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Key Challenges in Succeeding With Digital Marketing Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting December 2013


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Why succeeding with digital marketing is a challenge. An Interskale white paper, best seen along with our paper "Why use digital marketing.

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Key Challenges in Succeeding With Digital Marketing Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting December 2013

  1. 1. __________________________________________________________________________________ Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting Page1 Key challenges in succeeding with digital marketing Digital marketing works, but there are challenges. Here are some: 1. Scale: An Internet user has many options. He/she can access any Internet property viz. websites, Facebook pages, blogs, videos, Twitter feeds, etc. from your competitors, from brands which are of his/her interest as well as access from anywhere in the world. As a result, the vast majority of Internet properties today don’t draw good traffic. Their unique visitors and site visits per month (two important metrics) are often small. It can be a challenge to get an Internet property to scale in terms of users and usage. 2. Conversions: Further, Internet properties that get good traffic do not necessarily get adequate returns i.e leads or transactions. How many leads has your website delivered? 3. Keeping up: There is rapid innovation on the Internet. Existing sites continuously add new features. New sites and new concepts come into being with great regularity. An Internet site or concept on top today may not be so tomorrow. In such a situation, how can your organization keep up and leverage the Internet well? 4. Lack of ‘visibility”: Unlike press or TV advertising, Internet advertising is often not visible upfront. People have been habituated to seeing advertising on the front page of their daily morning paper, never mind that this would be astronomically expensive and wasteful. So if you are a marketing manager running an Internet ad, it may not get noticed by your colleagues. This then is very different then from running an ad in the leading daily. Is there any important challenge you think we have missed? Write to us at . Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 345, Mastermind 1, Royal Palms, Goregaon (East) Mumbai – 400 065 Tel: 022-67587032