Security in Banks and ATM's


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FRS Solutions for Banks includes

VIP Recognition System,
Suspect Detection,
Access Control System,
Occupancy Counter System,
Head Count System,
CCTV Surveillance, etc.,

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Security in Banks and ATM's

  1. 1. ® 1-Jan-14 57A Race Course Road Near Income Tax Office Coimbatore 641 018 Tamil Nadu, INDIA 1
  2. 2. ABOUT INTTELIX® … INTTELIX SECURITY SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. (earlier known as Inttelix Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) is an Indian software company that specializes in accurate recognition systems. Our solution allows high-end facial recognition detection based on the latest technologies in the market. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and offers a wide range of facial biometrics & other security products and solutions based on advanced biometric and other technologies. We add value to corporate security and personnel identify using smart biometric authentication algorithms and latest and best technologies available today. 1-Jan-14 2
  3. 3. ABOUT INTTELIX® … The organization was established in year 2008 Through relentless efforts in R&D and responding dynamically to the demands of biometric security market, Inttelix developed innovative solutions to a few legacy security problems and is becoming the leader in biometric application / technology markets. Currently have over 100+ customers. Some of our key customers are – BARC, CRI Pumps, Filatex Group, Flair Pens, Gallant Group, Indian Navy, JSW, Mothers Diary, NOCL, NTPC, Ranger Cotton Mills, Standard Chartered Bank, State Bank of India, etc. 1-Jan-14 3
  4. 4. Our Sales/Support Channels… We have established Reseller-network across the globe. Some of the active Resellers are – • • • • • • • • • 1-Jan-14 Alliant, Mumbai Antenna ID-System (S.I.), Chennai Compucare, Baroda Gulf Marketing Inc, Middle East Laxmi Enterprises, Visakapattnam SIPSS, Mysore Sonu Enterprises, Hyderabad Teksole, Bangalore Tyco, Ahmedabad 4
  5. 5. ABOUT INTTELIX ®… We provide world-wide – • OEM Development Services • High-end Biometric Engineering • Image Processing applications • Vehicle Tracking & Control Systems • RFID/Smart Card/Barcode solutions • GPS/GPRS/RFID School Bus Solution • CCTV Surveillance • Video Analytics Solutions • Security Solution using Mobile Devices • Custom-made integrated solutions 1-Jan-14 5
  6. 6. ABOUT INTTELIX ®… Our solutions have always been assured of best Return on Investment (ROI) and have helped gain trust among the stake-holders and other people associated with the organization. INTTELIX® provides Tomorrow’s Technology Today! 1-Jan-14 6
  7. 7. The Founder …. Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CMD of Inttelix is a technocrat from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Delhi) in Electronics Engineering. He is a visionary, seeing Inttelix as a leading provider of Best-in-Class biometric and other security solutions for safe and secure society. Management is believing in contributing to the realization of safe and secure society by providing the best quality biometric solutions 1-Jan-14 7
  8. 8. INTTELIX® VISION & MISSION 1-Jan-14 8
  9. 9. Core Competencies … Inttelix’s core competency is in designing, developing and implementing world-class Security Solutions using integrated technologies. Inttelix have the capability to build any complex solutions using multiple hardware / software / firmware, SDKs and APIs to make a unique system to provide a cost-effective solutions to the end customer. Inttelix also have the best Engineers to architect solutions for enterprises for security and business processing using latest technologies. 1-Jan-14 9
  10. 10. Face Recognition Technology 1-Jan-14 10
  11. 11. FACIAL RECOGNITON TECHNOLOGY Face Recognition We use faces to recognize individuals. Advances in computing capability now enables similar recognition automatically. Early face recognition algorithms used simple geometric models, but the recognition process has now matured into a science of sophisticated mathematical representations and matching processes. Major developments have propelled face recognition technology into the spotlight. Face recognition can be used for both verification (1:1), and Identification (1:N) applications. Face Template The heart of the facial recognition system is the Local Feature Analysis (LFA) algorithm. This is the mathematical technique the system uses to encode faces. The system maps the face and creates a "template", a unique numerical id for that face. Once the system has stored a "template", it can compare it to the thousands or millions of "templates" stored in a database. 1-Jan-14 11
  12. 12. FACIAL RECOGNITON TECHNOLOGY Identification vs. Verification Verification (1:1, one-to-one) - The process of determining a person's identity by performing matches against one biometric template that is located upon known ID. 1:1 verification usually uses tokens like: Card, PIN, or any other key based indexing. Identification (1:N, one-to-many) - The process of determining a person's identity by performing matches against multiple biometric templates. Identification systems are designed to determine identity based solely on biometric information. There are two types of identification systems: positive identification and negative identification. Our advanced applications allow our customer full control over recognition method. We support both 1:1 (verification) and 1:N (identification) methods. Recommended minimal image size Multiple faces detection time (using 640 x 480 image) 0.07 sec. Single face processing time (after detecting all faces) 0.13 sec. Matching speed 100,000 faces/sec. Support in 1:N mode Up to 400 Support in 1:1 mode Unlimited Maximum database size 1-Jan-14 640 x 480 pixels Unlimited 12
  13. 13. FRS Solutions for Banks 1-Jan-14 13
  14. 14. VIP Recognition System • An innovative solution with Face / RFID technology to recognize your VIPs • If you want to be known for your topnotch service, then you need to treat your important customers like royalty • Give a personal touch to your services • System can provide the actual time spent inside the premises • Assist you in building partnership 1-Jan-14 14
  15. 15. Advanced Surveillance System Inttelix Suspect Detect is a surveillance system based on Face Recognition Technology that can use a live or off-line video. It can automatically detect faces of people that appear in the surveillance area. With its intelligent face recognition algorithms, Inttelix Suspect Detect analyses the input from numerous cameras, comparing the captured face images with database containing previously stored profiles and face templates. Key Features • Enrolment from photograph / still camera / video stream • Real time multiple video stream analysis and reconcile the evidence with facts • N:N matching from the video / database • High scalability in terms of watch list size, number of cameras and live video stream • Comprehensive audit trail reports 1-Jan-14 15
  16. 16. Door Access Control System Its one of the new product with Facial Biometric Technology. There are 2 models available – (i) standalone models & (ii) networked model. The enrolment can be done centrally in networked model and authorized profiles can be pushed to the device wirelessly to restrict door access only to the allowed person/s. Key features • Highly secured way to control door entry • No human contact with the machine • Authentication relies on live face • Higher security than conventional systems • Accurate recording of IN/OUT punches • Very suitable for Strong Rooms, Record Rooms, Locker rooms, etc. 1-Jan-14 16
  17. 17. Occupancy Counter for ATMs Occupancy Counter System is a Camera based solution for ATM Kiosks and customer safety and security. Its an IP Camera based solution with artificial intelligence to create alerts to public in case of emergency. Also control room personnel can get alerts and see the live video. System worm with VMS and Video Analytics features. Key features • System will start the hooter (high-volume speaker) in case the occupancy counter threshold crossed the limit. This will alert the general public and passers-by to provide help • System send notifications to control room in case of emergencies • System provide all the features of CCTV system additionally • System will also send SMS alerts to pre-defined numbers in case of emergency. This also can be a nearest Police Station Number • Enable you to cut-down the Security Personnel Expenditure • System helps you to avert an unwanted event • System works intelligently and take proactive action 1-Jan-14 17
  18. 18. Access Control Solutions Inttelix ACCESS facilitates secured and safe biometric access. It constantly detects the physical presence of the user according to his facial signature from a database. It allows fast identification and smart access control for sensitive entrances where the speed and the security are vital. Key features • Highly secured way to control door entry • No human contact with the machine • Authentication relies on live face • Higher security than conventional systems • Accurate recording of IN/OUT punches • 1:N OR 1:1 authentication possible • Can integrate with any kind of EM Locks / Turnstiles / RFID / Smart Cards etc. • Very suitable for Cash Chest /Strong Rooms and other critical vaults like Lockers and Critical Document Store areas 1-Jan-14 18
  19. 19. Time & Attendance Solution Inttelix OnTime is a Time Attendance System with a Face recognition Technology, specifically designed to provide irrefutable personal verification. It eliminates buddy punching, clock padding and inaccuracy of time capture. OnTime can be integrated with any other Time Attendance/Payroll systems like SAP, Oracle or any other HRMS products with ease. Key features • Visual view of video input • Avoid buddy punching • No human contact with the machine • Fast and accurate face verification • Very user friendly • Real time face matching / detection • 1:N OR 1:1 authentication possible • Can integrate with RFID/Smart Cards • Can integrate with HRMS/ERP Solution 1-Jan-14 19
  20. 20. Visitors Management Inttelix VisTrack is latest product in Facial Recognition Technology based solutions. Compared to general Visitor Management system, this product is more advanced and capable of eliminating an unwanted visitor to your premises. This is possible by having black-listed flag in your database. The moment a black-listed person comes in front of camera, the system can give alerts to desired authority instantaneously. Key features • Recognize the visitor with history data • Visitor Pass with photograph • Black-listing option to stop unwanted visitor • Can integrate with RFID/Smart Cards • Can integrate with Legacy systems (Canteen Management, Access Control, Contract Employee Management etc.) • An intelligent system that understand your visitors 1-Jan-14 20
  21. 21. Biometric Password Authentication Systems Inttelix Logon facilitates secured and biometric login to a PC. It eliminate the need for username password. It detects and matches the physical presence of the user on a continuous basis. Logon identifies when you are not around and automatically locks your PC to any unauthorized use. Logon will be the first application after booting Window OS, hence total protection to your application and data. Key features • Hands free login • Work with Webcams • Constant search for the presence of the User • Automatic PC locking when un-authorized access occurs • Fast and accurate face detection • 1:N Matching • Very high security to your PC and application 1-Jan-14 21
  22. 22. Logon Supervision Server 1-Jan-14 22
  23. 23. Head Count System Head Count System is a Camera based solution for Banks, Shopping malls, Public Places, Mega Events, etc. This also can be used for Enterprises or factories to get the total head-count dynamically. It stores the images with date/time stamp which can help the organization for forensic and /or future requirement Key features • A low cost solution for logging people passing through doors, gates, passages, entrances using multi face detection technology • Access any IP Camera or CCTV Systems • Detect faces found in the cam stream at fixed intervals • Store the face found with date/time stamp to the database and provide the report in pdf format • Shows live face counts • Quick filter report based on time intervals • The real-time statistics enable the management to allocate appropriate manpower 1-Jan-14 23
  24. 24. CCTV Surveillance with a difference Inttelix provides complete and cost-effective CCTV Surveillance system using CCTV and IP Cameras. Capable to provide solution to large factories, chemical plants and large indoor & outdoor areas with wired or wireless options. Compared to standard CCTV solution, our system can give option to store face images with date/time stamp for investigation purpose. Key features • Discourage theft and fraud • Dispirit workplace violence and false accident claims • Help protect employees and customers • Remotely view live or recorded video • Save time and money with intelligent video search tools • Wired and Wireless options • Inttelix Head Count system feature (optional) 1-Jan-14 24
  25. 25. Video Analytics from Agent-VI A solution which gives real-time analysis of the video stream. Identify and generate alerts for a variety of userdefined events relating to people, vehicles and objects. Key features • Comprehensive Video Analytics Solutions – real time & post-even • Unique Software Architecture - One server for 100+ cameras • Proven Quality - over 8 years in the market • Open Architecture - easy to integrate with other VMS • Analytics Support for a Variety of Camera Types • Search for specific events or targets • Operational efficiency and business intelligence analysis • Motion Path Analysis • Video Analysis for rapid response • Security & Perimeter protection • Safety & City surveillance • Traffic monitoring 1-Jan-14 25
  26. 26. Access Control (RFID/Smart Cards) A very cheaper Access Control solution where proxy entry is not a challenge. A variety of combination for suiting any business requirement. Dual Chip cards to handle multiple requirement using single card Key features • People identification on the go – no need to stop and show your card • Entry/Exit recording while moving @ 200 KmPH (optional) • Audio and Visual indication using speakers and LEDs • Access Control software for managing the readers and programming Time zones, Groups and collecting logs • Integration with any EM locks, Turnstiles, Flap Barriers, etc. • Upgrade with Facial Recognition features (optional) 1-Jan-14 26
  27. 27. Our Customers 1-Jan-14 27
  28. 28. Our Customers 1-Jan-14 28
  29. 29. Contacts 1-Jan-14 29