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Digital Marketing Offerings Our Solutions Services & Products Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting


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A listing of Interskale's digital marketing services, solutions (for marketing and business) and products.

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Digital Marketing Offerings Our Solutions Services & Products Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting

  1. 1. __________________________________________________________________________________ Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting Page1 Digital Marketing Offerings • Solutions • Services • Products A. Solutions We offer our clients the following solutions: Marketing Solutions such as new customer acquisition, building brands online and building customer relationships Collaboration solutions for collaborating within (employees) and outside (business partners, alumni) organizations Building online businesses, from idea to launch to scale up B. Services Strategy Advising organizations on how to grow their business via the Internet • Digital strategy • Digital audit Websites Creating and perfecting websites that people love • Website design & development • Website hosting • Website management • Website performance optimization • Search engine optimization • Content management systems
  2. 2. __________________________________________________________________________________ Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting Page2 • Corporate sites • E-Commerce sites • Product sites Digital Marketing Building the brand, growing the number of customers and revenue • Online advertising - media planning & buying - display advertising - search engine marketing - leads generation • Email marketing • SMS & mobile marketing • E-Customer relationship management • Online market research • Online PR • Webinars • Online chat • Customer analytics Social media Connecting 1-1 with and leveraging the power of one’s customers • Social media marketing (Facebook et al) • Online reputation management • Company and product blogs • Company intranets & extranets • Online communities Miscellaneous Our other services • Leads conversion • Usability improvements of organizations’ existing IT applications • Branding – logo design & marketing collateral
  3. 3. __________________________________________________________________________________ Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting Page3 C. Products Interskale builds easy-to-use innovative products designed for mass use. We have developed a customized, easy-to-use Lead Management Solution (LMS) for organizations to manage their enquiries. We believe the LMS / CRM products available in the market today are complex and over-featured. If you are a mid-sized organization, a branded CRM solution from a global company may not be right for you. You could benefit from Interskale’s LMS. We have over 5 years experience with LMS. An LMS built by the Interskale team has been in use for over three years and has two thousand active users across 5 countries. Interskale Digital Marketing and Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 345, Mastermind 1, Royal Palms, Goregaon (East) Mumbai – 400 065 Tel: 022-67587032