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Intersection18: Anarchy as a Way to Deal with the Chaos - Jiri Fabian


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Presented at Intersection18 Conference -

Jiri Fabian
Founder, TopMonks

Jiri talks about anarchistic companies and why they are an interesting opportunity for many organisations. Jiri's companies are all either anarchistic and meritocratic. He shares his opinion on why anarchy and meritocracy in general can make a happier workplace able to quickly adopt to ever changing outside conditions.

Published in: Design
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Intersection18: Anarchy as a Way to Deal with the Chaos - Jiri Fabian

  1. 1. Anarchy as a way to tackle the chaos Jiri Fabian TopMonks
  2. 2. Anarchistic company pros politics free, scalable, trust, agility, remote friendly cons communication smog, more waste, minimum processes => less effective may be cruel
  3. 3. Delegation
  4. 4. Vision Tangible Achievable Inclusive Epic
  5. 5. “Disengagement starts with not receiving answers” Communication
  6. 6. Use the right tool Chats - Slack, MS Teams etc. Email Wikis - Quip, Github etc. Google Hangouts - Hydeparks
  7. 7. Consensus vs Consent
  8. 8. “Company culture is the worst behaviour accepted by management” Company Culture
  9. 9. Meritocracy vs Democracy Fairness
  10. 10. Angie results tracking over the time and events
  11. 11. Frank social reputation
  12. 12. $ vs reputation
  13. 13. Minimalism
  14. 14. twitter: @jirifabian topics: future of work, running, libertarianism