latin America arrivedat its Harbour.
  11. 11. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesSevilla
  12. 12. Inturjoven Spanish Courses
  13. 13. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesFACILITIES:- Modern classrooms and spacious common areas.- The centre comprises accommodation for a totalof 300 students.- En-suite rooms.- Air-conditioning in all the rooms.- Rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility.- Dinning-room / Buffet.- 24 h. Reception staff.- Conference room and T.V. room.- Internet access (Wi Fi) free in common areas.- Vending Machines.- Laundry.- Cleaning service.- Bed linen included.
  14. 14. Inturjoven Spanish Courses
  15. 15. Inturjoven Spanish Courses
  16. 16. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesFACILITIES:- Modern classrooms and spacious commonareas.- The centre comprises accommodation for atotal of 200 students.-En-suite rooms.- Air-conditioning in all the rooms.- Rooms adapted for people with reducedmobility.- Dinning-room / Buffet.- 24 h. Reception staff.- Conference room and T.V. room.- Internet access (Wi Fi) free in common areas.- Vending Machines.- Cleaning service.- Bed linen included.
  17. 17. Inturjoven Spanish Courses
  18. 18. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesOur courses
  19. 19. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesGENERAL SPANISH COURSEMinimum age: 18Destinations: Cordoba and Seville- Minimum 15 hours tuition per week.- Grammar.- Vocabulary.- Pronunciation.- Writing.- Speaking.- Starts every Monday all year round.- 6 different levels.If the student wish to improve even more:INTENSIVE COURSE: 20 hours tuition per week.SUPER INTENSIVE COURSE: 30 hours tuition per week.ONE TO ONE COURSE
  20. 20. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesSUMMER CAMPAge: 12 – 17Destination: SevilleDates: June 30th – September 1st.Includes:- 15 hours tuition per week.- 24 h. staff (Activity Leaders).- Travel insurance.- Study materials.- Accommodation in shared room.- Activity Programme (afternoons and evenings).- 2 cultural visits to town per week.- 1 half-day and 1 full-day excursion per week.- Minimum stay: 2 weeks.
  21. 21. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesThis is a sample timetable for Summer Camp and it may vary upon students’ arrival. Sample timetable for the Summer Camp Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday8:00/9:00 Breakfast9:30 / 11:00 Arrival date Language lessons Free time or11:00 / 11:30 Test for Break optional students excursion11:30 / 13:00 placement Language lessons Full-day excursion13:30 / 14:30 Lunch Lunch Activity Programme Activity Programme Orientation Half-day15:30 / 20:00 (Sports & Cultural (Sports & Cultural Talent show Tour excursion Activities) Activities)20:30 / 21:30 Dinner22:00 / 23:30 Evening Programme (Disco, Film night, Show evening, Quiz night etc…)
  22. 22. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesLONG TERM COURSEMinimum age: 18Destination: Seville and CordobaDuration: 12 weeks or more.Includes:- Reduced groups: 2-5 students.- Posibilitty to combine both centres during yourstay.- Special prices.- Preferential treatment if participate in socialprogramme.- International Student Card provided.- BULATS test at the end of Course.
  23. 23. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesSPECIAL COURSESAll special courses include 15 hours classes of Spanish per week plus 10 hours per week ofthe specific course.Spanish for BusinessFocused to practice, your students will learn howto answer or make a phone call, write acommercial email or an application, makebusiness presentations or negotiate with a client.Spanish CookingThis introductory course to Spanish Cookingwill allow the students to improve theirconversational skills while learning the mostwell-known recipes in Spain. Speciallyfocused in “tapas”.
  24. 24. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesFlamencoWith our Flamenco Course students willimprove their Spanish while learningFlamenco Dance. The course will be ledby professionals in Flamenco dance andits content will be adapted to your level.Spanish Culture & ArtThis is an introductory course to theSpanish Culture and Art speciallyfocused in our history, cultural traditionsand feasts, as well as in the moreimportant aspects of the Spanish Art inAndalusia.
  25. 25. Inturjoven Spanish Courses METHODOLOGY - Adapted to the needs and learning styles of the students. - Classes to be dynamic, practical, communicative and interactive. - Classes focused in speaking and using real´life situations. - Teachers specialized in Spanish teaching as a foreign language. - All teachers qualified by spanish Universities. - All materials included. LEVELS We offer 6 different levels according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages): - Beginner / A1 - Elementary / A2 - Lower Intermediate / B1 - Intermediate / B2 - Upper Intermediate / C1 - Advanced / C2
  26. 26. Inturjoven Spanish CoursesFINAL TEST / CERTIFICATECERTIUNI Certificate:The CERTIUNI certificate is a project promoted bythe Vice-Chancellors Conference of SpanishUniversities to establish accreditation system ofcertain abilities as the knowledge of a foreignlanguage.CERTIUNI uses the BULATS test (BusinessLanguage Testing Service) to determinate the levelof knowledge of Spanish.This system has been designed by these fourrenowned organisms: the UNIVERSITY OFSALAMANCA, the UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE,ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE and GOETHE INSTITUT.
  27. 27. Inturjoven Spanish Courses Many thanks for your attention