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Developing Apps on The QuickBooks Platform


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Ketan Kittur, Director of Product Management for Intuit Developer Group, provides a look the tools and resources available for developers who create apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online and solve problems for small business owners. Presentation first given on November 3, 2015, at the QuickBooks Connect Conference in San Jose, CA.

Watch the talk here:

Published in: Technology
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Developing Apps on The QuickBooks Platform

  1. 1. Join the conversation #QBConnect Product Overview: Developing Apps on the QuickBooks Platform Ketan Kittur Director Product Management, Intuit Developer Group WiFi: QBConnect No password required
  2. 2. Join the conversation #QBConnect Small Businesses Are at the Tipping Point Broad-based Cloud Adoption •  Richer experiences & more opportunities for SMBs & Pro- Advisors •  Automate complex processes – payments, shipping, accounting, CRM, personalization •  What used to take months, now takes minutes •  30 minutes to setup a store •  Instant insights 37% 78% 2015 Small business adapted to the cloud 2020
  3. 3. Join the conversation #QBConnect Financial Management Center of the Small Business Cloud The average small business owner is online for four hours a day. 65% Bookkeeping and accounting 65% Generating invoices and / or accepting payments 58% Managing existing customer relationships
  4. 4. Join the conversation #QBConnect Running Your Business more Efficiently with the QuickBooks Ecosystem Orders Invoices Paid orders Ship Data New sales and Orders Employee shifts Payroll Bills Insights Order products Track inventory Sell products Pay employees/Bills Insights
  5. 5. Join the conversation #QBConnect Making developers successful Growing Business Eg. Access to large user base Discoverability through marketing channels, Higher retention / sign ups Awesome Experiences Eg. Ease of development Time to market Developer Benefits to Capitalize on the SMB Opportunity
  6. 6. Join the conversation #QBConnect Developer Benefits Deliver Awesome Experiences Quickly Provide Intuit developers with tools and support they need to deliver awesome SMB experiences, globally. Keep QBO SDKs up to date with new features Make sandbox available in non-US markets Provide support & build a community Keep you in the know of platform updates Enable multi-currency and global tax models Launch in new markets and improve documentation
  7. 7. Join the conversation #QBConnect Continued Growth and Enhanced Experiences QBO APIs and product sandboxes are available in US, UK, CA, AU and IN. API Explorer enables call against sandbox and let’s you view the change in real QBO experience with sample data Docs, Sample Code & SDKs With every new release of QBO APIs, we promptly update all the artifacts to deliver the changes to you Help is just a click away. Developer support tickets and live community help you unblock and list on faster
  8. 8. Join the conversation #QBConnect Raising the Bar on Developer Engagement 340M API Calls/Month 30K Sandbox issued 15K SDK downloads Thousands of Developers Live Community Engagement
  9. 9. Join the conversation #QBConnect Solving Problems with “Right-for-Me” Apps Problem: Help me find the right apps quickly! Goal: will help customers like Jack discover and connect right apps in under a minute. The Success of Users QBO User: Jack Forman Current singer for Recess Monkey and on-air radio host for SiriusXM Kid’s Place Band manager responsible for finances. The Success of •  In last two years, apps in our app store grew more than 500% to roughly 300 apps. •  App Store provides a great choice of solutions to SMBs •  Apps Personalization will help SMBs easily find and connect apps they use and discover new “right-for-me” apps
  10. 10. Join the conversation #QBConnect Developer Benefits Grow My Business Developers grow their business with app discovery experiences that generate qualified leads and higher customer conversions Creating a Personalized Experience for Every User •  Easily connect apps that SMBs already use •  Intelligent & category-specific searches •  Business-based recommendations Connect Apps Recommend For Your Business Type
  11. 11. Join the conversation #QBConnect A Year in the Making… These product capabilities have enabled us to increase SMBs connecting to QuickBooks by 5X in last couple of years. Reimagined DevX Completely new developer experience to address VOD New App Store & QBO apps tab in sync Payments APIs Beta launch of REST based QB Payments APIs Improved Dev Tools Sandbox, SDKs & Sample Apps Global App Store Ability to offer 3P Apps in five major geographies. Oauth1.0 Samples Sample in multiple languages to enable faster development. Accounting API Enhancements Multi-currency Reporting enhancements Improved payroll integration App Store Personalization Personalization based on SMB profile and propensity models Apps Categories Addressed top VoC by categories all the apps Mobile Optimized App Store Enable SMBs to connect their apps to QBO from the device of their choice. Payment APIs GA w/ ACH & Wallet E2E payment developer experience complemented with world class feature set. API Docs Enhancements Faster load times & discovery for huge QB API docs pages. GSA powered App Search Google search enabling App Discovery in & apps tab. Referral App Listings Ability to list mobile- only apps on Dev Hub/App Resources New destinations with focus on driving Dev & SMB enagement Global Sandbox Sandbox (API & Product) for each country supported by app store New C2QB Buttons Brand new buttons to match modern app experiences November 2015October 2014
  12. 12. Join the conversation #QBConnect Product Demo
  13. 13. Join the conversation #QBConnect Up Next Lori Fraleigh Director, Developer Relations @lorifraleigh
  14. 14. Join the conversation #QBConnect Panel Discussion Ben Zittlau Jobber @benzittlau @GetJobber Matt Gritters SalesPad @GrittersMatthe @7th_Stage Colin Hewitt Float @colinhewitt @FloatApp Shaun Clark InvoiceSherpa @invoicesherpa
  15. 15. Join the conversation #QBConnectJoin the conversation #QBConnect Thank you for attending! Your Feedback Matters! Please be sure to evaluate the speakers in the QBC App. Go to Speakers > search on name > rate 1-5. Continue the conversation on OWN IT. Join a trusted network of 70,000+ small business owners supporting each other in growing our businesses 1.  Go to to sign up 2.  Tell us about you and your business 3.  Start getting answers today!