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  • Stress that there is a huge opportunity with customers that have not upgraded because of lack of options.More than 75% of organizations are using an older email system such as MS Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003, Novell GroupWise, SendMail, Horde, Exim etc.
  • ProductivityHelp make users more productive in their daily lives. Streamline the way for business users collaborate and interact with their applications + data. Specifically, in messaging it’s about how they manage their email and schedules.OpennessHaving a platform that makes applications and data accessible any where and any time by any method. The platform should be highly extensible to support customization and integration with existing enterprise systems and cloud services. Continue to offer broad access to platform, browser, mobile and desktop.ManageabilityMake managing the platform easier on the administrator. Give them the control and also provide the ability to enable end-user control to reduce admin costs. Embrace vitualization and promote platform portability across Private & Provider Clouds.
  • OPTION 1Zimbra has customers in over 110 countries. Here are some customers in each segment. We have large businesses such as H&R block, Foncia in France and Bechtel, a global engineering firm that is HQ in the US that does a lot of work with the US government Well known Small and mid-size companies include Redhat and Trip advisor and SNEF in France. And in the Government Sector, we have the infamous Argonne National Laboratory and in the U.S Federal Government, the Department of Homeland Security. In the Educational Sector, we have notable institutions such as Stanford University and University of Pennsylvania which will also talk about later And for service providers we have Comcast and Frontier that provide Zimbra as a consumer offering (that nobody has tried for Exchange which gives you an idea of the flexibility of the platform) and then you have the business hosters such as Homestead and NTT that are offering Zimbra as a hosted solution and going up against Google apps directly. OPTION 2We have many well-known customers such as the Drug Enforcement Agency, Bechtel, ZipRealty, Comcast, NTT, Stanford – and we support a wide range of customer needs – from 25 mailboxes to 25 million. This is a huge advantage over Microsoft Exchange, which has been expensive and not robust enough for many small businesses requiring a lot of administrative time
  • Can see Free busy. There are some diffrences. GAL be unified, free/busy – mail rouioting. Invitiations shared. Internal deployment.
  • -Click-Zimbra has three products – The Zimbra Collaboration Suite, our primary product, has all of the bells and whistles for maximum flexibility: multi-tenant, massive scalability, tiers of service (particularly useful for ISPs), custom integration with zimlets, etc. Everything you’re about to see in the demo.-Click-It is sold in a perpetual license, an annual subscription license, or in a multi-year license. It is a sliding scale based on vertical and edition. For instance, a pack of 2500 mailboxes sells of the standard edition for an enterprise sells for $14 per mailbox per year, or for $25.20 per mailbox per year.-Click-The second product is the Zimbra virtual appliance. It runs on top of vSphere and leverages all of the HA/DR/Backup. It is ideal for organizations of less than 1000 people and features zero OS administration and incredibly fast installation – we like to say “install to inbox in less than 5 minutes”).-Click-We offer it for free, without support, for less than 10 mailboxes. Or it is available in a perpetual license of $625 for each pack of 25 mailboxes.-Click-The last product is the Zimbra Desktop – our online/offline client which runs on Mac, Windows and Linux and offers all of the innovative features of our web client.-Click-This product is free.
  • Zimbra Presentazione - Intesys Workshop

    1. 1. INNOVATION IN IT DISTRIBUTION TECHNOLOGY, SERVICES & SOLUTIONSVerona, 11 Novembre 2011 Alessandro Frigerio Sales Manager Virtualization Magirus Italia S.p.A.
    2. 2. Magirus – Innovation in IT DistributionMagirus in sintesi Magirus offre una distribuzione innovativa di sistemi informatici e software in Europa e nel Medio Oriente. Tramite una combinazione di competenze, servizi e know-how si pone allavanguardia nella "distribuzione a valore aggiunto", mettendo i suoi clienti in grado di affrontare le sempre crescenti problematiche IT Magirus offre soluzioni decisamente innovative con tecnologie e servizi complementari e overlapping, nellottica di consolidare lattività dei suoi clienti e conseguire una crescita redditizia. Il portafoglio di Magirus si focalizza su soluzioni Cloud Ready, che comprendono reti convergenti, server, virtualizzazione, storage, open source e security. Con il settore Data Center, Magirus aiuta i suoi partner a beneficiare in modo ottimale dei vantaggi di un "Unified Data Center". Magirus fornisce linfrastruttura per futuri centri di ricerca e per limplementazione del cloud computing.Pagina 2Company Presentation, V20, 01.08.2011
    3. 3. Magirus – Innovation in IT DistributionLa presenza sul mercato Indici gestionali:  380 milioni di Euro di proventi  Oltre 370 dipendenti  Oltre 6.000 partner in affari  In più di 20 paesiPagina 3Company Presentation, V20, 01.08.2011
    4. 4. Magirus – Innovation in IT Distribution30 anni di successo in IT1981 – 1986 Sviluppo e vendita di sistemi e periferiche a marchio Magirus Vendita di hardware per PC e periferiche di fabbricanti rinomati1990 Posizionamento come Value Added Distributor (VAD) Focus sui sistemi server1991 – 2000 Espansione in Austria e Svizzera Espansione in Europa e nel Medio Oriente attraverso start-up e acquisizioni2001 Apertura del centro tecnologico e logistico a Strasburgo2004 Accordi di distribuzione con EMC e VMware2006 Acquisizione di Allasso (Security and Intelligent Network)2007 Focus sulle soluzioni IT, sui servizi e l‟assistenza Cessione franchise IBM e HP2008 Magirus porta innovazione nella distribuzione IT sostenendo il concetto di Ecosistema di soluzioni2010 Magirus diventa il primo distributore Specialty Data Center di Cisco in Europa Sviluppo di Magirus vBundles per la media impresa2011 Concentrazione su data center e cloud computing => Cloud Ready Distribution Magirus è il primo distributore VCE (Virtual Computing Environment) in EMEAPagina 4Company Presentation, V20, 01.08.2011
    5. 5. Magirus – Innovation in IT DistributionTitolari del Gruppo MagirusUna società con un solido assetto finanziarioCrescita del fatturato superiore alla media del mercatoAzionisti Famiglia von Kuenheim, Monaco, Germania (42,5%) Famiglia Magirus, Stoccarda, Germania (27,5%) Alghanim & Alkharafi Group, Safat, Kuwait (30%)Pagina 5Company Presentation, V20, 01.08.2011
    6. 6. Magirus – Innovation in IT DistributionOrientamento del gruppoPagina 6Company Presentation, V20, 01.08.2011
    7. 7. Magirus – Innovation in IT DistributionSoluzioniPagina 7Company Presentation, V20, 01.08.2011
    8. 8. Magirus – Innovation in IT DistributionI nostri servizi: al servizio della vostra azienda SERVIZI DI FORMAZIONE - MAGIRUSSERVIZI PER LA SUPPLY CHAIN ACADEMYFORNITI DA M-SITE Formazione Servizi logistici di M-Site Certificazione  Gestione magazzino Workshop personalizzati  Co-Manufacturing  Gestione trasporti SERVIZI DI ASSISTENZA - MAGIRUS Manufacturing SUPPORT CENTER  Assemblaggio Supporto On-site  Personalizzazione Supporto Hotline  via telefonoSERVIZI DI MARKETING  tramite Magirus Web Support Tool  Marketing aziendale  Marketing per i partner SERVIZI PROFESSIONALI ConsulenzaSERVIZI FINANZIARI  Project Management Gestione del credito  Healthchecks  Linee di credito Valutazione e progetto  Garanzie Implementazione Intermediazione del leasing  Upgrade Finanziamento dei progettiCompany Presentation, V20, 01.08.2011
    9. 9. Zimbra Overview Alessandro Frigerio Sales Manager Virtualization Magirus Italia S.p.A.Confidential © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
    10. 10. The Email market situation 24% New email systems Exchange 2010, Lotus Notes, Groupwise 76% Old Email systems % New email New email Email only mail systems for SMB systems systems E.g Exchange 5.5, 2003, SendMail, Horde, Exim, Qmail, etc... Challenge of older email systems Old email email systems Old Cannot easily support multiple user Systems platforms Current products are desktop centric and have limited features Online experience is not the same as the offline experience and cannot easily integrate with other applications10 Confidential
    11. 11. Rapid Commercial Growth and Momentum The Leader in Next-Generation Messaging and Collaboration • Cross-platform enterprise-class functionality at Service Provider scale  Feature richness, scalability, reliability and fault tolerance • Most innovative, advanced web application available today Innovate, Open and Simplify with the best TCO • Innovative online/offline user experience • Open technologies that are interoperable with existing investments • Simplified administration with the most deployment flexibility  We give customers choice: on-premise, hosted or combination.  SaaS ready - multi-tenancy, delegated administration, shared storage • “Enterprise Functionality” and “Service Provider Scale” • 35-50% less TCO than other solutions Innovate Open Simplify11 Confidential
    12. 12. Rapid Commercial Growth and MomentumFastest growth trajectory: 6 years to 66 million usersCurrently #3 provider behind only Microsoft and IBM Millions of Paid Users by Quarter 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Q1 06 Q2 06 Q3 06 Q4 06 Q1 07 Q2 07 Q3 07 Q4 07 Q1 08 Q2 08 Q3 08 Q4 08 Q1 09 Q2 09 Q3 09 Q4 09 Q1 10 Q2 10 Q3 10 Q4 10 Q1 1112 Confidential
    13. 13. The Zimbra Advantage: Bringing SaaS to the Private and Public Cloud Enhances user productivity by streamliningProductivity the interaction between people, applications & data Customer Momentum  Over 190,000 Organizations  66M Commercial Mailboxes  110 Countries Provides an open and extensible Openness collaboration platform that promotes universal access to applications & data Open Source Community  1M+ Server Downloads  3M+ Client Downloads  39K+ community members Simplifies platform management, reducesManageability administration costs and embraces portability across Private & Provider Clouds13 Confidential
    14. 14. Zimbra Customers in 110 CountriesLarge Business Ukraine SMB & SME Government Court of Arbitration of Belgium Education Kuwait University Service Iceland South Nigeria Providers Africa Tanzania14 Confidential
    15. 15. Product OverviewConfidential © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
    16. 16. Product Overview Zimbra Web Client iPhone Android Windows Mail Backup HSM Zimbra High Availability ActiveSync, Mobile Browser Server Zimbra Desktop Anti Spam BlackBerry Anti Virus Module: Archiving SOAP and Discovery BES, Mobile Browser MS Outlook Apple Desktop Standards Clients MAPI POP, IMAP, CardDAV, CalDAV16 Confidential
    17. 17. Zimbra - Exchange Interoperability Zimbra and Exchange users can share free-busy information Works within the native UI of each product Unified GAL (auto complete on compose, etc.) Active Directory Zimbra Microsoft Server Exchange Zimbra Outlook17 Confidential
    18. 18. Zimbra Technology Choices Flexibility Multi-tenant and dedicated deployment options Zimbra Massive scalability with the lowest TCO Collaboration Suite Easily create tiers of user services Custom integration using Zimlets Perpetual licenses Subscription licenses Simplicity Dedicated, single tenant Zimbra Appliance Ideal for organizations up to 1000 employees *New* Embedded OS for simplified administration 5 min to deploy (private or public cloud) Perpetual licenses Anywhere/Anytime Access Zimbra Desktop Free Best end user experience for offline access to Zimbra email, calendar, address book & Free briefcase18 Confidential
    19. 19. Increase Zimbra Deployment Options Freedom to enable your business... • On premise appliance - reduce complexity and cost in your datacenter • Off premise appliance - dedicated ZCS instance with portability from a vCloud SP • Fully Outsourced - managed services with a VMWare Zimbra VSPP Partner Hybrid Bridging ZCS ZCS ZCS ZCS multi- Bare Metal tenant On Premises vCloud SP/HSP Hybrid Cloud Composition of 2 or more Private Cloud interoperable Public Cloud Operated solely for an clouds, enabling data and Accessible over the organization, typically application portability Internet for general within the firewall consumption19 Confidential
    20. 20. Zimbra Email Web application surpasses traditional email client capabilities • Conversations and Tagging • Fast, search-based inbox • More efficient management of larger inboxes, quotas • Cross-platform • Offline access with Zimbra Desktop Mobile and Desktop sync20 Confidential
    21. 21. Zimbra Enterprise CalendaringAdvanced web-based calendar • Manage multiple schedules • Peer free-busy lookup, resources and rooms • Easy sharing and full schedule delegationMS Outlook and Exchange interoperabilityMobile and Desktop sync21 Confidential
    22. 22. Zimbra Briefcase, Collaboration and SharingIntegrated file management and location-independent storage • Easily share files and jointly manage with peers • Check in/out all file types with version controlMore efficient, intuitive day-to-day collaboration • Share and delegate access to Inboxes, Contacts, Schedules, Folders • Publish publicly or to internal groups • Email workflow integration22 Confidential
    23. 23. Extensible Framework and WorkflowsZimlets enable 3rd party web services and new applications to beintegrated directly in ZimbraCustomers and partners may develop their own or use existing fromthe open source community23 Confidential
    24. 24. Simple, Powerful Administration of IT as a ServiceProven open technologies, web-scalablearchitecture streamlines administration • On-demand user provisioning and policy management • Delegated role-based administration • Class-of-service and multi-tenancy • Quota and storage policy management • Automated service monitoring, failover and data backupCritical infrastructure integration • LDAP, Active Directory • Archiving and Discovery • Anti-spam/virus On average, 33% less time is spent administering Zimbra than MS Exchange* * Source: University of Pennsylvania case study Nov 0924 Confidential
    25. 25. Customized ExperiencesChange available features and quotas per user or groupwith class-of-serviceCompletely re-brand and re-theme the experience25 Confidential
    26. 26. Comcast26 Confidential
    27. 27. Competition HighlightsConfidential © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
    28. 28. Zimbra vs Exchange 2010528 Confidential Confidential
    29. 29. Highlights of Exchange 2010 vs. 2007Exchange 2007 as well as made some incremental improvements in supporting non-Windows platforms. However, these improvements in Exchange 2010 still fall short ofZimbra‟s solution. Area Key Enhancements of Exchange 2010 Zimbra‟s Position   OWA premium still does not work with Safari/ End-user   Exchange 2010 now helps users access Windows or Chrome/Mac & there is no feature Multi-platform their communication from virtually any parity for Outlook/Mac. Zimbra has a rich web Support platform. & offline client across multiple platforms   MSFT removed single-instance storage (SIS),   Improvements in Exchange Store reduces increasing the size of the database, and does I/O footprint so cheaper storage can be not have tiered storage. Zimbra has SIS & Scalability used. Each mailbox server can now hierarchical storage management (HSM) to support many more users optimize storage costs & has different deployment options for maximum flexibility   DAG ONLY provides HA for mailbox databases,   Exchange 2010 simplified administration so DAG needs to be augmented with other High Availability redundancy & HA technologies for Exchange of HA by replacing multiple HA solutions (HA) and Disaster to have complete HA & redundancy. Zimbra in Exchange 2007 with one solution - Data Recovery (DR) Availability Groups (DAGs) with VMware‟s SRM is proven to be a complete and scalable HA/DR solution   Using RBAC is a huge shift for Exchange   Introduced new Role base access control Security (RBAC) security model whereas Zimbra has been using RBAC in many large scale implementations 3 29 Confidential Confidential
    30. 30. Exchange 2010 vs. ZCS 7.0Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) beats Exchange 2010 in many ways and the 3main areas of differentiation are - a significantly lower TCO, same experience onmany different user environments and an easily extensible and open platform.Key Advantages Exchange 2010 ZCS 7.0 of Zimbra   Expensive license, maintenance &  Cost effectively scale users and save 50% in TCO (with multiple TCO support and requires more deployment options on-premise, administrative time than Zimbra hosted or as an appliance)   Any non-Microsoft platform is considered a second-class citizen  Rich web-client and offline Multi-platform experience across multiple Support and continues to lag in feature platforms parity and support Integration &   Microsoft promotes a closed and  Zimbra is an open & extensible Customization proprietary platform platform430 Confidential Confidential
    31. 31. Detailed Comparison of Exchange 2010 and Zimbra531 Confidential Confidential
    32. 32. Zimbra and Microsoft at a Glance Email ✔ ✔ Calendar ✔ ✔ Address Book & Contacts ✔ ✔ Tasks ✔ ✔ Documents & File Share Need to purchase SharePoint ✔ Web Client ✔ ✔ Desktop/Offline Client ✔ ✔ Mobile Access ✔ ✔ Re-branding ✔ ✔ Third-party Integration ✔ ✔632 Confidential Confidential
    33. 33. Scalability, Reliability, High AvailabilityKey Areas Exchange 2010 ZCS 7.0   Core architecture Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) is over 20 years old and is   Modular architecture that offers next- not modular e.g. .edb file contains both generation features and proven web metadata and message data so cannot scalabilityPlatform Architecture tune and optimize separately   Message metadata is separate from the   Database availability group (DAG) uses message data so the individual data some components of Windows Failover stores can be tuned and optimized Clustering but this new architecture needs individually to be proven in large scale deployments   MSFT continues to debate migrating from   ZCS leverages more robust underlying ESE to SQL Server operating environment (Linux based) &Platform Reliability &   Robustness of architectural changes proven open source software componentsRobustness “ needs to be proven. Exchange historically   Uptime is measured in YEARS not weeks had on average 4 hours of downtime per Happy Zimbra admin for almost 3 years month 1 now - 767 days uptime on my server!” 2   Exchange still does not have tiered   ZCS has tiered storage & can costPlatform Scalability storage so it is more costly to scale user effectively scale to millions of users with storage on Exchange than on Zimbra 10+ GB size mailboxes   DAG ONLY provides high availability for   ZCS with SRM is proven to be a complete, Exchange Mailbox not for the entire scalable and effective high availabilityHigh Availability (HA) Exchange infrastructure (HA) & disaster recovery (DR) solution   DAG is new so there is a learning curve &   Most companies will also want to leverage it can only be applied to Exchange existing and app agnostic HA/DR solution1 Radicati 2 Nustats 7 33 Confidential Confidential
    34. 34. Integration and CustomizationKey Areas Exchange 2010 ZCS 7.0   Microsoft recommends using Exchange‟s   Rich SOAP API for server access proprietary shell commands   Web services framework for client   SOAP API has limited server accessPlatform Extensibility access and Web Mash-ups framework   Outlook add-ins are difficult to support (Zimlets) to integrate 3rd party enterprise and develop and OWA cannot be apps extended   Microsoft proprietary platform - cannot   Open source code including samplePlatform openness change or extend the platform & APIs Zimlets   Limited SOAP support   Supports open standard protocols suchSupport of Open   DOES NOT support open standards such as SOAP, REST, CalDAV, CardDAV, ICSStandard Protocols as REST, CalDAV, CardDAV and ICS feeds feeds etc   OWA 2010 has only a SINGLE theme (unlike OWA 2007 which lets administrators define themes) so usersRebranding cannot switch between themes and if the   Complete rebranding of web-clients default theme is changed, the changes will be overwritten with an Exchange rollup or service pack834 Confidential Confidential
    35. 35. Platform Support & Client AccessKey Areas Exchange 2010 ZCS 7.0   Rich Ajax and HTML web-client access is   Limited OWA premium access; OWA supported on multiple browsers and Light for Safari on Windows and ChromeWeb-client end user on Mac platforms; IE, Safari, Firefox, Chromeaccess with Windows, Mac or Linux desktops Note: OWA Premium is new for Safari on   Ajax web-client has complete feature Mac and Firefox on Mac or Linux parity with Zimbra desktop client   NO Outlook client for Mac (targeted for end of 2010) and it will not have feature   Zimbra Desktop client is supported onMac Desktop parity Mac OS and has complete feature parity   Entourage does not have feature parity & with Ajax web client difficult to backup   Zimbra Desktop client is supported on   NO Outlook client for LinuxLinux Desktop & Linux and has complete feature parity   Exchange Server is not available for with the Ajax web clientServer Linux   ZCS is supported on Linux Servers “Sadly there is a pretty big weak link in Office 2011 [for Mac]: Outlook. It seems that Microsoft simply sacrificed brains for beauty.” 3 3 Boy Genius Report935 Confidential Confidential
    36. 36. Messaging and CollaborationKey Areas Exchange 2010 ZCS 7.0   Briefcase in ZCS, allows users of both   Removed „Remote Document Access‟ the web and desktop client to upload andWeb Documents and that allows OWA access to internal share files in the mail store, includingFiles shares without being on the LAN or VPN versioning and check-in and check-out, (that was introduced in Exchange 2007) and to access the files from anywhere   Single inbox, Voicemail, VoIP, Twitter and   TUI access to mailbox using TTS (viaUnified Messaging Cisco) for Outlook but not for OWA Facebook access (through Mash-ups) for offline and web client   Index & facilitate search of message   Index & search of message subject, body subject, body and limited attachment and over 200 different attachment typesIndexing & Search types e.g. does not index and search PDF including MS office attachments attachments   Syntactic & visual search options   Share mail, calendar and address book   Share mail, calendar and address book folders with internal users or external folders with internal users ANDSharing & users if they are on Exchange 2010, or   Share folders with external users (doesCollaboration Exchange 2007 with additional not have to be a Zimbra user) or make configuration, AND if defined in the them public Microsoft Federation Gateway1036 Confidential Confidential
    37. 37. Administration, Security & TCOKey Areas Exchange 2010 ZCS 7.0   SOAP API has limited server access   Administration through the web - anywhere/   Admin GUI is limited and Microsoft anytime, or with SOAP API or command lineAdministration recommends using Exchange‟s   Zimbra Appliance (virtual appliance) option for proprietary shell commands for custom an email and collaboration solution in less workflows and RBAC administration than 10 minutes   Exchange has moved to a Role-based access control (RBAC) security model &   ZCS already has a stable and proven securitySecurity it still needs to be proven - for example layer using RBAC that is used in many large RC1 had a big security hole where an scale deployments admin could control the AD forest   ZCS is integrated with proven Spam Assassin   Exchange offers EHF and in-house anti-Integrated anti-abuse spam/virus solutions at additional costs & Clam AV solutions and can also be easily extended to leverage third party solutions   Less expensive licensing costs   Zimbra Desktop is free   Expensive license and support costs   Save on storage hardware with hierarchical   Outlook and OWA are additional costs storage management (HSM)Total Cost of   More expensive to scale user storage   Zimbra has been shown to have 33% lessOwnership (TCO)   Only 15-20% reduction of IT admin time admin with 4X more users over Exchange 2007 4   Save 50% in TCO (with multiple deployment options: bare-metal, multi-tenant or appliance in public or private cloud) 4 Microsoft 11 37 Confidential Confidential
    38. 38. Zimbra vs Google538 Confidential Confidential
    39. 39. Scoring Your Applications Score NotesEnd User Location/Device independent access Open applications Application FunctionalityAdministration Management & Operations Security & Assurance Lifecycle managementCost / Flexibility / Deployment FlexibilityReliability Service/ Support Total Cost of Ownership1539 Confidential Confidential
    40. 40. End User Score NotesEnd User Location/Device independent access Open applications Application FunctionalityAdministration Management & Operations Security & Assurance Lifecycle managementCost / Flexibility / Deployment FlexibilityReliability Service/ Support Total Cost of Ownership1640 Confidential Confidential
    41. 41. End User - GoogleEnd User Location/Device independent   Only offers web client, no true offline client - for Offline, many access users use third-party clients such as Outlook, IMAP/POP clients   Google Outlook Limitations - Cannot sync multiple calendars, no out of office rules, no sync of filter rules, tasks, notes, journals, follow up flags or rich contacts formatting and requires sync tool   Limited functionality using third-party IMAP/POP clients   Mobile access includes smartphones: iPhone (Beta), Windows or Android based mobile devices and native access to the Blackberry Enterprise Server Open applications   Proprietary solution that supports open standards   Limited rebranding   Google Apps Marketplace, Google Labs not supported Application Functionality   Breadth of functionality but basic features - Burton report says “Google is useful in a limited set of circumstances” PCWorld1741 Confidential Confidential
    42. 42. End User - Zimbra TMEnd User Location/Device independent   Online and Offline Client with same user experience and same access client experience across browsers and desktops (Mac, Windows, Linux Desktop). Zimlets can be used in web or desktop client   Support for standard Outlook features e.g. delegation, sharing, free/busy, Directory access, tasks etc.   Also support third party IMAP/POP clients   Mobile access includes smartphones: iPhone, Windows or Android based mobile devices and native access to the Blackberry Enterprise Server Open applications   Open source code including API with sample Zimlets   Supports open standard protocols such as SOAP, REST, CalDAV, CardDAV, ICS feeds and Oauth   Gallery of Zimlets - users can download and upload, read or provide feedback on free Zimlets at http://gallery.zimbra.com   Can be easily completely rebranded Application Functionality   Rich functionality in web and desktop client e.g. Zimbra Desktop “Slick, powerful, and much more extensible than MS Outlook ever dreamed of being.” - Matt Asay, CNET2142 Confidential Confidential
    43. 43. Google Application Functionality ExamplesEmail   No folders only tags   No delay „send later‟ email delivery   Cannot sort emails   Only stars, cannot send priority   Cannot attach emails   Delivery receipts not supported   Cannot drag and drop attachmentsCalendar   Not intuitive “best features lurk beneath   No Tentative status the surface” PCWorld   No rich formatting in calendar eventsAddress Book & Contacts   Cannot share contacts   One signature per email addressTasks   Very basic - no reminders, cannot share task lists   Does not sync with Outlook ClientDocuments & File Share   Limited functionality, Dave Girouard, President Google Enterprise “We wouldn’t ask people to get rid of Microsoft Office and use Google Docs because it is not mature yet”Search   Search across email, documents and sites enabled only with Google LabsWeb Client   Yes but drag and drop is limitedDesktop/Offline Client   Only Google Offline for email but no true Google Offline Client (Tasks, Calendar, Contacts, Documents etc.)Storage Limits   Gmail 25GB, Google Docs 1GB/user, Google Sites is 10GB + 500MB/user for sharedThird-party Integration and   Limited Re-BrandingRe-Branding   Limited integration, issues with SalesForce AppArchiving & Discovery   Available through Postini (acquired by Google) starting at $25/user security includedSecurity   Available through Postini at additional cost of $12/user1843 Confidential Confidential
    44. 44. Zimbra Functionality Examples TMEmail   Folders and tags   Delay or „send later‟ email delivery   Sort emails (date, name …)   Supports priority and flags   Sort emails in conversation mode by date   Delivery receipts   Drag and drop attachments (emails, files …)Calendar   Calendar Wizard   Rich formatting in calendar events   Tentative and Optional status   See calendar within email invitesAddress Book & Contacts   Share contacts   Multiple signatures per email addressTasks   Group tasks, reminders, share task lists   Syncs with Outlook ClientDocuments & File Share   Upload any document type   Check-in/Checkout and versioning with notesSearch   Index & search of message subject, body and over 200 different attachment typesWeb Client   Yes rich Ajax and html client with same UI as the desktop/offline clientDesktop/Offline Client   Desktop/Offline client supports calendar, tasks, contacts, documents, Zimlets etc.Storage Limits   On Premise - Specified by Administrator   Hosted by a Service Provider - VariesThird-party Integration   Gallery of Zimlets with ratings   Full Re-Branding of web and desktop client & Re-Branding   API with sample ZimletsArchiving & Discovery   Integrated Zimbra Archiving and Discovery (additional cost) or use own solutionSecurity   Integrated antivirus and anti-spam security or use own solution2244 Confidential Confidential
    45. 45. End User TMEnd User Location/Device independent access Open applications Application FunctionalityAdministration Management & Operations Security & Assurance Lifecycle managementCost / Flexibility / Deployment FlexibilityReliability Service/ Support Total Cost of Ownership = None = Medium = High2345 Confidential Confidential
    46. 46. Administration Score NotesEnd User Location/Device independent access Open applications Application FunctionalityAdministration Management & Operations Security & Assurance Lifecycle managementCost / Flexibility / Deployment FlexibilityReliability Service/ Support Total Cost of Ownership2446 Confidential Confidential
    47. 47. Administration - GoogleAdministration Management & Operations   Many limitations for multiple domains e.g.   Cannot set different policies or configuration settings for different domains   Delegated administration & domain aliases not supported   Cannot enable/disable functionality by group or users   Legal Risks e.g. Google gets a subpoena to turn over your data   Privacy breaches e.g. Google Docs “may have inadvertently shared some of their documents with contacts who were never Security & Assurance granted access to them” TechCrunch   Data can be stored anywhere in the world - issue with foreign data policies   Security is not granular e.g. functionality by group Lifecycle management   Google customers have limited control over new feature releases e.g. Global add of new services or pre-release features2547 Confidential Confidential
    48. 48. Administration - Zimbra TMAdministration Management & Operations   Continue to reduce admin costs/work e.g. User Self-recovery of emails, calendar, tasks etc.   Can enable/disable functionality for a group or user   Option of deploying on premise or at a hosted partner   Hosted partners have long history hosting enterprise applications Security & Assurance   Server side control of Zimlets   Granular security through class-of-service   Continuing to significantly invest in security e.g. remote wipe of client data Lifecycle management   Customers control release cycle into environment and can test before introducing in production   Zimbra Appliance has automated and configurable notification and installation of new software and security updates for the application and operating system2648 Confidential Confidential
    49. 49. Administration TMEnd User Location/Device independent access Open applications Application FunctionalityAdministration Management & Operations Security & Assurance Lifecycle managementCost / Flexibility / Deployment FlexibilityReliability Service/ Support Total Cost of Ownership = None = Medium = High2749 Confidential Confidential
    50. 50. Cost, Flexibility and Reliability Score NotesEnd User Location/Device independent access Open applications Application FunctionalityAdministration Management & Operations Security & Assurance Lifecycle managementCost / Flexibility / Deployment FlexibilityReliability Service/ Support Total Cost of Ownership2850 Confidential Confidential
    51. 51. Cost, Flexibility and Reliability - GoogleCost / Flexibility / Deployment Flexibility   Only Hosted solution availableReliability Service/ Support   Many outages but still claim 99.9% Uptime, “Google Apps is powered by the same infrastructure that services hundreds of millions of users each day” Consumer side goes down, it affects all enterprise customers   New SLA will include planned downtime but will only give service credit   SLA does not cover all functionality e.g. Google Labs   SLA does not specify application response times and intermittent slow response in past year   Lack of clear and public product roadmap Total Cost of Ownership   Cost shifting not necessarily cost reduction2951 Confidential Confidential
    52. 52. Cost, Flexibility and Reliability - Zimbra TM Deployment Flexibility   Interoperability with Exchange (free/busy, GAL)Cost / Flexibility /   Hosted through a partner or On-PremiseReliability   Traditional, Virtualized or a Virtual Appliance   Dedicated or Multi-Tenant   Same software for 25 users or 25 million users   Zimbra Appliance „Install to Inbox‟ in 7.5 minutes   Use included AV/AS or own solution Service/ Support   VMware is known for Enterprise software and support   Zimbra Backup and Zimbra Archiving and Discovery is available or you can deploy own solution   Uptime is measured in YEARS not weeks “Happy Zimbra admin for almost 3 years now - 767 days uptime on my server!” Total Cost of Ownership   Optimized hardware costs and competitive software costs   Continue to invest in reducing administration and management costs3252 Confidential Confidential
    53. 53. Cost, Flexibility and Reliability TMEnd User Location/Device independent access Open applications Application FunctionalityAdministration Management & Operations Security & Assurance Lifecycle managementCost / Flexibility / Deployment FlexibilityReliability Service/ Support Total Cost of Ownership = None = Medium = High3453 Confidential Confidential
    54. 54. Buying ZimbraConfidential © 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
    55. 55. Why to buy VMWare Zimbra?• Simplify messaging and collaboration environment• To get a tailored messaging platform to suit requirements or workflow processes• To get great benefits from Zimlet framework• Send less money on software and encrease productivity• Possibility to merge old email environnement with Zimbra for investment protection55 Confidential
    56. 56. University of Pennsylvania Video: A Comparison of Admin Costs University of Pennsylvania administration resources and costs charged back to departments Exchange Zimbra Users 3,100 13,700 FTEs 3.2 2.2 User/FTE 969 6,227 Per User Cost (per month) $7.50 $3.00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wr1vDZJywA56 Confidential
    57. 57. VMWare Zimbra Licensing ModulesPerpetual • Owned by the customer in perpetuity • Must be sold with a minimum of 1 years supportSubscription  Rental Option  Includes support in the single license SKU  Renewed in full annually  Available for up to a 3 year period 5757 Confidential Confidential
    58. 58. VMWare Zimbra Vertical Specific PricingVMWare Zimbra Vertical Pricing • Enterprise • Any Commercial Customer • Government and Non-Profit • Any government or non profit institution • Government: 30% discount for state/local/int’l gov’t organizations • Education • Any Education Institution • Separate pricing for Staff and Students • Appliance • No vertical pricing 5858 Confidential Confidential
    59. 59. VMWare Zimbra Support optionsSupport Options (For perpetual Licenses)• Advantage SnS (16% of list price) • No General Phone Support • 10 Support Incidents Per Year • 24X7 Crisis Support (System Downtime only)• Premium SnS (20% of list price) • Business Hours Phone Support • Unlimited Support Incidents • 24X7 Crisis Support (System Downtime only) Both options also include software upgrade protection 5959 Confidential Confidential
    60. 60. VMWare Zimbra Modular Pack based pricingPack Increments: • 25 mailboxes • 250 mailboxes • 2500 mailboxesFAQ • Professional and Standard can be mixed. • Archiving and Discovery can be for a selected user group i.e. Less than the total user count • Licensing models cannot be mixed, i.e. Perpetual and Subscription on a single purchase order 6060 Confidential Confidential
    61. 61. Grazie!61 Confidential