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Intersection18 Welcome Talk - Scaling Ambitious Endeavours - Milan Guenther


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Presented at Intersection18 Conference -

Milan Guenther
Partner, EDA -

"Broken customer relationships, silos and misalignment, disengaged employees, lack of purpose, operations failures, overpromising underdelivering brands, lack of trust, power play and politics, complicated systems... are symptoms of bad Enterprise Design. Any great product, service or experience relies on an enterprise designed to deliver."
Milan Guenther

When calling for contributions to our 5th conference edition, we witnessed a shift: from the undercover practice of the past, retro-fitting UX/Service Design or Business/Enterprise Architecture initiatives, to clearly scoped and mandated Enterprise Design stories. More than just a common ground, we see that applying design practice holistically and systemically can bring about innovation, and make transformation work. We found further evidence for Enterprise Design's "coming of age" in the results of our practitioner surveys on Enterprise Design definitions and artifacts.

This conference is still at the intersection of various fields. Enterprise Design questions are transversal topics for anyone concerned with Scaling Ambitious Endeavours by design: agility and self-organization, complex systems and design leadership, making links and leaps to facilitate execution.

More than ever, we believe enterprises can and need to be designed. We are engaged in building a network of practitioners around Enterprise Design as a discipline.

Milan will give an overview of the conference program and speakers, and talk about what's next in the emerging field of Enterprise Design.

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Intersection18 Welcome Talk - Scaling Ambitious Endeavours - Milan Guenther

  1. 1. Designing Enterprises
  2. 2. #intersection18 #enterprisedesign
  3. 3. Thank you!
  4. 4. #entawk
  5. 5. Enterprise Architecture Gartner: by 2018, 40% of enterprise architects will focus on design-driven architecture. “Design Thinking is about putting the customer at the center, designing a solution for them and then linking the solution to traditional architect pieces.” Marcus Blosch, VP Research Smarter with Gartner: The Evolution of Enterprise Architecture. March 23, 2017
  6. 6. Design Thinking
  7. 7. Design “Hunger. Climate change. Poverty. Income inequality. Illiteracy. Bigotry. Discrimination. Environmental degradation. The list goes on. Guess what: Design hasn’t fixed any of it. Not even slightest bit.” Jesse Weaver Design won’t save the world
  8. 8. Simon Kucher
  9. 9. Enterprises Shouldn’t we hold them then accountable to a higher standard than just to do the minimum of what the law says? Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO Fast Company Interview
  10. 10. Enterprise Design Design is the rendering of intent. Jared Spool An enterprise is an ambitious endeavour. Len Fehskens
  11. 11. Exclusive Controlled Profitable Branded Siloed Mass Distant Accessible Networked Useful Trusted Collaborative Personal Close
  12. 12. Scaling Ambitious Endeavours
  13. 13. Enterprise Design: State of the Art Survey - What is Enterprise Design? Key topics mentioned
  14. 14. Enterprises are complex systems
  15. 15. Enterprises need to be excellent at Design. Innovation creating and adopting something new Transformation changing what exists Developing Solutions Uncovering Opportunities Michael L. Tushman: The Ambidextrous Organization HBR 2004 Roberto Verganti: Design Driven Innovation HBR 2009
  16. 16. Enterprise Design is a way to work with enterprises as systems. Big Small Integrated Local System-wide Incremental Disruptive Isolated Innovation SolutionsOpportunities Transformation
  17. 17. Enterprise Design Framework V3 Opportunities Solutions Innovation Transformation
  18. 18. Enterprise Design Stack A vocabulary to talk about challenges and opportunities at different levels.
  19. 19. Stack
  20. 20. Scan
  21. 21. Scenarios EDML
  22. 22. Sprint Focus on questions Focus on answers Visionary Engagement Sprint to onboard people and drive collaboration Strategy Sprint to align on a vision and develop a roadmap Applied Experimentation Sprint to generate and validate options Realization Sprint to operationalize and make it happen
  23. 23. System Anatomy Systems of Intelligence Tracing Dynamics in Journeys and Segments, using Data and Insights Big Picture Systems of Engagement Sharing of Ideas and Culture, Establishing Social Relationships Frames Systems of Reference Governing Knowledge on People, Transactions, Records and Rules Design Space Systems of Design Defining Patterns for Processes, Self-Organization and Algorithms Rendering Systems of Delivery Generating Products, Artifacts, Spaces and Digital Assets
  24. 24. Enterprise Design Starter Kit Templates Canvases Exercises Pre-release Opportunities Solutions Transformation
  25. 25. Enterprise Design Certifying Courses Level 1: Certified Enterprise Design Sprint Master: 2 day course and Sprint practice mentoring Up next in Stockholm, October 10-11 2018 Bonus: Learn The Milky Way Enterprise Model Level 2: Certified Enterprise Design Practitioner: 6 week blended learning course, starting in early 2019 Level 3: Certified Advanced Enterprise Design Practitioner 6 week blended learning course, starting in Fall 2019
  26. 26. Certified Enterprise Design Sprint Master Stockholm, October 10-11 2018
  27. 27. 27Proprietary - All rights reserved 2018 Open Innovation Launchpad Helping startups and corporates launch effective collaborations.
  28. 28. Join our community @ent_des