Social Selling: What Everyone Needs to Know


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Social Selling can take your sales team from good to great, but there are some things to keep in mind and a few tools that can help you do it right.

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  • 78% Of Salespeople Using Social Media Outsell Their Peers
  • Social Selling: What Everyone Needs to Know

    1. 1. Social Selling: What Everyone Needs To Know
    2. 2. Let’s take a trip down memory lane…
    3. 3. Today....How we sell is through relationships
    4. 4. That hasn’t changed!
    5. 5. In fact, 98% of sales professionals agree that relationships are the most important aspect of sales.
    6. 6. So what’s changed…?
    7. 7. Everything.
    8. 8. 15 Years Ago… Most sales relationships started with a cold call.
    9. 9. Today… Most sales relationships start with a prospect using Google.
    10. 10. 15 Years Ago… Golf trips, fancy dinners and events were how we nurtured relationships.
    11. 11. Today… We strengthen relationships by sharing quality content and delivering value to their inbox.
    12. 12. But most sales people don’t get it…
    13. 13. 55% of them believe that social media has no impact on sales…
    14. 14. 66% of them believe their companies are moving slower than their industries…
    15. 15. And 40% of them probably believe Elvis is still alive. Ok…that might be a stretch but….
    16. 16. It’s time for a social selling wake up call.
    17. 17. Social Selling is on the rise
    18. 18. The average organization reporting a 48% budget increase to train sales reps on Social Selling. (Sales Benchmark Index)
    19. 19. And it’s not just on the rise because it’s a trend or buzzword.
    20. 20. It’s on the rise because it works.
    21. 21. 78% Of Salespeople Using Social Media Outsell Their Peers (Jim Keenan, Forbes)
    22. 22. 84% of decision makers in B2B start the buying process with referrals (Edelman Trust Barometer)
    23. 23. 81% of top sales professionals think the biggest benefit of social media is building relationships with leads. (Introhive Study)
    24. 24. With the right social selling tools…
    25. 25. You can make smarter decisions…
    26. 26. Create smarter plans. Make smarter hires. Give smarter intros. Do smarter business.
    27. 27. Social selling has the ability to make a sales team go from average to great.
    28. 28. With the right social selling software…
    29. 29. You can see who on your team has the best connections for introductions.
    30. 30. You can see how strong your relationships are with existing prospects & clients.
    31. 31. You can unlock new opportunities.
    32. 32. You can take your sales efforts to the next level…
    33. 33. It’s time to stop selling like it’s 1990.
    34. 34. And take your sales efforts into the new age of social selling.
    35. 35. It’s time to make social selling real.