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Global market-access-fact-sheet

  1. 1. Global Market Access ExpertiseGet your products to more markets, worldwide.In today’s global market, the products you manufacture mustmeet numerous safety standards and industry requirements.Intertek’s Global Market Access program offers testing andcertification to the legal, technical and market requirements ofover a hundred countries around the world.As a Certification Body in the international CB Scheme, Intertekoffers a simplified way of obtaining multiple national safetycertifications. We help to get your products into more countriesfaster and easier than any other testing provider. Our team ofexperienced and knowledgeable project managers and engineersprovide you with industry leading turnarounds, which grant yousmoother market entry and the extra time-to-market that yourproduct needs to be successful abroad.Intertek manages the entire product certification process frombeginning to end, saving you the time and agitation involved withglobal certification. Efficiency and Aptitude Our accomplished engineers know the market- specific requirements you need to enter your products in virtually any market around the globe.
  2. 2. Enter More Markets QuickerIntertek can assist in getting your products to more markets more efficiently andcost-effectively than any other independent testing laboratory. We provide:• Testing and certification specialists who know your industry, your product, and the legal, technical and market requirements of virtually any country.• 300+ accreditations, recognitions, and strategic partnerships enable us to test and certify to the product safety, industry performance and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements of markets worldwide.• Strong relationships with the world’s major certification bodies, and real insight into their policies and procedures.• A global network of laboratories and qualified personnel who understand your markets – including local regulatory requirements, culture & language – from the ground up.Products We Cover• Electrical & Electronic• Foodservice Equipment• Home appliances• Industrial & Manufacturing• ICT (Information Communications and Technology)• MedicalYour One-Stop Shop for Market AccessClients receive a customized, strategic approach to global market accessthat offers virtually every service necessary to enter the global marketplace:• Country- and market- specific research into regulatory requirements• Compliance evaluations• Language translation• Management of approval applications• Liaison assistance with testing authorities and approval agencies• Preparation and submission of testing and approval applications• Testing coordination and scheduling• Local support and guidance when testing must be coordinated in the desired markets sought for entryBased on your products and desired markets, we combine the appropriateservices into a customized, strategic market access plan.Intertek’s Global Market Access allows you to follow the certification processevery step of the way. It also allows multiple tests to be performed formultiple markets concurrently, to significantly reduce your certification timeand costs. To learn more about our Global Market Access services, visit or call 1-800 WORLDLAB.