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Cook success in an agile age handout


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Cook success in an agile age handout

  1. 1. Success in the agile ageFlip camcorderLA Times, Chicago TribuneBlockbuster video rentalCountrywideLehman Bros.Washington MutualBear SternsSun MicrosystemsArthur AndersonBrobeck…Heller EhrmanJapan as economic miracleHosni Mubarak… Tunisia’s dictator Ben Alithe Soviet UnionMicrosoft as invinciblepaper mapslandline phonesencyclopedias written by expertspensionsCDsYellow pages and address booksfaxpayphonesbookstoresnewspaper classified adsfilm camerasrecord labelsOldsmobile, PontiacUS debt as the gold standardRIM’s BlackberryMySpaceYahooCharlie SheenMiley, Brittany, Lindsaysoftware sold on CDs in boxesQuicken
  2. 2. Quicken Apple 1993 2010 1999 2010
  3. 3. Find customer’s likes & dislikes. . . fears & pains !"#$%&#%&$()#*+, & -).&#%+&#*&,/0$# & 1*2$,"#&34#%&#%+&Savor surprises Share 1985 1991 ½ used The alternative “in office” to accounting of retail sales 1993 2010Savor surprises. . . from customer immersion
  4. 4. Success in the agile age