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Cad02 How To Get An Idea


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From Jim Aitchison's book 'Cutting Edge Advertising' - a visual 'how to'.

Published in: Marketing
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Cad02 How To Get An Idea

  1. 1. HOW TO GET AN IDEA Where do creative ideas come from?
  2. 2. Now we know what a ‘creative idea’ is.. *Unrelated Concept
  3. 3. Well accepted, recognized, and understood by all. An overview, or a general impression and understanding.
  4. 4. FINDING UNRELATED INTERCONNECTIONS Where can we pull these unrelated concepts from?
  5. 5. Lessons taken from the book Cutting Edge Advertising. How we come up with ideas?
  6. 6. PRODUCT NAME OR LOGO Is there an idea in the product name of logo?
  7. 7. PACKAGING Is there an idea in the packaging ?
  8. 8. HOW IT’S MADE Is there an idea in how the product is made?
  9. 9. Smirnoff Vodka is created by a unique process involving 10 filtration phases and 3 distillations stages to deliver the ultimate in smoothness and clarity.
  10. 10. PRODUCT/BRAND ORIGINS Is there an idea in where the product is made?
  11. 11. JONES! – a new Satellite TV Channel, offering classic programming.
  12. 12. LEGACY Is there an idea in the product’s history?
  13. 13. Svenska Aeroplan AB (Swedish Aeroplane Company Limited)
  14. 14. PRODUCT ADVERTISING Is there an idea in their old advertising?
  15. 15. TOPICAL Is there an idea in what’s happening around you?
  16. 16. Published 1st April 2009
  17. 17. PRODUCT BENEFITS Is there an idea in what happens with the product?
  18. 18. PRODUCT BENEFITS 2 Is there an idea in what happens without the product?
  19. 19. “The Economist magazine stands out as one of the most professional and comprehensive newspapers in the world.” It is firmly established as one of the world’s most authoritative and influential publications. The Economist is read by more of the world’s political and business leaders than any other newspaper.
  20. 20. PRODUCT BENEFITS 3 Is there an idea in what happens with and without the product?
  21. 21. AD MEDIUM OR PLACEMENT Is there an idea in where the ad will run?
  23. 23. Plasma HID 300% Brighter Than Regular Headlights
  24. 24. DESIGN EXECUTION Is there an idea in how the ad is executed?
  25. 25. “The space above was filled meticulously line by line, with a single ink refill in the PARKER X, the pen that writes for 10km non stop… and we could go on, but we’ve run out of space.”
  26. 26. Comedy Central is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that carries comedy programming, in the form of both original and syndicated series and stand-up comedy specials, as well as feature films. The channel is owned by Viacom Media Networks Entertainment Group.
  27. 27. PHOTOGRAPHY AND VISUAL NOVELTY Is there an idea in photographic visual execution styles?
  28. 28. Tilt-shift photography is a creative and unique type of photography in which the camera is manipulated so that a life-sized location or subject looks like a miniature-scale model.
  30. 30. Milla’s Daydream by Adele Enersen ©
  31. 31. VISUAL ANALOGY Could the idea be in an analogy?
  32. 32. Analogies are like creative ideas… and vice versa.
  33. 33. PHYSICAL FORM Is there an idea in the shape of the product?
  34. 34. Night Safety Running Shoes : Reebok
  35. 35. REVERSE PERSPECTIVE Could the idea be in looking at things from the opposite end?
  36. 36. ICONIC IMAGERY Could the idea be in an well known photo/photo composition?
  39. 39. POP CULTURE Could the idea be in popular culture elements we all know of?
  40. 40. THERE ARE 1001 PLACES TO GET IDEAS : • Creative Ideas can come from everywhere and anywhere • It is a constant process of merging the proposition with unrelated concepts • It is to exploit the interconnections between two disparate concepts
  41. 41. I N T H E S A M E C H A P T E R , R E A D T O K N O W M O R E A B O U T: How to get better ideas • Process • Doing things differently • Think about something else • The white paper • Strategy • Interrogate the product How to know when your ideas are great • Completing the circle • Campaignability • Epiphany