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Why Use Digital Marketing Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting Dec 2013


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Interskale's white paper on the very many reasons to use digital marketing, giving insights as to what edge the Internet holds over other marketing media.

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Why Use Digital Marketing Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting Dec 2013

  1. 1. __________________________________________________________________________________ Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting Page1 Why use digital marketing? There is a lot of information out there as to what organizations can do to leverage the Internet, but there is no single document as to the why. Organizations always have a choice of using other media. This White Paper by Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting gives the why. There are many reasons to use the Internet for marketing. These include: The Internet has great reach. In India, it’s users number 150 million across 2000+ towns and some villages and globally they number 2 billion+ . (b) It reaches the right audience In our experience, people who are ‘keen on knowing more’ or who attitudinally aspire to do well, seek to spend more time and/or be most keen on the Internet. In ‘marketing speak’, we say Internet users have the right ‘psychographics’ for buying new products or concepts. (c) In terms of depth of use, the Internet medium is maturing, with users spending more and more time on the medium, year on year. In the U.S., time spent per user on Internet ~ time on TV. (d) The Internet is an effective (persuasive) communication tool because - It is multimedia, one can create an impact with audio, video and ‘rich media’ - There are no ‘space’ or ‘time’ limitations, unlike press or TV. Lack of space limitation is useful for service brands, which usually have a lot of information to share. - It reaches the right people in the right context i.e. when they are likely to be interested. Search, RSS feeds, bookmarks and targeted advertising are some of the technologies which make this ‘contextual targeting’ possible. Consumers can be targeted by intent (Google Search), likes (Facebook), demographics, etc. - The medium is interactive (two-way communication) with the audience (e) The Internet is a great tool to build brand preference because Internet properties such as company websites as well as ‘recommendations by friends’ (available via social media) have been shown - by market research - to be more credible than traditional forms of advertising.
  2. 2. __________________________________________________________________________________ Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting Page2 (f) The Internet is a great tool to build sales because - It is usually targeted, thus cost-effective - Leads generation is possible for most locations, in India and globally - Technology ((e.g. ‘cookies’, email marketing, SMS or RSS feeds) makes it possible to communicate with chosen audience again and again (g) Transactions (ecommerce) are possible (h) It is a channel that is open 365 x 24. (i) The Internet is great for building relations with existing customers. We can reach customers in a personalized (1-on-1) manner, get their response and easily reach them again and again. (j) Internet is a great tool to build collaboration among your employees or between you and your business partners; this is done using intranets and extranets respectively. (k) The Internet has multiple other marketing and business uses: - online customer service - online market research and - online PR (l) The Internet is the most measurable medium in history. The availability of large amounts of data data and analytics tools enables detailed, instant feedback To sum up, the Internet is a most powerful medium. It has several strengths for better marketing and doing business, unmatched by other media. Did you find this paper useful? Write in at with your comments. Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 345, Mastermind 1, Royal Palms, Goregaon (East) Mumbai – 400 065 Tel: 022-67587032