Uttam Majumdar - Adaptive Enterprise: The SOI and SOM Way - Interop Mumbai 2009


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Given the dynamic changes in the competitive landscape today, organizations face huge challenges in aligning their IT infrastructure with their business needs. This session will help participants understand how SOI (Services Oriented Infrastructure) and SOM (Services Oriented Management) can enable IT infrastructure to be orchestrated to meet business needs. The significance of this approach is that organizations can achieve this in a short timeframe to setup the required infrastructure for any specific need, including cost of building and managing all components. Majumdar will explain this with a framework, and highlight how organizations can enable alignment using this approach.

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Uttam Majumdar - Adaptive Enterprise: The SOI and SOM Way - Interop Mumbai 2009

  1. 1. Adaptive Enterprise - The SOI and SOM Way Uttam Majumdar President (Consulting & Services) Locuz Enterprise Solutions Limited
  2. 2. The Organic Infrastructure 5 Separate Web Farms 5 Separate SQL Environments 5 Separate Identity Stores ERP Portal Financial CRM Document Mgmt
  3. 3. The Organic Infrastructure IT Pain Separate Identity Stores Separate and inconsistent Security Separate Config and Deployment Separate Resilience/Load Balancing Portal ERP Separate Monitoring and Management Financial Document CRM Mgmt
  4. 4. The Organic Infrastructure Poor user experience Confusing array of usernames & passwords Infrastructure gaps obvious to users My information is different across systems It takes weeks for me to get access to everything I Portal ERP need Stuff is slow Financial Document CRM Mgmt
  5. 5. Consolidation is the answer, right? Reduces number of silos, but doesn’t solve them Next application/project adds another silo I think of this as “backwards consolidation” Doesn’t change thinking
  6. 6. Let us try a few more questions???
  7. 7. Am I taking informed decisions on Assets being acquired?
  8. 8. Do I know about resource relationships in my environment?
  9. 9. Am I running Service delivery/management processes and functions without being confused?
  10. 10. Do I know about the Security, Availability and Performance events and their relationships in my environment?
  11. 11. Is my environment auditable on 4W's of my customers using services I offer?
  12. 12. Can I always deploy systems at the speed business demands?
  13. 13. Can I run a management framework that will treat 1000 resources as one and make manageability so much less complex?
  14. 14. Do I offer the system resilience business demands even as rapid adds/changes occur?
  15. 15. Infrastructure – Service Oriented Economy
  16. 16. Getting There Define & Prioritise Services Define Enterprise Consumer Experience Plan Forward & Backward Consolidation Transition to Service Management
  17. 17. Locuz thru its work About us…
  18. 18. 1st IdM/SSO System in the Insurance segment Business Driver Securely manage identities across ● Enhanced overall security and 20,000 users spread over 100+ audit performance locations. ● Ability to get new employees up and running faster The Solution: Locuz Implementation ● Reduced operational and of Sun Identity Manager help-desk support costs Automatically and securely provision/de-provision user accounts based on job function, geography and role Improve audit performance and ensure compliance with governmental mandates Centralized management of global user accounts and access
  19. 19. IT Management - Worlds No.2 Spirits company ● Enhanced overall security, Business Driver availability & performance Manage Network and critical Data ● Better capacity management Centre components for Availability, and informed decisions Security and Performance ● Reduced operational and help-desk support costs The Solution: Locuz remote infra management services ITIL based framework. SLA based delivery for Security, Availability and Performance. 24X7 operations – business aligned Centralized management and visibility to entire environment.
  20. 20. Tiered High Performance Storage – Dept. of Space Business Driver Consolidate & securely manage data from ● Consolidation and ease of multiple sources to meet the high scalability – the critical need performance needs of space research in space research The Solution: Information Lifecycle ● Seamless, policy-based Management implementation >220 Terabytes of centralised SAN storage Enterprise class Tape Library solution Parallel File systems and ILM software for High Performance Storage Other Storage & Backup Mgmt software Peak I/O Performance across heterogeneous platforms
  21. 21. Uttam Majumdar Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd. http://www.locuz.com Blog: www.locuz.com/blogs uttam.majumdar@locuz.com