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ALM for Developing Engineered Systems - Michael Azoff (Ovum) - 14 May 2019


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Dr Michael Azoff's keynote speech at Intland Connect: Annual User Conference 2019.
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Published in: Technology
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ALM for Developing Engineered Systems - Michael Azoff (Ovum) - 14 May 2019

  1. 1. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group ALM for Developing Engineered Systems Michael Azoff Distinguished Analyst
  2. 2. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Briefintroduction toOvum
  3. 3. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Agenda  The role for ALM in engineered products and safety critical systems  Ovum Decision Matrix (ODM) ALM + DevOps 2019-20 results  Agile and DevOps in safety-critical systems  Case studies: BMW and LeddarTech  The future of ALM
  4. 4. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group But first…
  5. 5. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Alittlefunbutalsoseriousexercise  In the handout I would like you to circle an item in each row (in the red rectangle) that best describes your organization
  6. 6. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group ALM for Safety critical systems
  7. 7. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Definingapplication lifecyclemanagement
  8. 8. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Software inengineered products  Engineers had the choice to design same functionality mechanically, electronically or in software,  They are choosing software.  Software was the value add in engineered products,  Today software runs engineered products. Sources: Skoda, IEEE, ASME
  9. 9. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group ALMplayscrucialroletoenabletraceability For example DO-178C on software development traceability: • Trace Data, showing the bi-directional association between system requirements allocated to software and high-level requirements is developed. • Trace Data, showing the bi-directional association between the high-level requirements and low-level requirements is developed. • Trace Data, showing the bi-directional association between the low-level requirements and the source code is developed.
  10. 10. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Complexity ofengineered products
  11. 11. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Safety-critical software risk
  12. 12. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group ALMmaturity forsafety-critical systems
  13. 13. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Whatcanbedoneaboutsoftwaresecurityinproducts  Code in machine language.  Move security into hardware:  Move algorithms onto chips.  Intel is building hooks at chip level for security purposes  Create separation layer and one way traffic between safety critical and rest of system, e.g. infotainment system.  Security thinking:  Software security development lifecycle: end-to-end baked-in security.
  14. 14. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Software Security Development Lifecycle (SSDL) Comprehensive security development initiative:  A strategic approach to improve quality and security understanding from the beginning to the end of a project.  Goal is to keep improving security through applying a security process (not by chance), the SSDL.  Focus on building-in security functions, as well as security hygiene:  Functions: authentication, authorization, encryption, input validation.  Hygiene: prevent top 10 OWASP defects. Training Requirem. Design Implement Test Release Response
  15. 15. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Ovum Decision Matrix on ALM 2019-2020
  16. 16. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Ourresultsfrom2016
  17. 17. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group OvumDecisionMatrixALM+DevOps2019-20:workin progress,currentpositioning
  18. 18. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Agile and DevOps
  19. 19. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Agile andDevOps insafety-critical systems  DevOps correlates with high performance.  Convergence between modern industrial products and enterprise IT:  Digital transformation is changing businesses making them software- centric.  DevOps needs to be modified to meet the needs of product manufacturing.  Need to manage risk at speed in safety-critical system development  How to achieve agile/DevOps-based high development velocities while managing risk.  End-to-end ALM, integrated with DevOps CD and collaboration tools, makes it possible to identify issues and fix the problems quickly
  20. 20. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group FromV-Model toO-Model
  21. 21. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Enterprise atscaleagileframeworks
  22. 22. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Cultureisthebiggest challengetoDevOps Source: A. Neus, P. Scherf, Opening minds: Cultural change, IBM Systems Journal, VOL 44, NO 2, 2005
  23. 23. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Howorganizations processinformation Source: Ron Westrum, A typology of organizational cultures, Qual Saf Health Care 2004; v.13, pp. ii22-ii27.
  24. 24. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Howtocreateagenerative organization
  25. 25. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Case studies
  26. 26. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group BMWCaseStudy Image Source: BMW
  27. 27. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group BMWCaseStudy  From agile to DevOps adoption in engineering.  Create a baseline "single source of truth" of a provably working product.  It is preferable to house this in one tool rather than 20.  Who is responsible for code when it needs a fix?  Bring developers closer to the front edge.  LeSS or SAFe?  BMW found LeSS is less prescriptive, and optimized for continuous learning within an organization.  Conway’s laws:  Organization communications are reflected in how software is architected.  BMW requires ISO 26262 support to be available out of the box.
  28. 28. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group LeddarTech CaseStudy  LiDAR: what is it?  Was defined as “light radar”, but now “light detection and ranging”.  Example traditional applications:  Detecting vehicles on motorway/bridge tolls.  City traffic lights management.  Novel application currently in research:  Autonomous driving.
  29. 29. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group LeddarTech  Software development background:  Embedded development in C language.  Development process a hybrid V-model and agile iterations delivering incremental minimum viable products.  Before codeBeamer:  Requirements managed in Excel.  Manual steps to trace requirements through to code.  Auditing limited to ISO 9001 certification.  After codeBeamer:  High growth in requirements – could not manage without ALM.  Supporting new research for autonomous driving applications of LiDAR:  ALM is essential to fulfill ISO 26262 certification:  Trace test cases to requirements.  Trace specifications to requirements.  Improved QA support:  Supports through API hardware-in-the-loop and human-in-the-loop testing: results fed back into cB.  Greater confidence of QA process through visibility and traceability across lifecycle.
  30. 30. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group LeddarTech  codeBeamer advantages:  “Won in our selection process against competitor ALM solutions, our key criterion was traceability of requirements across the lifecycle and codeBeamer was best for easy visualization of the traceability.”  Highly flexible configuration and REST-based API integration.  Wish list:  Easier UI for beginning user, so provide novice and expert UI options.  We needed a strong document management as well – but this is an ALM tool.
  31. 31. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group The future of ALM
  32. 32. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Journeytothecloudnative enterprise
  33. 33. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Ashorthistoryofapplicationdevelopment: Fromtheviewpointofdecouplingsoftwarefrominfrastructure Source: Chris Aniszcyk, CTO CNCF
  34. 34. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group RiseofcontainersandKubernetes: Googletrends
  35. 35. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group
  36. 36. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group Cloudnativecomputingopenfoundations New Linux Foundation sub-foundations that aim to create open source and vendor neutral technology stacks:  Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) 2015.  For edge computing: LF Edge (Jan 2019).  Across any environment: Continuous Delivery Foundation (Mar 2019). Source: LF Edge
  37. 37. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group ALMandmanagingmachinelearninglifecycle Source: Kubeflow
  38. 38. #OVUMIC @OvumLive Ovum Telecoms & Media Group
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