Safety sellsThe S-Mark adds brand value and ensuresproduct safetyCE Marking is mandatory for products sold in the EU. Howe...
The S Mark a tool in Marketing and Sales                     By making use of the S Mark in your marketing, you are making...
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S mark-en

  1. 1. Safety sellsThe S-Mark adds brand value and ensuresproduct safetyCE Marking is mandatory for products sold in the EU. However,CE Marking is Self-declarative, which means that it does not requirethird-party testing,with the exception of certain product categories, and CEmarking is affixed to a product by the supplier. Discerning buyers, retailersand consumers who want to buy safe products therefore look for anothermark – the S Mark.S stands for SafetyThroughout Europe, in all the major languages, the word safety starts withan s: Sicherheit (German), seguridad (Spanish), sécurité (French), sicurezza(Italian), segurança (Portuguese). The customer-friendly S Mark thereforecarries a message of safety for the 450 million people who live in the EU.The S Mark tells customers that Intertek, as an independent testinglaboratory, has established that the products conform to current Europeanproduct-safety requirements.The S Mark is a voluntary certification system, which means that themanufacturer has actively chosen to have a third party test its products.The mark can be used in all EU member states.What can the S Mark do for you?By getting independent certification, you ensure that your products fulfiltechnical product safety requirements within the EU. In the event of aliability issue, the S Mark certification is good evidence that you have takenyour responsibility to produce safe products seriously, which may result inlower damages should the case go to court. Furthermore, the S Markprovides you with testing documentation required for CE Marking.The S Mark strengthens your brand by signalling that safety is an importantissue to your company and that you care about the safety of your clients.Moreover, it reduces the risk of a safety defect, which could lead to aproduct recall and the associated damage to your brand through adversepublicity. Inspection For manufacturers who have relocated their production, the S Mark provides increased protection through an annual inspection of the manufacturing site to verify compliance and a well functioning production control system. This helps to ensure that the products always fulfil the requirements.
  2. 2. The S Mark a tool in Marketing and Sales By making use of the S Mark in your marketing, you are making expressing that your company is committed to quality and safety. Positioning yourself as a company which is dedicated to safety enables you to increase your sales – because safety sells.The S Mark also simplifies market access within the EU, since authorities and port authorites, importers and retailers trust Intertek as an independent testing laboratory. The certification includes several tests The S Mark has been an icon for product safety since 1926. You can find the S Mark, which is only issued by Intertek, on consumer products such as lighting, household appliances and home electronics, and also on industrial appliances, medical devices, components etc. When the safety of electrical and electronic products is certified, the products are tested for the following risks, as specified in the European safety standards: Fire, electric shock, mechanical injuries, radiation injuries and burns and certain types of environmental damage. European safety standards cover: Intended or expected time of use and manner of use, expected fault conditions and expected, reasonable misuse. Customer CASE: Sharp “The S Mark strengthens our brand” At Sharp several benefits can be seen from having the S Mark on the company’s products. “The S Mark ensures that our products conform to legal product-safety requirements in the EU and we also acquire a good basis for our CE marking”, says Thomas Lejergård, Manager, Safety, Environment & Quality at Sharp Electronics (Nordic) AB. “If a question of liability should arise, the certification is good evidence of how seriously we have taken our responsibility.” Investing in the S Mark is also in line with other undertakings which are important to Sharp, such as assuming responsibility for the environment. “For Sharp, which is an old and stable brand, the S Mark strengthens the brand from the standpoint of quality and safety. The S Mark can also be used as a sales argument when Sharp is competing with non-certified alternatives, often low-price products”, says Thomas Lejergård at Sharp.Intertek Semko ABTorshamnsgatan 43 For more information please visit or contact us atBox 1103 22 Kista To find an office or laboratory in a particular country, please visitT: +46 8 750 00 00 +46 8 750 60 30