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Make WordPress Fit: The Cinderella Shoe Approach to Custom Theming


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The slide presentation for a session at WordCamp Orange County, June 8, 2014. This presentation demonstrates tips to build a custom Wordpress theme that fits the client's needs exactly. And reveals how addressing the client's needs actually make one a better themer. NOTE: the slideshow is supplemental in nature.

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Make WordPress Fit: The Cinderella Shoe Approach to Custom Theming

  1. 1. Make WordPressMake WordPress FitFit The Cinderella Shoe ApproachThe Cinderella Shoe Approach to Custom Themingto Custom Theming
  2. 2. Does the shoeshoe fit?
  3. 3. Not the feedback you were hoping for...
  4. 4. êProject QuestionnaireProject Questionnaire êSite Structure & Info ArchitectureSite Structure & Info Architecture Before You CodeBefore You Code
  5. 5. êUse a Basic Minimal ThemeUse a Basic Minimal Theme êCustom Post Types are Your FriendCustom Post Types are Your Friend While You CodeWhile You Code
  6. 6. êAdvanced Custom FieldsAdvanced Custom Fields êPosts 2 PostsPosts 2 Posts Developer PluginsDeveloper Plugins
  7. 7. êTheming according to your clients'Theming according to your clients' needs helps you become a betterneeds helps you become a better themer!themer! Become a RockstarBecome a Rockstar
  8. 8. Learn everything you can about the Project!
  9. 9. Where are they ComingWhere are they Coming From?From? êThe Mission StatementThe Mission Statement
  10. 10. Where are they Going?Where are they Going? êThe Target AudienceThe Target Audience
  11. 11. The DetailsThe Details êUsed WordPress before?Used WordPress before? êWho will add content?Who will add content? êSpecial Features?Special Features? êWeb ReconnaissanceWeb Reconnaissance
  12. 12. The Bigger PictureThe Bigger Picture
  13. 13. Plan it out & organize in advance.
  14. 14. IA & Site OrganizationIA & Site Organization êMenu StructureMenu Structure êCall to ActionsCall to Actions êSidebar ContentSidebar Content
  15. 15. _Scores Theme: Start with less and add only what you need.
  16. 16. A Minimal StartA Minimal Start êMore EfficientMore Efficient êBuild up to something UniqueBuild up to something Unique êNo extra whistles and bellsNo extra whistles and bells
  17. 17. Custom Post Types: the perfect fit!
  18. 18. Custom Post Type FunCustom Post Type Fun êCreate unique page templatesCreate unique page templates êNo Need to hack blog postsNo Need to hack blog posts
  19. 19. Developer Plugins: Your magic helpers
  20. 20. Advanced Custom FiledsAdvanced Custom Fileds êSaves timeSaves time êLayout stays consistentLayout stays consistent
  21. 21. Custom Fields in the Wild
  22. 22. PostsPosts 22 pOstspOsts êPlanning comes in handyPlanning comes in handy êInterconnect any contentInterconnect any content êTake the site to enterprise levelTake the site to enterprise level
  23. 23. Posts 2 Posts in the Wild One connection can show up many places.
  24. 24. Putting your client's needs first will give you mad skillz!
  25. 25. Learn Sumptin'Learn Sumptin' êShoving client into pre-existingShoving client into pre-existing theme = no growththeme = no growth êExpand your knowledge boundaryExpand your knowledge boundary êYou may not keep up, but keepYou may not keep up, but keep growing!growing!
  26. 26. Discover Sumptin'Discover Sumptin' êLearn a little about your client's gigLearn a little about your client's gig êYour client wants you to care aboutYour client wants you to care about what they are doingwhat they are doing
  27. 27. No one is a package!
  28. 28. RecapRecap êGet as much info as possibleGet as much info as possible êCreate your blueprint before you codeCreate your blueprint before you code êStart minimalStart minimal êMake friends with developer pluginsMake friends with developer plugins êLearn sumptin', discover sumptin' new!Learn sumptin', discover sumptin' new!