Rethink Engineering: Software Delivery


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Nat Natarajan, CTO and SVP of Product & Techology in the Consumer Tax Group at Intuit, gave this presentation on software delivery for breakthrough development at the CTO Forum.

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  • Intuit:
    30+ year old company
  • Continuous re-invention
    From desktop to web to mobile …more than 70% of TurboTax customers Online, millions on mobile device
    When you’re a start-up, focus is on new features
    As a 30 year old company, Intuit has transformed …built iconic brands
  • Declare a big, bold vision:
    To align and galvanize the organization
    Profoundly changes the work we do on behalf of customers
    Use assets we have – data, etc. to rethink what’s possible

    At Intuit…
    A year ago, declared vision & strategy
    Shut down the business for a day
    Got outside our 4 walls – talked with real people
    Deep customer empathy & insights
    Commitment to changing how we work
  • Hygiene
    Flexibility for network effects, global
    … to power innovation.
  • TY11
    Classic TurboTax Online was a monolithic app
    Data was hidden inside of app, services were available only to TTO
    Core Tax data replicated to Data Platform and stored in Cassandra/Gluster
    Data format changed (TaXML) to queryable format
    Classic TurboTax uses Data Platform as source of truth
    Services strategy begins as data now available, new experiences use these services
    Legacy datastore eliminated, lots of new services, awesome experiences unleashed

  • Weekly product reviews – how we inspect and align
    Small team focused on customer problem
    Weekly rhythm
    Get right decision makers in the room – help to remove road block
    Decision making meeting
    Team and leader in service to customers
  • Discovery Innovation
    Future looking to transform customer experience
    3 key roles on discovery team: Visionary, Hacker & Hustler
    Think outside the box
    Rapidly move ideas to market… 2 ideas to market within 12 months
  • Winning hearts & minds:
    Biggest challenging in transformation
    Must have big, bold vision to inspire
    Galvanize the organization around that vision
    Takes time – reshaping culture & behaviors
    Requires relentless focus and time…marathon, not a sprint
    Communicate, communicate, communicate
    Put points on the board in short period of time
  • Rethink Engineering: Software Delivery

    1. 1. Software Delivery - Environments, Tools and Methodologies for Breakthrough Development RETHINK ENGINEERING
    2. 2. Leading Transformation in the Agile Age  Nat Natarajan, CTO/SVP Product & Engineering  Intuit Consumer Tax Group
    3. 3. Intuit: A Premiere Innovative Growth Company Employees 8,000+ Customers 45M Global Offices US, UK, India, Canada, Australia Revenue 4.2B Founded 1983 Public 1993 INTU
    4. 4. Constant Reinvention To improve our customers’ financial lives so profoundly… they can’t imagine going back to the old way
    5. 5. Leading Transformation • Declare a bold vision • Build • Inspect • Discovery innovation • Win hearts & minds
    6. 6. Big, Bold Vision • Grounded in deep customer insights • Profoundly changes how you work
    7. 7. Changing How We Build: Our Agile journey Yesterday Tomorrow Once a year Daily Months Days Build from scratch Platforms Product Releases Accelerating rate of innovation Customer insight to experience changes
    8. 8. … fueled by small innovative teams, delivering big vision in small bites Deliver awesome products through … Hygiene quality (always on, secure, refreshed, efficient, first use) Network Effects: durable advantage (commerce network) Developer Platform: speed (public cloud, services composition, shared developer tools) Data Platform: personalization (customer profile, internal data sharing, external data acquisition, analytic cloud) Win Online Globally (global ready, mobile design, migrate online) New Technology Strategy
    9. 9. Journey from a Monolithic Architecture TY13TY11 TY14TY12 Oracle TT O Oracle TTO Data Platform Cass- andra Gluster Oracle TT O Data Platform Cass- andra Gluster Service Platform Other Clients TT O Data Platform Cass- andra Gluster Service Platform
    10. 10. Intuit Architecture Going ForwardCore Product Experience Hosting Infrastructure Context Services Manage My People Grow My Business Manage My Business Grow My Clients Manage My Firm Manage My Work Pay (QBO) Tax (QBOA) Make My Money Go Further Get Every Penny I Deserve Help Me Predict My Finances Get More Clients Make More Money Per Client Offer More Tax Services Do-It-MyselfServe Delegators Runtime Management Service & Data Fabric Tools Small Business Ecosystem Tax Ecosystem Consumer Ecosystem Intuit Core Services Intuit Utility Services Semantic Tech & Search Commerce Network Financial Data Platform Intuit Analytics Cloud Contribution Platforms Payments Platform Reference & Master Data Identity Product Event Collection Logging & Monitoring Security Document & Content Mgmt. Communication & Notifications Data Platform CRM. Billing & Revenue Mgmt. Enterprise Resource Mgmt. Customer Care Product Lifecycle Mgmt. Order & Fulfillment Sales & Marketing Source Code Management Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment Test Execution Platform
    11. 11. Product Reviews: How we inspect • Small team focused on customer problem • Weekly reviews to align, remove barriers • Decision makers in the room
    12. 12. Discovery Innovation  text  text One pizza teamDedicated & cross- functional Solving unmet customer needs
    13. 13. Winning hearts & minds • Bold vision to inspire • Relentless focus and time • Communicate • Points on the board
    14. 14. Lessons Learned  Declare a bold vision  Engage respected leaders  Go deep on end-to-end experience  Have the hard conversations  Inspire employees
    15. 15. Thank You