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Receipt Bank


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Published in: Software
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Receipt Bank

  1. 1. Intuit Proprietary & Confidential How does Receipt Bank work? 1 Receipt Bank converts those annoying bits of paper - receipts and invoices - into data you and your company can use!
  2. 2. Intuit Proprietary & Confidential How do I submit receipts and invoices to Receipt Bank? 2 Submit by post, via our iPhone and Android apps, by email or by one of the many other submission methods!
  3. 3. Intuit Proprietary & Confidential What information does Receipt Bank extract from receipts and invoices? 3 The key data including the name of the supplier, the date, the invoice number, the currency, tax, the total amount and even more!
  4. 4. Intuit Proprietary & Confidential What can I do with the data from Receipt Bank? 4 Your data is safely stored in Receipt Bank but it can also be downloaded into Excel, used to produce expense reports, or published to one of our add-on partners!