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Gulf Bay Consulting Announces Second Round of Speakers for Social : Mobile : Payments ConferenceTAMPA Dec. 22, 2011 -- Gul...
Gulf Bay Consulting Announces Second Round of Speakers for Social : Mobile : Payments ConferenceGBC Introduces Gazelle Lab...
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GBC Announces Second Round of Speakers for Social Mobile Payments


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This press release announces the second round of speakers for the Social Mobile Payments | Conference & Exhibition. The event is to be held April 11-12, 2012 at the World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center. This CXO Event will focus on the convergence of social media, mobile connectivity, and payments technology. We invite you to attend this innovative and exciting event and help us explore the potential that lies in the triangulation of these three segment separate segments. Combined they form an even more powerful force that is changing the way we interact, live and shop in Generation-M!

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GBC Announces Second Round of Speakers for Social Mobile Payments

  1. 1. Gulf Bay Consulting Announces Second Round of Speakers for Social : Mobile : Payments ConferenceTAMPA Dec. 22, 2011 -- Gulf Bay Consulting today announced that executives from PayPal, Tapjoy, Cisco,Distra, CorFire, JANA, Charge Anywhere, XIUS, Jumio, Paybefore, Ericsson IPX, Convergys, PYMNTS, NarianTechnologies, Transaction Wireless, and Pathfinder are among the second round of speakers presenting at theSocial : Mobile : Payments | Conference & Exhibition, which will be held April 11th – 12th, 2012 at the WorldCenter Marriott Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Gulf Bay Consulting also provided updates onother elements of Social : Mobile: Payments event, including the Gazelle Lab Startup Showcase, and thePaybefore Future of Plastic Cards Forum."The speakers we’re adding today exponentially compounds on those previously announced as presenters forthe event. We are experiencing great reception to this new, fresh concept in conferences" said Bruce Burke,Founder & President, GBC. “Delegates will have the opportunity to be both informed and inspired by theexecutives, experts, innovators and entrepreneurs presenting during the course of our two-day agenda. Wereanticipating a unique and innovative event in April."The second round of speakers announced for Social : Mobile : Payments include:  Nick Macilveen, Director, PayPal Mobile  David Luther, GM North America, Distra  Mihir Shah, President & CEO, Tapjoy  Jon Squire, SVP Business Development & Strategy, CorFire  Daniel Mattes, CEO & Founder, Jumio  Philip Farah, Principal, Financial Services, Cisco IBSG  Nathan Eagle, CEO & Co-Founder, Jana (formerly txteagle)  Scott Nichols, Sales Director, Ericsson IPX  Jeff Fraser, Senior Director, XIUS  Paul Sabella, President & CEO, Pathfinder  Karen Webster, President,  Greg Coogan, Senior Marketing Manager, Convergys  Einar Rosenberg, CTO, Narian Technologies  Oscar Munoz, EVP, Charge Anywhere  Loraine DeBonis, Editor-in-Chief, Paybefore  Thomas Niedbalski, VP Business Development, Transaction WirelessSubjects addressed during the proceedings will include in-app billing strategies, NFC in developed anddeveloping markets, mobile merchants, content discovery and next-generation gift card technologies. Inaddition to these key presentations, the 2012 conference will also feature dedicated tracks on microfinance,carrier billing, mobile video and gesture, voice and touch technology, as well as sessions exploring tabletcommerce, virtual currencies, mobile top-up, and social giving, among other subjects.
  2. 2. Gulf Bay Consulting Announces Second Round of Speakers for Social : Mobile : Payments ConferenceGBC Introduces Gazelle Lab Startup ShowcaseFor the inaugural year, the GBC event will host the Gazelle Lab’s Startup Showcase, this developer-focused"event within an event", provides an exposition of new ideas and applications being groomed for growth.Gazelle Lab is a TechStars Network member, mentor-driven, three-month, seed stage investment program. TheGazelle Lab Startup Showcase features an exhibition of some of the best incubator-developed apps. A selectionof startups including;, Kngroo and Teburu will be demonstrating their solutions at the Social :Mobile : Payments event. "We’ve specifically selected these three startups from our First Cadre of Gazelle Labcompanies to appear in the Startup Showcase" reports Daniel James Scott, Associate Director SustainableEntrepreneurship & Innovation Alliance at USF College of Business, and Co-Founder of Gazelle Lab "Webelieve their solutions and target audience fit well with the markets being discussed at the Social : Mobile :Payments event. "Paybefore’s Future of Plastic Cards Forum at Social : Mobile : PaymentsGBC aims to advance mobile transaction technologies and applications through the Paybefore sponsoredFuture of Plastic Cards Forum at the Social Mobile Payments event. Bringing together industry players todiscuss and debate a range of topics in a focused session. The Future of Plastic Cards Forum is a one-hourprogram featuring Paybefore Editor-in-Chief Loraine DeBonis, and a distinguished panel of experts who willdiscuss mobile processing, virtualization and loyalty/reward capabilities. GBC today introduced the Future ofPlastic Cards Forum, in addition to the previously announced Extraordinary Experts Panel and the NewCorporate Culture Forum. The Forums are sponsored by Paybefore, Mobile Payments Today and LifeWorkSearch.About Social : Mobile : Payments | Conference & ExhibitionThe Social : Mobile : Payments | Conference & Exhibition is an event focused on the convergence of socialmedia, mobile connectivity and payments technology. The triangulation of these three separate segmentscombine, resulting in an even more powerful force that is expected to impact the world for years to come.For more information on the Social : Mobile : Payments | Conference & Exhibition, including detailsconcerning attendance, exhibition or sponsorship, please visit Gulf Bay ConsultingGulf Bay Consulting Gulf Bay Consulting (GBC) provides services to businesses and individuals related toSocial, Mobile, and Payments. GBC provides executives and entrepreneurs with management and operationalconsulting services. Our unique perspective, coupled with our ability to identify and capitalize on trends,provides strategic and tactical information. This knowledge creates new sources of revenue, increased profits,and improved operational efficiency. We facilitate insights and understanding to make apt business decisions.