Ravi Gururaj - Adopting Cloud Infrastructure as an On-Demand Extension of On-Premise Infrastructure for Virtual Labs - Interop Mumbai 2009


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Enabled by server virtualization, cloud computing is rapidly changing the fundamentals of today’s predominantly on-premise virtual labs. In the next generation, this on-premise virtual lab infrastructure can and will be seamlessly integrated with, and extended to, public cloud infrastructures. IT operations managers and administrators can now easily and seamlessly extend virtual lab requirements to the cloud, based on varying internal demand (for various functions like development/test, support, training and pre-sales demos). This presentation will discuss key consideration areas for IT operation managers adopting or evaluating this approach – including security, the business model benefits of the public cloud infrastructure, operational flexibility and user access models.

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Ravi Gururaj - Adopting Cloud Infrastructure as an On-Demand Extension of On-Premise Infrastructure for Virtual Labs - Interop Mumbai 2009

  1. 1. Adopting Cloud Infrastructure as an On-Demand Extension of On-Premise Infrastructure for Virtual Labs Ravi Gururaj, Founder and CTO, VMLogix October 9, 2009
  2. 2. The Problem: How do you Plan On-Premise Infrastructure Capacity? Virtual Lab Demand Met by the Public Cloud Wasted Peak Resources 100% Demand DEMAND VIRTUAL LAB Average Steady State Demand TIME Virtual Lab Demand Met by the Private On- Premise Cloud
  3. 3. The Solution: Private Clouds for Steady State Demand, Public Clouds for Bursty Demand Private Clouds: Public Clouds: Policy-driven self-service Burst to the cloud when necessary Secure & centralized management Migrate to operational expenditure when necessary Hypervisor-Agnostic Public IaaS provider handles infrastructure admin Private Cloud: Public Cloud: Centralized, Elastic, Pay-As-You- Virtualized Go, Virtualized Lab Infrastructure Lab Infrastructure
  4. 4. Considerations: For the End User • End user interacts with web browser “mini-apps” that focus on user workflows and experience; e.g., management app for labs, end user self- service etc. • End users get benefit of charge-backs, policing, quotas, warnings/alerts • System has a high degree of automation – provisioning, multi-machine system preparation and configuration • End users get self serve, on-demand access • The infrastructure layer is entirely transparent to end users
  5. 5. Considerations: For the Enterprise IT Administrator • Single pane of management glass across internal (private) and external (public) clouds • IT administrators can easily enable failover, HA, disaster recovery for service (multi-machine) configurations • IT administrators drive system compliance – through rich audit trails and tamper proof logging across the clouds
  6. 6. Considerations: For the Business • High degree of security: VPN tunnels between on-premise and off- premise infrastructure • Optimize the IT spend: Allow customers (end users and IT administrators) to pick and choose their choice of clouds • Retain IT agility: Lock-in free, have exportable and simplified meta data of the applications and services
  7. 7. About VMLogix, Inc. • Founded in 2004 • Funded by Bain Capital Ventures & Trilogy • Building hypervisor agnostic virtual machine management applications • Award-winning, industry-recognized Virtual Lab Automation product • Dozens of customers including ISVs, Enterprises and hosting providers • Offices in US, Canada and India Enterprise Partnerships: Industry Recognition:
  8. 8. VMLogix LabManager-Cloud Edition
  9. 9. Screenshots Managing a multi-machine configuration in Amazon EC2 Managing a hybrid farm – Hyper-V and Amazon EC2 from a single pane of glass
  10. 10. Q&A