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Intertek gs en

  1. 1. GS Mark - Your Product Safety MarkSafe products are the basis for being competitive in the world wide market. It is useful tolabel your products with specific safety labels such as the GS Mark. The GS Mark is recognizedthroughout Germany and EU countries as symbol of safety. Any product bearing the GS Markindicates that it was tested and complies with the minimum requirements of the GermanEquipment and Product Safety Act (a.k.a GPSG). The GS Mark, which stands for „GeprüfteSicherheit“ in German and means Safety Tested, is a licensed mark of the German governmentand may only be issued by an accredited product safety testing and certification body - such asIntertek.Advantages of the GS Mark include:• Recognized by consumers throughout Germany and EU countries as a symbol of safety• Provides a marketing advantage by creating trust, confidence, and purchasing motivation• Minimizes manufacturers‘ risk of product liability• Provides manufacturers with the confidence that their products are safe and legal• Emphasizes your company‘s commitment to safety• Assures end users that your product has been independently tested by an authorized third party for safety• Exceeds required legal standards in many cases• More highly regarded than the CE Mark since it is verified by a third party testing and certification bodyExamples of products the GS mark can be found on:• Air-Cleaners • Office/IT Equipment• CD players • Power Tools• Home A/V Equipment • Pumps for Liquids• Coffee Mills & Grinders • Range Hoods• Commercial Deep Fryers • Sports Equipment• Household Appliances • Office Furniture• Lab/Measurement Equipment • Toys• LuminairesGS Mark of IntertekIntertek’s team of experts guide you through complex safety requirements. We offer specificknowledge applicable to a vast scope of products and industries. Our worldwide laboratoriesoffer state-of-the-art testing capabilities - for a global support with the speed of a local supplier,wherever you need us.About IntertekIntertek is a leading provider of quality and safety solutions serving a wide range ofindustries around the world. From auditing and inspection, to testing, quality assuranceand certification, Intertek people are dedicated to adding value to customers‘ productsand processes, supporting their success in the global marketplace. Intertek has the © Intertek 2011, All Rights Reservedexpertise, resources and global reach to support its customers through its network of morethan 1,000 laboratories and offices and over 26,000 people in more than 100 countriesaround the world.www.intertek.comEurope North America consumergoods@intertek.comTel: +49 711 27311 152 Tel: +1 630 481 3111 Tel: +852 2173 8888