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Digital accessibility - Beyond the screen


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For a long time, when we thought about accessibility, the first thing to come to mind was the Screen Reader on a computer.
With the proliferation of voice based products, (Google Home, Amazon echo, Siri and Cortana), warable technology, beacons, and even smart phones, that is starting to change.
In this presentation, Adem Cifcioglu look at all things accessibility beyond the traditional screen.

Presented at The Web Meetup (Melbourne) - May 2018

Published in: Internet
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Digital accessibility - Beyond the screen

  1. 1. Digital Accessibility – Beyond the Screen Adem Cifcioglu ademcifci Director Accessible Technologies creating an inclusive digital world
  2. 2. ademcifci Where have we come from?
  3. 3. ademcifci Digital Accessibility was primarily about screens “…making it possible for everyone, especially persons with disabilities, to use computer hardware and software…” Picture: Refreshable braille display
  4. 4. ademcifci Assistive Technology Mouth stick: a stick that is placed in the mouth. Someone with no use of the hands could use a mouth stick to type and perhaps to manipulate a trackball mouse. Head wands: Similar to mouth stick, except the stick is strapped to the head. A person moves the head to make the head wand type characters, navigate through web documents, etc. Sip & Puff Switch able to interpret the user's breath actions as on/off signals, and can be used for a variety of purposes, from controlling a wheelchair to navigating a computer. Source:
  5. 5. ademcifci Assistive Technology Refreshable Braille Displays: electronic devices used to read text that a computer sends to the monitor and produce Braille output on the Braille display. Refreshable Braille displays read one line of text at a time. Screen Reader: Converts text into synthesized speech and outputs to speakers. Screen readers allow the use of computers without vision. Source:
  6. 6. ademcifci Where are we now?
  7. 7. ademcifci Digital Accessibility is about inclusion, participation and empowerment The power is in your pocket, on your wrist, or part of your clothing….
  8. 8. ademcifci Smart Phone as an assistive technology The iPhone –
  9. 9. ademcifci Smart Watch as an assistive technology Dot Watch
  10. 10. ademcifci Smart Clothing as an assistive technology The Sound Shirt
  11. 11. ademcifci Where are we going?
  12. 12. ademcifci Digital Accessibility is mainstream, things just work. AI, Voice, Personalization Apple Home Pod Amazon Echo Harman Kardon with Microsoft Cortana Google Home
  13. 13. ademcifci Artificial Intelligence (AI) What would it mean if we could: • Automate image recognition • Automate facial recognition • Automate lip-reading recognition • Automate text summarization • Automate translations / transcriptions in real time
  14. 14. ademcifci Assistive Technology Seeing AI
  15. 15. ademcifci Meet Otter. It should be transcribing this presentation for me. If it works, I’ll send it to Rick to use as captions for the video
  16. 16. ademcifci Voice Can give people independence: • Allowing people to control their environments • Turn lights on and off • Play music • Open / Close doors • ‘Read’ Audiobooks • Set Alarms / Schedule Appointments • Hear news headlines • Make a shopping list • Play Games • Check account balances • Search for and listen to recipes • Check sports scores, flight times, bill due dates, transport timetables • Book an Uber
  17. 17. ademcifci Meet Richard. and his fried Echo… Amazon Echo helps residents with disabilities at Inglis
  18. 18. ademcifci Personalisation What if we could store our personalised accessibility settings on the cloud • Preferred language • Large Text • Screen reader • Contrast • Captions / subtitles and the followed us whenever we logged in
  19. 19. ademcifci GPII personalised accessibility, anywhere, anytime on any device. The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure
  20. 20. 6pm - 17th May 2018 Deloitte Digital Level 6, 550 Bourke Street Melbourne Join us for
  21. 21. Let’s continue the conversation Adem Cifcioglu Director of Accessible Technologies @ademcifci @intopiadigital creating an inclusive digital world